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Chapter 773 (END) - The Eternal Heroine (Grand Finale)

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Chapter 773: The Eternal Heroine (Grand Finale)

This mysterious “Source World” webnovel site, had ended up as a massive source of income for Zhao Youyue. She had all the web novel income to herself, for those plagiarists did not exist in this world!

She had full ownership of the website, including that of every single novel on this platform. She was also the only person who could update these titles, as only she could travel between different worlds and dimensions.

The novel website went viral; it even eliminated its pirated novels. The website now had around 20,000 to 30,000 loyal readers. If each and every one of them spent 10 RMB to read, Zhao Youyue would have a monthly income in the millions. After spending the maintenance fees of the website, there was no doubt that her income would still be ridiculous!

Zhao Youyue decided to improve her servers and copyright protection and turn her website into a bulwark.

When she had enough resources, she activates her mad scientist character card to invent new and ridiculous technology. Through her impressive technology, she finally becomes a big boss that secretly controls the world!

As always, she hoped between her roles as side character and main heroine, going through many two-dimensional worlds, experiencing wonderful experiences, turning her real world into her paradise…

Eventually, she used her maxed out research on her “Two Dimensional Gate.” There, she took the knowledge and created many things, such as a legendary “Lord God,” directing him to take control of even more talented people and search for better worlds to conquer.

Zhao Youyue’s life had become that of a god’s. No matter how she wished to become a side character, she could never become one again; she had become the center of the world in every sense of the word.

We could keep writing about her amazing and legendary protagonist life, but there would be no end to it, for this world still harbored many secrets to explore, while an unlimited amount of worlds were still waiting to be discovered by her…

During this process, Lady Zhao might have lost many things including her original personality; she was no longer the same cute and moe Lady Zhao.

Zhao Youyue had become the Heroine, but some might have preferred her original self. She chose to let people acknowledge her sense of presence, but at the same time, she had lost her pure and original self.

Many years had passed. Lady Zhao was reading a book titled “Shift!! The side character Heroine.” It had brought a smile to her face. With the help of the “Two Dimensional Gate,” she obtained the character card “Zhao Youyue.” If she ever activated this character card, she could become her original self again.

We should mention that, Zhao Youyue had already made an exit on chapter 674, “Nothing in Common.” Consequently, the author, “Drunk for Her” had lost his inspiration, so the story soon lost its touch. It could not be helped, he could only blame Zhao Youyue for her premature exit.

But Zhao Youyue did not think that she deserved the blame. This work had served as the ideal redemption for the author’s previously failed work. It had left his readers in disappointment. This lousy author was a good-for-nothing!

That’s right, when an author reaches his original goal, he could no longer continue writing. If he forces himself to continue writing, it would end up ridiculous. How could a reader like his creation when he could not even read it himself?

That’s why, it would be most appropriate for the author to wisely end his work at the right time, and save his readers from disappointment.

As a responsible author, “Drunk for Her” realized that without the help of Zhao Youyue, his writing had grown tasteless. It was time to end this redemption. It ended rather uniquely. Readers might either find this interesting, or they would lambast him for such a lousy end.

Nevertheless, it was the end. It could not be helped, he could only blame the irresponsible, whimsical Zhao Youyue!

Fortunately, she had not torn his world apart, nor had she exited by death…

The eternal controversy about sexual orientation had also been cleverly deflected. Lady Zhao was her own master, she would never bow down to any man. To her, all humans were the same, male or female. Maybe they were all dogs to her.

The Empress Zhao was invincible!

If the author, “Drunk for Her” wanted to give his own redemption a rating, he would probably give it a “Pass.” After all, he was not the one who really wrote the book; it was Zhao Youyue all along. He was just a puppet, writing the book on her behalf.

“Drunk for Her” is thankful of Lady Zhao as well, with her help and the support of his fans, he had managed to acquired the title of “High God.” He could still earn a living from writing web novels, albeit being one of the most casual High Gods out there…

Right now, “Drunk for Her” sat before his computer, and he wrote—

“Zhao Youyue was staring at the countless beauties on her ‘Two Dimensional Gate,’ and the completed divine card ‘Altair.’ She revealed a reassuring smile, a smile that only belongs to her, the Eternal Heroine. (Fin)”

“Drunk for Her” also smiled. He felt that he had written the best ending possible. Unbeknownst to him, a girl was standing right beside him, pressing his head directly against the keyboard. A girl spoke in a displeased, haughty tone into his ear, “You good-for-nothing author, how could you still smile with this kind of ridiculous ending? Without me, you’re nothing!”

“Next book, the next book will be better. I hope that I’ll still be in the care of the literary goddess…”

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