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Chapter 977 - Meeting Yin Mingjue Again

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Chapter 977: Meeting Yin Mingjue Again

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Holy Spirit Goldfeather refused to accept this.

The Central Pagoda was his proudest work and the biggest secret of his life.

His little disciple, Goldfeather Nana, came from the Great World. She was knowledgeable and had personally entered the Central Pagoda. However, even before she died, she didn’t discover the secret of the Central Pagoda. It could be seen how realistic the divine-grade Spirit Tool he refined was.

After Goldfeather Nana died, Holy Spirit Goldfeather even felt smug. Holy Spirit Goldfeather thought that since this divine-grade Spirit Tool Central Pagoda could fool Goldfeather Nana, it could definitely fool all the Beast Tamers living in the Holy Spirit Continent.

As long as the Central Pagoda was still there, as long as the Beast Tamers on the Holy Spirit Continent still had reverence for the Great World and Divine Masters, their power of faith would be continuously sent to him through the Central Pagoda.

Therefore, even though Mo Xiao and the others had seen through and successfully stopped his two previous revival plans, Holy Spirit Goldfeather didn’t feel true despair.

Because he was extremely certain that as long as the Central Pagoda wasn’t destroyed, he wouldn’t die.

When he accumulated enough power of faith, he could still make a comeback. At that time, Mo Xiao, Sheng Lingfeng, and the others would have already died. At that time, he could set up the Luck Seizing Array without anyone knowing and complete the revival.

However, he never expected Mo Xiao, Yu Huang, and the others to see through the secret of the Central Pagoda!

At this moment, after he found out that Sheng Lingfeng had brought all the Beast Tamer experts to the far north to destroy the Central Pagoda, Holy Spirit Goldfeather’s first reaction wasn’t anger, but fear.

He also felt despair.

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As the only level-ten refiner in the Great World, Holy Spirit Goldfeather was actually willing to stay in this world in a soul form even after death. This showed how afraid he was of death.

Now, the guillotine of death was hanging around his neck and could fall at any time. He was really afraid.

“You guys can’t treat me like this!” Holy Spirit Goldfeather was enraged. Wisps of black gas were released from his soul body’s eyes as he roared angrily and indignantly, “I’m your Creator! If it weren’t for me, how could you guys exist?!”

“Mo Xiao, you can’t do this to me!”

Mo Xiao was unmoved by Holy Spirit Goldfeather’s accusation. He said coldly, “The moment you decided to sacrifice all the living beings on the continent to help you revive, you were no longer our god.”

What was a god?

He was someone willing to protect the land and let the people live and work in peace.

Only such a person was worthy of being called a god.

“You’re not worthy of being our god.”

It wasn’t that they had betrayed the Creator, but that the Creator had betrayed the Holy Spirit Continent.

He was unworthy.

When Holy Spirit Goldfeather heard the word ‘unworthy’, he suddenly felt dazed.

He suddenly recalled his past.

At that time, Holy Spirit Goldfeather, which was regarded as trash by the sect, actually comprehended the power of the Divine Master during the process of refining a Spirit Tool. He was instantly selected from the sect disciples and became a promising talent. At 300 years of age, he was accepted as the last disciple of the sect’s First Elder.

The first half of Holy Spirit Goldfeather’s life was about how he turned his life around.

After comprehending the power of the Divine Master, Holy Spirit Goldfeather entered an empty space. There was no land there, no life. He floated in the empty space and looked up only to see the constellations that filled the sky. He was like a meteorite floating in the boundless universe.

And there was only a pyramid beside him.

As his cultivation level increased, his Divine Master power became deeper and deeper, and the pyramid gradually became like the Central Pagoda. Later, because of his generosity, the void world began to have land, desert, and plants.

Realizing that he was creating a brand new world, he had once fantasized about turning this small world into a paradise.

However, when he became a Divine Master and tasted power, he wanted to dominate everyone else.

Because of this, he forgot his original intention and began to rear demon beasts in the small world. He watched them fight each other and took pleasure in it.

Later on, he became even greedier.

He felt that this world wasn’t exciting enough and dangerous enough.

In order to turn his small world into a dangerous mystic realm, he secretly captured the merfolk race that was dying out and locked them in the Holy Spirit Mystic Realm. He also captured the elves and the helpless little demon beasts on the Demon Beast Continent, then threw them into the Holy Spirit Mystic Realm.

In the end, he even locked some human children in the Holy Spirit Mystic Realm.

After locking so many intelligent races in the same mystic realm, he wanted to see how they would kill each other and what kind of surprise they would create for him.

The Holy Spirit Continent had used more than ten thousand years to hand him an answer—

The pets he reared had become the demons that cut off his last hope for revival.

At this moment, a God Slaying Team composed of Abyssal Demon Beasts, humans, elves, and Merman Prime Emperor Dino had already arrived at the Central Pagoda.

Sheng Lingfeng, who was standing on the back of the pixie, narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the tall tower in front of him that was hidden in the dark clouds. A sharp look flashed across his eyes. “Everyone, Holy Spirit Goldfeather and the Central Pagoda will exist forever. Destroying the Central Pagoda will destroy Holy Spirit Goldfeather!”

“From the moment Holy Spirit Goldfeather betrayed all the living beings on the entire continent, he was no longer worthy of being our Creator! Therefore, from today onwards, the Central Pagoda and Holy Spirit Goldfeather will no longer be our faith!”

With that, Sheng Lingfeng decisively pulled out the ferocious saber on his back. He raised the saber and roared loudly, “No matter if you are a human, an elf, a demon beast, an abyssal demon beast, or a merman, today, we will fight side by side and kill our Creator together!”

Sheng Lingfeng had been the president of the Beast Tamer Alliance for a long time and was best at motivating people.

His words aroused everyone’s fighting spirit.

At this moment, be it the four races or the super demon beasts of the Abyss, they had temporarily forgotten the grudges that had accumulated for thousands of years.

Today, they were on the same side.

They only had one enemy—

Holy Spirit Goldfeather.

When he sensed that the battle intent of the Beast Tamers had been mobilized, a ruthless look flashed across Sheng Lingfeng’s eyes. He raised his right foot and stepped on the back of the pixie. A dazzling golden light immediately erupted from the pixie’s body and it let out a beast roar filled with battle intent.

After the beast roar stopped, Sheng Lingfeng roared angrily, “All warriors, follow me and break through the Central Pagoda!”

With that, Sheng Lingfeng led the elders of the Sheng family and all the Beast Tamers with Supreme Master cultivation levels to fly towards the Central Pagoda.

At the same time, accompanied by two loud phoenix cries, Ji Linyuan transformed into a Divine Feather Phoenix and carried Yu Huang as he flew up from the Yin Clan’s camp. As Yu Huang stood behind Ji Linyuan, she took off the bow on her back and pulled the bowstring to the limit. Without hesitation, she shot an arrow at the Central Pagoda.


The long arrow burning with flames pierced the door of the Central Pagoda.

At this moment, a black unicorn suddenly appeared on the door.

Upon seeing the black unicorn, Yu Huang froze.

“Father…” Yu Huang’s voice quivered.

Seeing the unicorn, Sheng Lingfeng retracted the saber in his hand in time and stared at the unicorn phantom on the door in bewilderment. “Brother Mingjue!”

Upon seeing the figure clearly, the Beast Tamer warriors revealed surprised and shocked expressions. “It’s Prime Master Yin Mingjue!”

Twenty-four years ago, Prime Master Yin Mingjue sacrificed his beast form and burned his soul to block the Time Gate outside the Central Pagoda.

His soul should have disappeared.

Ever since Yin Mingjue passed away, the Central Pagoda had been sealed for twenty years. It was only when Sheng Xiao and the others came to train in the pagoda last time that it was opened again at the risk. That day, Sheng Lingfeng and the others realized that there were two unicorn beast eyes on the door of the Central Pagoda.

Sheng Lingfeng and the others were puzzled.

They didn’t understand why Yin Mingjue, who had already burned his soul, had a portion of his soul power turn into a pair of beast eyes that were imprisoned on the door of the Central Pagoda.

Therefore, when they suddenly saw the black unicorn, they were surprised and shocked.

Was that really the soul of Prime Master Yin Mingjue?

In front of everyone, the black unicorn slowly turned into a handsome adult man. He looked noble, and he didn’t look like a Beast Tamer with powerful combat strength. He was graceful and elegant, like a noble gentleman.

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