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Chapter 1172

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For today's realm, as long as the world exists, it is too easy to go back to the node when you left.

Jade immortal is still with the nether world sad wish big eye stare small eye when, warship already noiselessly arrived at the heavenly palace.

Killing Luo is not the end of everything.

After killing a rogue, does God know if there are any other cosmic creatures to invade?

The key is the order of the three realms once disputed by Liusu Yaoguang.

Before that, creation was only a kind of grass-roots creation. We were not supreme at all, and we could not define it in detail. Most of them are just the "meaning" provided by Qin Yi, which evolved from the world of painting itself and was ripened by years.

It's hard to say he's a father, half of it. Maybe Ju Yunxiu is closer to the creation God than he is

In short, the order of the three realms of heaven, earth and man has not been stipulated. This was originally the order rule formulated by the Lord of the three realms after the creatures of this world "competed for hegemony".

That is the unity of the three realms. The fixed position and boundary is very important. No one can invade, but the internal can go out at any time.

That's when the dust settles completely.

Looking at Yan Baba's Tassels and Yao Guang, Qin Yi makes a move of making peace and slime.

Aura has not been returned to the lower bound, but it is not for their own use, which is of other significance. The key is that the door of all the wonderful things is hanging in the heaven, and all kinds of magic methods are no longer obscure.

"Eh..." Xu Buyi and others on the ground raised their heads in surprise: "this is the understanding of the Tao..."

Heaven, tassel smile, Yao light flat mouth do not speak.

Obviously, everyone in Qin Yi's favor of tassels is like a dragon. In this world, seeking knowledge and seeking Tao are integrated. He doesn't want to become a dragon to cut off other people's ways of seeking knowledge and rising channels. He doesn't want to monopolize anything, and he doesn't fear who grows up to be unfavorable to himself.

Even if you don't have this kind of self-confidence, what's wrong?

But the words are divided into two ends, once the world is back to ancient times, monks and demons are rampant in the world, what do ordinary people do? It's all Chinese food?

Qin Yi made a rule more cruel than Yao guangjiuying: "anyone who passes through the boundary of Tengyun and breaks through Huiyang will fly up to heaven as an immortal, and shall not stay in the world."

The rules of flying are formed directly.

"Whoosh, whoosh!" Numerous Hongqiao flying frames, all into the Kunlun sky, human monsters who surpass Tengyun, all to Kunlun mountain.

Xu Buyi: a large group of people from Mo Wuzi, a chess maniac, said:

A group of demons such as Baxia Yingli and other demons:.... "

Qin Yi said with a smile, "don't look at me like that. After tens of thousands of years of disputes, there will always be an end, right?"

The crowd did not say anything, just said: "what do you think?"

Qin Yi said: "it's not a loss to soar. It's a place full of spirit. Is it uncomfortable for those who seek Tao to travel in the upper world? And heaven and earth are not unique. If you want to go down, you can go down to the earth to play, as long as it is within the rules If you violate the code, you will break the law. I have never been an official. I don't know how to make regulations, but I have a wife... "

Yao Guang beamed and said, "I'll make it! Tiantiao, I know what to make. I've been thinking about it for many years

All of them said, "well

This is the order Yao Guang considered for a long time. Combined with Li Wuxian's experience of emperor, the rules of heaven and earth can be set more carefully than anyone else.

As long as the emperor and the emperor combine Qin Yi always thinks so and does the same. At this time, we do not need anyone to sacrifice to become a spirit. We can directly brand the law of heaven in the dark.

Also need to reset the line, the previous Qianyuan soar is obviously too high, since the clouds are flying, then come up, don't make trouble below.

When the world is over, those who want to seek Tao seek self promotion and continue to practice. If you want to follow the rules of the world, the immortal can exert less restrictions. Maybe it's just like Liu Bowen cutting the dragon's veins. All that can be done is that.

As long as the emperor cherishes the world, how can he be afraid of immortals? If the emperor disturbs the world, his own hero draws his sword.

Immortal want to go home to visit relatives can also, want to understand the world is no problem, casually go down, abide by the rules of heaven.

Once the order of the three realms is established, the three realms are as one and there is no gap.

As long as he doesn't change his game, he will never be confused.

When things become family affairs, it is so simple.


The three realms are established. Qin Yi returns to the world and plans to take Qingjun to the universe to make up for the regret that she didn't go before.

In the spring of the first seven years of Dali, everything began.

A few days after the order of the three realms was established, Qin Yi, the emperor's teacher and husband, did not know where to return to Longyuan city.

The next day the king did not go early.

Courtier: "MMP."

Feeling left Qingjun alone in this world, Qin Yi, who felt guilty in his heart, went to accompany him as soon as he came back. Of course, no one would object to it.

We all have the supreme feeling, Qingjun is too poor

Only Yao Guang swayed and swayed to Li Wuxian's will, and then slipped into the bedroom where master and aunt talked about each other.Inside the chicken flies the dog to jump for a while, finally came all to come, until the dawn did not go out.

A temple in the distance, a group of people looking at a brand-new sister gaped.

A sailor's sister, who was sitting on the side of a white and black dog's skirt, told everyone that she was sitting on the side of a white rabbit's skirt No, Ben Taotie controls the divinity and can stop this dead rabbit from lying. Her last sentence is the truth. "

Tassel asked: "which sentence?"

Rabbit ear sister timidly said: "Your Majesty should have an heir."



Rabbit ear sister back sweating, do not know what happened.

With a bang, two big holes appeared on the top of the hall. The black and white girls turned into dogs and rabbits, which were thrown into the sky by a group of people.

"Why did you lose us?" barked the dog

"Be an honest pet. Don't be a woman, or I'll beat you!"

Tassel called out, turned to look at a group of sisters stupefied expression, rolled a white eye: "what expression, say you really want to like. The person who really wants most is Qing Jun, isn't he getting what he wants? "

The people were stunned and laughed: "yes. It's a perfect circle. "

In the emperor's bedroom, looking at the two very similar faces on his left and right shoulder sockets, Qin Yi didn't know what it was like. Apart from the feeling of serving together, there was also a wonderful sense of karma.

When Bangbang was just "my grandfather", Qingjun was his first love and the first woman.

And Wuxian is Yao Guang, the last woman who must be settled before the war.

Now these two similar faces with rosy glow together lean on the shoulder socket, seems to have become a delicate circle.

At one time, there was a tangle about the status of immortality. Now, if there was no immortal feeling, the affairs of the three realms would not be so easy to settle down, at least not so easily as family affairs.

It's all destiny.

"Li Wuxian, you are willing to come back..." The two of them had already got up. Li Qingjun dressed and said to his niece lazily, "don't forget that you are the emperor. Don't be irresponsible. Where is your ambition?"

Li Wuxian was also lazy in dressing: "I didn't forget, but I'm also the emperor of heaven. We have to maintain tiantiao. At least we have to observe the operation for a period of time to check the deficiencies and make up for the loopholes, so that we can stop and let the way of heaven rotate..."

"What do you pretend to be? I don't know if you can make a separate body? Do you wake up to some strange hobby

"No, no, No. in fact, the light is almost limitless now. She can directly separate herself from me, and she doesn't need to rebuild her body."

“…… That is to say, you are not willing to be separated from her, and you still keep the foundation of unity, or do you wake up to your strange hobbies? "

Aunt Li, the main advantage of holding your arms high is that you have no interest at all

Li Qingjun's heart throbbed, whispered: "you are so smart, give me advice?"

"Isn't the idea ready-made? You and I look so alike. Look at him last night..."

Li Qingjun: "ouch..."

"Don't worry about it, auntie. When is it..."

"No Li Qingjun's face was a little white: "I, I really feel like vomiting..."

Qin Yi, who had been pretending not to hear them, was stunned. Suddenly, he jumped up and hugged Li Qingjun with ecstasy: "you, you say it again?"

Li Wuxian gaped at his aunt's stomach for a long time. He hung his head like a defeated dog: "lost."

How can you feel sick and vomit when you have reached the level of Li Qingjun?

There is no other reason but to be happy.

Li Qingjun himself also responded, his face suddenly became shy and happy.

I really want to do what I want to do. I want to reward the rabbit with some pills Well, give the rabbit to Qin Yi!

"Well..." Li Wuxian was a little jealous, also some envious, and some breathed a sigh of relaxation: "when my aunt's baby is born, no matter male or female, it is the prince.". Since then, the foundation of the country has been determined. I will manage the country well. When my child grows up and passes on the throne to him, I will unload my burden and travel with my master and aunt

The East China Sea at this time.

The people of Penglai sword pavilion are returning to Jiange. They tell the future affairs according to the rules of heaven, pack up their bags and prepare to move to Tianjie to build a Tianjie jiangge.

Li duanxuan has nothing to do, but he has a sudden feeling in his heart, which seems to have originated from the end of the world.

He moved in his heart and went straight to Tianya island.

There are fishermen fishing on the island, Li duanxuan's eyes fall on a child, the child holding a stick is learning from the general's horse to kill, "hula, Hula!"

Li duanxuan felt that the child seemed to have something to do with him. He checked carefully and found out that there was also a sword bone. He thought for a while and thought that his only female apprentice had been abducted. Maybe this is a new inheritance of God's guidance?With this in mind, he pressed the cloud to ask the child, "little doll, would you like to practice with me?"

The fishermen are envious of his appearance of coming from the sword. After many times of "the voice of the emperor of heaven", we all know that there is a fairy fate in the world. Unexpectedly, the fairy fate fell on the child and did not see what was strange about him

People envy it.

But the child said, "did my grandfather teach me fencing?"

Li Duan Xuanqi said: "why do you ask about swordsmanship but not fairytale?"

The child said, "I'm not interested in cultivating immortals. It's said that cultivating immortals is lonely and hard. What's the point? May my grandfather teach me swordsmanship, and I will assist the king, make contributions, and make me leave the world! "

Li duanxuan looked at him in a daze and suddenly began to laugh. The more he laughed, the louder he heard.

Qin Yi's family are circling around Li Qingjun. Suddenly, they all look south.

Li Qingjun murmured: "is that him?"

"Maybe..." Qin Yi was silent for a moment, and then he laughed: "I have no face to see him This is the end of our story

"In the future, it will be their story."

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