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C159 Adieu

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As expected, Rong Shen came, three days later.

The letter he gave her said that he would see her in the afternoon at the "Blue Cloud Floating Light". When Song Yao took the letter, for some reason, his mood suddenly became complicated.

Rong Chen pushed aside the curtain and entered, his expression unsightly. Xiao Ci was still in fear, as if he was afraid of everything.

"We meet again." Song Yao said.

The group looked at her but didn't say anything. They just sat down.

He said to Xiao Ci: "It's still the same."

Song Yao said: "I've already asked for it for you." She turned to look at Chu Xing, who nodded and opened the curtain to go out.

Song Yao said to Xiao Ci. "You go with Chu Xing, I have a lot of orders, so that she won't be able to finish them all."

Xiao Ci looked at Rong Shen, but did not cause any movement. Song Yao said: "Seventh Prince, you're really stingy. You're not even willing to help me with such a favor?"

"You lied to me before?"

Song Yao asked: Where? I'm telling you, my name is Song Yao, right? "

Everyone lowered their eyes. Song Yao said: "What? Do you think we'll have any more listeners for what we're about to say? "

The group of people looked at her, then said to Xiao Ci: "Go."

Xiao Ci turned and looked at Rong Shen once more before turning around and leaving.

Outside, Chu Xing had finally arrived. She grabbed Xiao Ci's hand and said: "There is someone in our house who wants to see you."

Xiao Ci stopped for a moment, and said while trembling in fear: "I … "I …"

Chu Xing said: "This man, has the same surname as you."

Xiao Ci was suddenly stunned and his body stopped trembling. She suddenly raised his head to look at Chu Xing and he sighed as he said, "You guys really look alike."

"It's big brother …" "Big brother?" Xiao Ci's eyes instantly turned red, and she grabbed onto Chu Xing's clothes tightly.

Chu Xing said: "You will know once we get there. Let's go."

pointed at one of the plates: "I don't eat dishes that are too sweet, the plates are all yours."

Rong Shen did not move. He only looked at her and asked, "What do you want?"

Song Yao's hands paused, she put down the dessert that was about to be put into her mouth, and asked: "What do you plan to do?"

"I will give him silver taels," said Rong. "I will let them eat and wear for the rest of their lives without worry."

Song Yao asked: Is there anything else?

Everyone was stunned, "Is there anything else? Why wouldn't they do the same if they had the silver? He can still move on to other places and no one will know about what happened here. All he needs to do is change his name. "

Rong Shen suddenly looked up at her. "What? Can't I make my own decisions? Isn't that my business? "

Song Yao put down her hand, and poured him a cup of tea: "And if I don't agree?"

Rong Shen immediately asked, "Why?"

Song Yao said: "Shen Hanshan's parents died in sickness because of your constant troubles and rumors. Shen Hanshan and Aunt Shen and Su had been separated for a long time because of this matter, and they lived in fear of each other. And the Printing House Owner that was killed by you, do you intend to repay all these lives with silver taels? "

Rong Shen looked at Song Yao in a daze, and only after a while did he knit his brows, his face filled with bafflement: "What are you saying? "I just bought a book from him. What trouble? What murder? What are you talking about?"

Song Yao said: "It's no use pretending to be crazy now, don't you already know that?"

Rong Shen looked at her with the same expression as before, and the two of them looked at each other for a good while before Song Yao slowly retracted his expression and asked: "You really don't know about this?"

Rong Shen impatiently said, "I once admired Jiang Feng quite a bit, but …"

He paused, then suddenly fell silent.

Song Yao's mind was in a mess, she could not react in time.

After a short silence, she said, "Like you, I was a fan of his a long time ago, and a very obsessed one at that. I kept flipping through his first few books and still didn't want to let go even after seeing his enchantment. "

"Everyone who reads a story has a dream to write a story. In other words, a dream to create the world in their hearts. "It's the same for me, so I hope to take him as my master. If I don't become his friend, it would be good."

"But I asked him again and again, and he refused. He has always been a person who doesn't reject others, but I don't know why, but he refused to do so here. "

"I even used my identity to intimidate him, but he refused."

Song Yao was completely confused. What the f * * k was the development of the story?

"So …" "You …" she asked tentatively.

Rong Xin said: "I was just angered and told Liu Fu, Liu Fu said that he had a way to make Shen Hanshan regret it. In the end, I didn't have to write the same good stuff as him anymore, but Liu Fu refused to see me shut up and said he could fix it. "

"Later on, he brought over Jiang Feng's book and said that Jiang Feng wrote it for me, asking me to use this book to make myself famous first before writing anything else. I didn't believe he was that kind of person, so I went to find him out of anger. Who knew that he had a lot of silver on his table, and told me that it was Liu Fu who bought it. "

Song Yao: "..."

Rong Shen continued, "From that time on, I stopped liking to read what he wrote. Liu Fu changed the book in my name, saying that silver should not be spent in vain, and I did like the book. I thought that if it fell into my hands, it would be buried, so I agreed."

"But who knows … Who knew that his copy would also be published later. That's when Liu Fu told me that he wanted to keep his memory shut, and not be so hasty and greedy. "

"After that, I never saw him again. However, since you said that I copied his book, I can only accept it. "

Song Yao: "..."

For some reason, she suddenly felt as if a fist had landed on cotton.

"If you don't believe me, you can ask him. Why would I lie here?"

Song Yao said: "Then you don't know about Xiao Ci being Shen Hanshan's little sister either?"

He rubbed his hair and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? "How could she …"

"She is." Song Yao said, "If what you said is all true, then it means that Liu Fu is not hiding anything from you. It is very possible that he was the one who controlled everything, and we were all kept in the dark by him."

Rong Shen sighed heavily. Only after a long time did he say, "Why is he so bold?"

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