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After returning home just now, Ma Chunni began to prepare the dishes he would serve tonight. There were a total of five or six of them. There was also a bottle of red wine. Tonight, the main goal was to capture that brat.

Her bewitching medicine had been added to the tea water. When the little guy came, she first poured tea for him. This kind of seductive medicine would only flare up after two hours, so Ma Chunni had to keep Little Jun here for two hours.

Ma Chunni looked at the time and saw that it was almost 5 in the afternoon. In order to prevent Hua Dajiang, this damned eunuch, from doing anything bad, she picked up the phone and called Hua Dajiang.

At this time, Hua Dajiang was not at the village committee, but was outside inspecting the crops. In a few days, the county and village leaders would come to inspect the Peach Blossom Village. These days, almost everyone from the village committee would be out inspecting the fields. Some of them looked as if they had to be corrected.

Just then, his phone rang. Hua Dajiang took it out and saw that it was his home number.

He knew that it was his coquettish Ma Chunni calling, thus, he picked up his phone to answer the call.

"Chun Ni, what can I do for you?" Hua Dajiang thought that something was wrong with his family, so he became a little anxious.

"Nothing much, I'm just telling you that after you get off work, you can go down the mountain and stay for the night. You don't need to go home."

"Well, I know about that. You've done the rest, right? "

"It's all settled. When that kid comes to our house, I'll help him pour some tea. As long as we drink the tea and eat together, it'll take two hours. We'll definitely be able to settle the matter."

"Un, thank you for your hard work. If there's nothing else, I'll be hanging up first. I still have to inspect the land and crops outside."

"Alright, then that's it."

After hanging up the phone, Ma Chunni was extremely happy. If Hua Dajiang was not home, she would do a lot tonight.

He wasn't afraid of this damn eunuch secretly doing such a shameful thing like spying on him.

On the other side, Hua Dajiang was extremely furious in his heart.

Ma Chunni was a coquettish woman.

He even called to remind me not to go home, but when it gets dark, I'll come over and take a peek.

You slut, I want to see what you look like tonight!

After he scolded his own wife in his heart, Hua Dajiang continued to inspect the situation of the land and crops outside.

Since Mao Xiaojun and the spotty dog had reached an agreement, he felt comfortable in his heart.

This beast's ability to find medicinal herbs is first-rate, it's a pity that the two secret recipes was stolen by that bitch, Zhang Ningning. Otherwise, the spotty dog would help me find the medicinal herbs.

What a pity. Sigh. Forget it. Just treat it as buying a lesson and taking revenge on this woman in the future.

It was getting dark outside, and it was almost 6 o'clock in the night. Mao Xiaojun suddenly remembered that Ma Chunni had asked him to go to her house. He even said that Hua Dajiang wanted to talk to him about something, he thought that it must be the reporting of Tao Gui of this matter in front of the County Leader again.

This matter gave him a headache. If he really did report Tao Gui, he would offend the three women from Tao Gui Family. Especially Wang Xiuxiu, who was even willing to give her first time.

If they did not agree to Hua Dajiang's request, the couple would probably have to resort to their beauty again. Last time, he had almost done something bad with Ma Chunni in the kitchen.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, a sound came from the room next door, allowing him to avoid committing a grave mistake.

It seemed that today, they could only pretend to agree to leave early after dinner in order to avoid being tricked by them.

In Zhang Cuihua's home, the two women knew that Xiao Jun was going to the Village Chief's house for dinner so they started to cook dinner.

Zhang Ningning was ecstatic. She had the secret formula, and there were two of them all at once.

As a result, she helped Zhang Cuihua cook together, and learnt from Mao Xiaojun that it was easy to add firewood to the back of the stove.

When dinner was ready, she called her father and said she would be back in the morning.

So, right now, I still have to tell Zhang Cuihua about going back, "Sister-in-law, after breakfast tomorrow morning, I will be heading down the mountain. My father has opened a clinic, and is unable to come by himself, so he still needs my help.

"Ningning, since you're here, you should stay for a few more days!"

"No, sister-in-law. I'll come back and stay a little longer next time I'm free. These two days, it's all thanks to sister-in-law for taking care of me. I feel very sorry for it. "

Zhang Ningning was extremely courteous on the surface, but after saying some words of thanks, Zhang Cuihua's impression of her was especially good.

"Ningning, yesterday Tiehniu brought some big apples here. When you go back tomorrow morning, take all of them. These apples are delicious, and they are nutritious, so you will definitely like them. "

Speaking of the apple, after the last time Zhang Ningning ate at her cousin's house, there was indeed a lot of aftertaste. But she could not take it for free. After all, the condition of Zhang Cuihua's family was not good, she had to give him some money.

Thus, Zhang Ningning took out five hundred yuan from her pocket and walked to Zhang Cuihua's side and gave it to her.

"Sister-in-law, I didn't bring anything this time when I came to Peach Blossom Village. They live in your house and eat. You can take the money. "

Seeing that Ningning was holding onto a few pieces of Blood Red Gramps, she felt that there were at least a few hundred of them. Zhang Cuihua was a person who understood logic. Although she was short on money, she definitely could not take it.

"Ningning, you are Xiao Jun's cousin, sister-in-law views Xiao Jun as her own brother, how can I take your money? Eating a few meals at her sister-in-law's home, it was only right for her to sleep for a few nights. If you insist on giving your money to sister-in-law, she'll be angry. "

It had only been a day, but Zhang Ningning could already tell that Zhang Cuihua was a straightforward, passionate rural woman. It seemed like giving her the money from the stronghold was a little out of the ordinary.

"Mm, then I'll take it back. The next time Sister-in-law comes down the mountain, you must come and find me so that I can take good care of Sister-in-law. "

"Sister-in-law likes hearing these words. Next time Sister-in-law descends the mountain and goes to the town, she'll definitely come looking for you."

Following that, Zhang Ningning gave Zhang Cuihua her own cell phone number. Zhang Cuihua took the paper with her phone number written on it and put it into her pocket.

It was already past six in the night, but seeing that Mao Xiaojun was not there, Ma Chunni closed the door and went to his house to look for someone.

When he reached his house, the door was open.

Ma Chunni shouted to the inside: "Little Jun, are you home?"

Mao Xiaojun had just finished discussing with the spotty dog, and after the spotty dog left, he was thinking about how he would deal with Hua Dajiang, that tramp.

Hearing Ma Chunni's wife's cries outside, he knew that he had come to find him for dinner.

"Sister-in-law, wait a moment, I'm changing my underwear. "I'll be right out."

"Mm, hurry up."

Ma Chunni, who was standing at the door, was extremely happy.

In less than two minutes, Mao Xiaojun walked out of the room. Ma Chunni stood at the entrance and observed him.

"Sister-in-law, I'm really sorry for making you wait with Brother Dajiang."

"Little Jun, your appearance isn't bad. Close the door and quickly leave with sister-in-law. The dishes are almost ready." Ma Chunni's eyes lit up. This guy had changed into a pair of flowery underpants today, it was really attractive.


Closing the door, Mao Xiaojun followed Ma Chunni to her home.

The dining table was in the kitchen with a few dishes on it and a fifteen-watt daylight lamp burning in the kitchen.

"Little Jun, sister-in-law still has two dishes that she hasn't finished cooking yet. Have a cup of tea first. We'll start eating after sister-in-law has finished cooking."

Ma Chunni poured a cup of tea for Mao Xiaojun and passed it over.

Mao Xiaojun was thirsty, he took the cup and drank the whole thing up.

Ma Chunni was extremely happy in his heart.

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