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Chapter 481: The Future [The End]

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Chapter 481: The Future [The End]

Won't take it?

The others were confused but they saw that Lin Xiao had stood up before the pillars. He then turned to look at Long Hao. "Follow the words I tell you and recite it."


Long Hao turned solemn as Lin Xiao sent voice transmission to him. He knew very well that for Lin Xiao, reading the ancient words was as easy as reading normal text. It was to the point that people would feel jealous of him.

They spent years just to decipher a page but he could read them as if it was his mother language.

How vexing.

Naturally, Lin Xiao didn't pay attention to them as he passed the message to Long Hao swiftly. After some time, he finished and turned to look at Long Hao, who had just finished reciting.


At that moment, it was as if the nature had heard the calling that Long Hao uttered as the ancient power swirled inside his body. At the same time, Long Hao felt as if his body had grown stronger but there was no noticeable change in his body.

"Master, this is…?" Long Hao was stunned.

"This is the true form of this text. If you emit light when you finish reciting, that means there are a lot of leakage that didn't get absorbed properly. Cultivate properly and you'll be unmatched under the Immortal Realm." Lin Xiao shrugged.

Long Hao was excited. He bowed down swiftly. "Thank you, Master!"

Thus, that concluded Lin Xiao's visit to Wang Wu Kingdom.

Well, not exactly as he still had to deal with the Wang Wu Kingdom Emperor to talk about some things. Some other powerhouses were also interested but he refused to meet with them, so Long Shu Ting became the one to mediate.

After settling everything, Lin Xiao, Princess Lan Yi Hua, Long Hao, and Long Shu Ting returned back to Xiao Hu Kingdom.

Some middle ranked kingdoms tried to create problems for them but naturally, Lin Xiao kicked them out. And with the addition of Long Shu Ting in their group, those kingdoms were the one who were destroyed in the end.

Lin Xiao and Princess Lan Yi Hua stayed in the palace as they oversee the rest.

The kingdom was flourishing with the addition of so many resources. Even if there were some people with ill intent appearing from time to time, they were dealt swiftly. There were no one who could stop Xiao Hu Kingdom from advancing.

There was just one thing….

"'Tsk, why are you only allowing me to appear for such a short period of time and only when you need me? Why are you not letting me roam free?" Lin Hu was annoyed. After that time in Long Family, Lin Xiao always rarely called Lin Hu out. As the result, the dragon spent most of his time inside Lin Xiao's bland consciousness.

There was nothing there, ah!

"That's because I don't need you to roam outside."

"Tsk, you annoying Master!"

"You annoying dragon."

Lin Xiao glanced over to Lin Hu in his consciousness. 'Isn't it clear that you don't have any role that you can play out here? Just stay quietly there and help me to practice. Having the cultivation of a dragon carried by me is quite a big burden, you know?'


Of course, Lin Xiao didn't pay close attention to the dragon. He was looking at the row of books that was placed before him while rubbing his head. It was out of his expectation that the Emperor would have so many work to do….

"Can't they give me lesser works?" Lin Xiao grumbled. It was already a year after he inherited the throne, to be exact a year after he started to properly become the Emperor. Before his visit to Wang Wu Kingdom, he often dumped all the work to Prince Lin Xian while learning little by little.

Princess Lan Yi Hua glanced over to Lin Xiao and giggled. "You have the lives of so many people depending on your hand. That's why you have to do your best to make sure that you will not disappoint them with your decision making."

"Help me a little bit, Yi Hua…"

"Didn't you ask me to rest more because I'm carrying our child now?" Princess Lan Yi Hua asked with a laugh.

Lin Xiao's eyes landed on Princess Lan Yi Hua's stomach as his gaze turned softer. He didn't have any plan to have a child so early, but… things happen. Of course, he would not allow Princess Lan Yi Hua to overexert herself during this period of time.

Oh wrong, her status is now the Empress and no longer a princess.

"Well, I just need a little bit of help." Lin Xiao pointed to the paper that contained the report of the tax that the officials gave to him. When it came to tax, he still needed help because he couldn't understand everything fully.

Lan Yi Hua laughed lightly and nodded. "Fine."

She sat on Lin Xiao's thigh while Lin Xiao hugged her carefully from behind. Her eyes were looking over the paper before her with amusement.

"Will things turn for the better in the future?" Lan Yi Hua asked softly.

Lin Xiao smiled and nodded. "I'm sure it will. I still have a lot to learn but with time, I'll be surely able to do everything by myself."

"The officials will cry if they didn't have anything to do."

"I'll still give them some work. You don't have to worry about that."

Outside the door, Prince Lin Xian was listening in to their conversation. It was not like he wanted to but Lin Xiao didn't even block his voice to prevent people from hearing what they were talking.

He looked into the distance. Things were slowly changing in Xiao Hu Kingdom and he knew that it would continue to be so. Lin Xiao was not perfect, but he was someone who wanted to learn and devoted himself to make sure that he would be able to understand what they were talking about and learn many other skills to protect himself better.

Slowly but surely, Xiao Hu Kingdom will turn towards the better and with the reward system that Lin Xiao provided by making the lake to be able to be filled with Qi and created a channel to a building outside the palace, it could be used as reward. Those who did great in their work would have the chance to use it and if they didn't want to use it for themselves but for their children, it was also allowed.

Since then, everyone was fighting hard to be able to get the chance to enter the small lake. Even if it was only a small one that was connected to the lake in the palace, it was still very valuable. The number of powerful cultivators increased as many people were even more loyal to Lin Xiao.

With such tempting reward, who wouldn't?

With time, the number of powerful cultivators will increase and probably, Xiao Hu Kingdom will be able to become a large kingdom that no one would dare to look down anymore in the entire continent.

– Fin

A/N: Yes, this is the end of Rise of the Great Emperor. This is my first try in writing this kind of novel and there might be some things that didn't seem to be that good. I hope that you all enjoyed the journey so far.

I did think of expanding the realm and make more arcs but…. I don't think I can do it for now.

Thank you all for reading!

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