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639 Crisis coming

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Feng Yun had no idea that many forces would soon knock on his door. He was cultivating in peace. The preaching building helped him a lot, and although his cultivation level did not increase, his combat strength was increased by a great margin.

Other than Heaven Judgement Sword, he learned two more supernatural spells. There were only five magical spells stored in the tower, and he learned three. Once Feng Yun understood the essence of the magical language that was used in the spell, it became easy to learn the spells.

Right now, Feng Yun was recuperating his soul that was injured in the process of forming the clone. Soul injury tended to heal slower even if one were to use the precious soul-healing herbs.

Feng Yun was fortunate to have some natural treasures that can heal the soul. These were not easy to find.

In Luan Town, a group of strong people gathered in the house.

This group consists of over twenty people, and all of them had strong auras of the Sovereign Rank cultivators. The four sovereigns of the Phantom Assassin Guild were also sitting here. Naturally, these all people were members of the Phantom Assassin Guild.

The man in the lead was a man in his thirties, he looked at the others and said with a stern expression, “This mission is special. Unlike our usual way of killing in dark, we will kill the target in broad daylight in front of all people. Our target has killed a few members of our guild, this man had challenged the prestige of the organization. The higher ups in main headquarters are not happy with our branch’s repeated failure.  Boss released this mission because they wanted to show the world what happens when you mess with an organization.”

Their killer organization accumulated the reputation of a hundred percent success rate over the years, this did not only show their work efficiency, this also installed fear in the public’s heart. That was why people were willing to pay higher amounts to hire them because they knew that they were the best killers.

“The organization wanted to kill this fellow for a while, but this man’s whereabouts are hard to track. He is staying in a sect. We have already gathered all the intelligence; this sect is not strong. The highest level expert is only the Late Heaven Profound Realm cultivator. This sect didn’t pose a threat to us.” The man continued. “However, this person has many strong connections. So, when we attack, do not hold back and finish him off as soon as possible before any type of reinforcement arrives.”

“Captain. I just got important news from our spies.” At this time, a person arrived in the hall.

“Tell me?” The captain looked at the person and said slowly.

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“Ancient Clans? Why do they want to kill Feng Yun?”

“According to the intelligence, Feng Yun murdered their descendants in the past, they are taking revenge.”

The captain’s forehead creased. “We have to speed up our operation. Let’s not wait anymore and do it today.”

“Let’s set off.” The leader said loudly before equipping the purple-colored mask on his face.

“Yes, captain.” The others nodded. The others followed, and each of them wore a purple-colored mask on their face.

The people in the Profound Blossom Sect were living their regular life until some guests with negative intentions came to the door.

Dozens of extremely powerful auras suddenly erupted from the horizon. The sudden auras instantly made Yan Qiu and the others raise their heads, their hearts shook slightly.

They sensed as if a group of people from unknown experts flew over!

When these strong auras appeared in the sky above the sect, it alarmed all the members of the sect. Everyone couldn’t help but raise their head and look at the group of people who had appeared out of nowhere.

Yan Qiu and others were managing the sect, their expression hardened when they noticed the purple masked people in the sky. None of them had restrained their aura, the powerful aura of dozens of sovereign profound realms was really suffocating.

At this time, a few auras rushed out of the sect houses, standing in the air. Yan Qiu, Yan Zilan, and all upper echelons of the Profound Blossom Sect rushed out after sensing the danger.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

“Who are they?” Yan Zilan looked at the people and spoke. Others were also curious about the identity of the purple-masked people.

“Don’t know, but they didn’t look friendly.” Yan Qiu’s eyebrows creased as she looked at them. She took out the array key and instantly activated the defense array of the sect. A white light shield rose from the ground, forming an inverted half-globe around the sect.

“Sect Master activated the formation. Could it be an enemy attacking our sect?”

“What happened?”

“Look, there are people in the sky.”

“Could it be the True Fire Palace come to revenge?”

The activation of the shield alarmed the disciples of the sect. The disciples couldn’t help but started getting worried and panicked.

“Zilan, where is Feng Yun?” Yan Qiu asked Yan Zilan.

“Feng Yun is currently cultivating seclusion.” Yan Zilan replied slowly. At this time, she could count on her biggest reliance.

“Hurry up, call out Feng Yun immediately, these people are not something we can defend against.” Yan Qiu said to Yan Zian in a serious tone.

“Yes! I know!” Yan Zilan nodded. She took out the voice transmission talisman from her storage ring and sent a message to Feng Yun. Actually, Feng Yun was in the secret realm, the voice transmission couldn’t send messages to Feng Yun across space. She just now messaged the elder who was guarding the teleportation formation of the secret realm, he will go inform Feng Yun.

Seeing the group of people who consist of all sovereign rank cultivators Yan Qiu and others immediately felt their hearts tighten. There was only one question ringing in their mind right now, whether these people were enemies or not. Every cell of their body was praying that these people didn’t turn out enemies.

At this time, the group had already arrived in front of the sect. Naturally, they didn’t want to rush into the sect unnoticed otherwise, Yan Qiu and others wouldn’t able to notice them if they wanted to sneak into the sect. After all, their cultivation was entirely realm higher than Yan Qiu and others. They had released their auras knowingly as they wanted to attract Feng Yun’s attention. However, a few moments passed, but there was no sign of Feng Yun coming out.

“High-Grade Sect protection array?” When the killers saw the grand formation, they became a little surprised. This was a high-grade formation. No one expected a second-rank sect to have a sect protection array.

“Guest, this is Profound Blossom Sect. What brings you here?” At this time, Yan Qiu stepped forward and said loudly. She needed to check the identity of the incomers.

The captain of the team looked down and said coldly, “Where is Feng Yun?”

“Feng Yun?” Yan Qiu and others were surprised when they heard Feng Yun’s name.

“Why are you looking for him?” Yan Qiu’s eyebrows creased and asked.

After waiting for a moment, the captain replied in a cold tone, “Naturally to kill!”

As soon as these words come out of his mouth, the heart of yang qiu and the people fell, and dreadful feelings wash over them. Yan Qiu and others became alert and they raised their guard. Although they knew that they were nowhere near being opponents of these mysterious people.

“Call him out. I will for ten breaths. if he doesn’t come, we will destroy this sect.” The captain said loudly, didn’t give them a second glance.

“Who are you?” Yan Qiu’s expression fell after hearing the threat. She asked coldly.

“Sect Master, they all are wearing the Purple Mask, there is only one force I know of who wears colored masks. The Phantom Assassins!” At this time, one of the elders whispered slowly.

“Phantom Assassins? Fourth Elder, are you sure? They surely don’t look like assassins to me.” The fifth elder said with a puzzled look. The assassin lucked in the darkness, and waits for the opportunity to attack. The first rule of the assassin was never to show yourself before the attack and always lend a critical hit to the target. These people’s momentum was opposite to the assassins.

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