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622 Thrilling battle

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On the stage, Lin Tian’s expression was extremely ugly when he saw that his flames had been completely devoured by the other party. He felt extremely ashamed as he looked at the disdainful gazes below the stage.

He was very cocky when he first started. But he was being shamed the moment they started to fight.

How could he show his face in the Crimson Rain Sect in the future?

“Damn it!” Lin Tian flew into a rage out of humiliation and instantly drew his sword. Since the flames were not of a higher grade than the other party, he would rely on his strength to crush her and regain his dignity.

Lin Tian gathered his Qi and his sword technique was extremely sharp. He attacked Zhou Shan’s left side with a starting stance.

Zhou Shan was neither fast nor slow. She only turned her body sideways and dodged the attack. She did not even pull out her sword yet.

Lin Tian was furious that his sword attack was dodged so easily. He erupted with the power of the Peak Earth Profound realm, wanting to end the battle as quickly as possible.

“Very good. You are stronger than I expected.”

Lin Tian began to consolidate his sword intent with the sword in front of his chest. He did not hide the power in his body and erupted. In an instant, a powerful sword intent suddenly erupted, covering the entire stage.

“Gasp… I didn’t expect Lin Tian’s attainment in the Sword Dao to reach such a high level.”

“Looks like profound blossom sect is going to lose this time.”

Everyone was shocked and discussed.

The disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect looked at each other as they felt their pressure multiplied. They did not expect Lin Tian to be this strong. It seemed like it would not be easy for them to obtain a good result this time.

With his sword intent fully unleashed and the support of a powerful force, Lin Tian’s expression was ferocious as he shouted angrily, “Crescent Moon Slash.”

Suddenly, the spirit energy of Lin Tian condensed into a half-crescent moon in the sky swept over, and approached Zhou Shan.

Zhou Shan was unmoved. She gently raised her right hand and pulled out her sword.

Zhou Shan shook lightly, and an absolutely crushing force instantly erupted.


Everyone was shocked. The sword in her hand suddenly emitted a shocking sword intent. In just a breath, it dispersed the sword energy of Lin Tian.

Everyone could vaguely sense that in terms of the level of sword intent, Lin Tian’s sword intent could not compare to hers.

‘Red Lotus Bloom!” Zhou Shan gathered in her spiritual energy into her sword and calmly waved her sword. Her spirit energy transformed into a giant red lotus in the sky.

The crescent moon of Lin Tian and her Red Lotus collided with the sky creating a huge bang. The Crescent Moon of Lin Tian couldn’t even hold a moment in front of the Red Lotus of Zhou Shan. The Red Lotus didn’t stop, it swept toward Lin Tian after destroying the crescent moon.

“How is this possible…” Elder Qi immediately stood up, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Not only did Lin Tian’s full-powered attack not make Zhou Shan retreat, she did not even dodge. She just waved her sword lightly, and Lin Tian’s killing move was already broken?

Seeing this scene, even Feng Yun, who was famous for his swordsmanship, looked over in surprise.

‘What the fuck happened to them? How did they become super geniuses in just one year?’ Feng Yun’s mind was in shock.

“This girl seems to be stronger than we imagined.”

“This sword intent is bone-chilling and penetrates straight through the soul. In just a breath, it disintegrated all of the other party’s attacks. This is the first time I’ve seen such a fighting style. Would I be able to do it so casually if I were to dispel this attack?”

This was an absolute suppression of swordsmanship. It was simple and crude.

In the arena, Zhou Shan’s expressionless face finally revealed a smile. “That’s enough! I don’t think you have much ability. Then you should go down.”

“You…” Lin Tian’s expression was livid as he looked at her smiling face. ‘I have no other choice. I can’t afford to lose.” Lin Tian said inwardly and he made a final decision.please visit panda(-)

“Secret Art- Blood Explosion!” Lin Tian shouted loudly, and suddenly a terrifying aura burst out from his body. His realm rose to the Early Stage of the Sky Profound Realm from Peak Earth Profound Realm.


“Lin Tian using a secret art, his strength increased greatly.”

“What a terrifying aura, what kind of secret art is this?”

“This must be some kind of secret realm that boosts one’s strength for a short period of time.” The people were once again shocked. They looked at Lin Tian with curiosity and amazement.

“Shit! He is using that technique! I have to stop him!” Elder Qi cursed suddenly after seeing this. This secret skill was a double-edged sword. Although it gives you power, it consumes your vital energy in return. Lin Tian was the most outstanding disciple of the Crimson Rain Sect, his safety was very important to the sect.

p-n0ve1、com “Lin Tian, stop!” Elder Qi shouted to stop Lin Tian but Lin Tian ignored his word and attacked Zhou Shan.

‘Hmm!’ Feng Yun was a little surprised. This kind of strength-boosting skill was extremely rare in the world, he didn’t expect to see one on Lin Tian.

‘Well, now it will be more stimulating.” Feng Yun murmured softly. He was looking forward to seeing the full potential of Zhou Shan.

“Elder Qi, the damage is already done. Why not we let Lin Tian fight for a while; it will be worth it if he wins.” Another elder of the Crimson Rain Sect whispered softly.

“What are you saying? How could winning a round is more important than him?” Elder Qi scolded the elder who just gave the suggestion.

While everyone was exclaiming and commenting. An intense battle broke out on the stage. The entire stage was covered with yellow and red flames.

People’s heartbeats increased as they stared at the stage with wide eyes. Ordinary people couldn’t even see the figures of two people, only blurry silhouettes could be seen moving on the stage.

“Crescent Moon Slash!”

“Red Lotus!”

Once again, a half-moon and a red lotus appeared in the sky, smashing into each other. However, this time, the crescent moon seemed stronger. The experts could see that Zhou Shan was struggling to hold against Lin Tian.

Even though Zhou Shan’s combat techniques were superior to Lin Tian, his cultivation was two stages lower than his. He was simply beating her with his brute force. However, Zhou Shan was tenacious, and she was preserving against him well. She has the support of Red Lotus Spirit Flame and her sword Dao while he has the support of higher cultivation.

“Looks like she is going to lose this time.” Tang Yue muttered slowly.

“It seemed that way unless she can hold until his skill’s time passed by. This kind of secret skill can’t be maintained for a long time.” Feng Yun looked at the stage and said lightly. “I think she will win.”

“How can you say so?” Tang Yue was a little surprised.

“Her eyes! Her gaze is firm and filled with confidence.” Feng Yun said with a smile.

Tang Yue rolled her eyes at him and gave a weird glance.

The battle continued, both of them were getting injured repeatedly but neither of them was willing to accept defeat.

‘I can’t keep this going longer, I have to end this battle soon.’ Zhou Shan thought inwardly. She heavily kicked on the ground and retreated to the edge of the stage.

“Red Lotus – Full Bloom!” Before Lin Tian came close, Zhou Shan hastily used her technique. He raised her finger in the sky and said lightly. A huge red Lotus materialized above her head, blooming with a bright red light.

“Same trick again, just give up already!” Lin Tian roared as he swung his sword to slash down the incoming red lotus.

‘Don’t let me down.’ On the other, Zhou Shan forgot about Lin Tian, she just wanted to stall him for a moment and held her sword close to her chest vertically while closing her eyes.

The sword in her hand vibrated slightly as if it was responding to her.

“Asura Killing Slash!” Zhou Shan shouted as she opened her suddenly and powerfully swung her sword vertically. All of her spirit energy emptied in an instant, sucked into the sword. Even some of her vital energy was sucked by the sword.

Her sword emitted an incomparably strong aura, a powerful sword light came out of the sword. It was so strong it felt like it was going to split the space. The sword light moved forward toward Lin Tian. He was unable to dodge or move under the heavy pressure of the sword light.

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