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Afterstories: Chapter 8: A Place to Call Home

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“This time, it’s my turn!”

Edith pushed me down as she spoke, mounting me like she’s kind of a horse rider.

And, without hesitation at all, she guided the bodily fluids-covered meat stick into her own precious slit.

“What a disgustingly perverted dick……you’ve already put out a lot, and it’s still this hard.”

Even though she’s berating me, Edith wore a smile on her face as she sucks my meat stick into the mouth of her vagina.


Due to being enveloped with her flesh all of a sudden, I couldn’t help but groan a bit.

“Because you have made me wait for so long, I’m going to have you serve me plenty with this dick, master~.”

Excited, Edith moved her hips as quickly as she could.

In addition to the up and down extractions, she also swung her hips back and forth, seeking more insatiable pleasure from her movements.

Her bombastic breasts also swayed in time as well, following the violent movements of her waist.

Being able to see our proud princess knight, who also has a tongue-in-cheek attitude, being disoriented like this is enticing in itself.

“If Edith wants to feel so good, I should be able to help her, shouldn’t I?”

Looks like it is not only I who was mesmerized by her state. Before I knew it, Irene, who had been out of sight, had moved around.

“Yaaahn, m-mistress!? That’s so sudden, ahhnn!”

Irene caught and cupped both of Edith’s breasts from behind. As it was unexpected, it made her let out a high-pitched scream.

This also caused her hip movements were put to a halt.

I decided to compensate by thrusting up.

“Higguh! M-master, wait a minute. Ennnnnn!”

“How is it? Did it make you feel better?”

Edith, who was about to protest to me, was cut off from speaking when Irene pinched her nipples.

“aah, yaaa, mistress……”

As expected of our loyal knight princess, she couldn’t be bullish on Irene, whom she began calling ‘mistress’ after we got married. That, however, didn’t exempt me from her angry glare.

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Of course, she did that at an angle where Irene, who’s behind her, wouldn’t notice. But the eyes of the princess knight in question are moist, and not even a trace of furiousness was present at all. Rather, it’s more of a cat throwing a tantrum to get attention. It was as if she’s expecting from that glare that she’ll to be debauched later on

“Aaah, aahhh, both of you, please wait! Ahiiii, fuuh, ahhhh!”

“Edith’s moans are so cute. Can we hear more of it?”

I don’t know if it was because she was last, and she’s getting impatient for it, but Irene feels more sadistic today. I just hope it’s the fault of Edith exuding her masochistic vibes, or else I’ll be in for a tough end as well.

But because she’s glossy and refreshing in her yukata, I thought I don’t mind either way.

“Yhaaann, I, I’m being unbecoming in front of my mistress, aahhhh!”

“Edith, too tight……”

Edith, utterly disheveled in her yukata, is probably more aroused right now due to the fact that Irene is watching her.

As evidence, even though her mouth keeps on denying, her body is actively seeking the feeling.

“Auuu, ahhh, ouuu, I’m, gcummiing, I’m guuummiiinnnhh!”

Soon, Edith lost her ability to articulate from feeling too much. Her tongue just slobbers around as her eyes shed tears.

“Auuuu! I’m being attacked by master and mistress at the same time! I’m cumming, I’m cummmiiinnggg!”

Raising a loud voice, Edith finally reached her peak.

Her insides squeezed hard as they made convulsions in her vagina. If it weren’t for the fact that I have already let out a lot, I would have ejaculated in a heartbeat.

I looked at my partner. She had already fainted in time. Irene and I cooperated with each other and laid Edith in her futon to sleep.

“Haaa, haaa……Tomo, I can’t take it anymore.”

After that, Irene laid herself down and spread her own vagina with a whimper.

She was completely wet in her crotch, and from there, her insides could be seen twitching and trembling as if they’re seeking a meat pole to plug it in.

She did her best to hold back up to now. Even though we’re already married and all, she’s still thinking about satisfying everyone else first.

Tis might be overbearing for a lord, but this is why she is the best. And I am saving her for last because I treasured her the most.

I faced her, then put my arms around her waist.

Irene’s soft and warm body hugs me back.

We took ourselves firmly in each other’s arms, allowing the warmth of our bodies to pass through. It would be a perfect romantic scenery if not for the tempting tits pressed against my chest, which made my dick feel like it’s about to burst open.

“Tomo……Please mess me up with your cock……!”

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I nodded at Irene’s begging and penetrated her at once.


Irene raises her voice low.

She’s been made to wait a lot, so her sensitivity was already at its peak from the start.

“Ouu! Higuuu, ohooo!”

As I’m the only one who knows when she’s genuinely feeling it from her moans, at this moment, I am sure that Irene is feeling it a lot.

Just listening to his voice makes me very satisfied.

“How do you like it, Irene?”

“Uaah……it’s so good. It feels so good, I’m going crazy!”

At Irene’s words, I slam my hips harder.

This made me penetrate her deeply that it was already enough to kiss the lips of her cervix.

“Ouuuu! Oooh……Tomo’s cock is reaching my deepest end!”

Her vagina is tight. It snugly entwined its insides with my meat pole.

But she kept on wriggling, even in that state. This caused made my dick felt like it was about to melt from its goodness.

“Ahhn. Just now, our penis got bigger!”

“Irene is just……so good; I think……I’m going to come……already.”

Hearing my voice that I could barely squeeze out, Irene’s expression fell into an even more disorder.

“Nhaaa! If, if you say it like that, it would make me feel it more……! Tomo, cum, put a lot of your semen inside meeee!”

Triggered by Irene’s words, I finally ejaculated.

And as she had said, I sprayed inside her vagina as hard as I could.

The ejaculation was so strong that even though I’m not seeing it, I could feel it staining her inside white.

“Nhoooooo! Tomo’s cock is throbbing hard inside meeee! Aahh, ooogh! My insides, my insides are getting stirred up by your ejaculating cock!”

At almost the same time, Irene also climaxed.

“Ugh. Aahhh……”

The tightness of his climax is more insane than before, and it wrapped and squeezed my meat rod even more.

My balls were sucked dry until they’re empty, and power had finally left my body.

I have exhausted all my strength.


The last scene I saw was Irene hugging me softly. From there, I lost consciousness.


The day after the night when I completely exhausted our energies.

We spent the rest of our second day in sightseeing in Kyou. After that, we bid goodbye to Mio and headed back to Blossom by ship and carriage.

Even though we’d only been there for two days, it felt like we left in a long time.

After arriving and setting our bags down, we sat down at a table for a leisurely cup of tea.

“It was fun being in Kyou, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, It was really fun.”

I nodded at Irene’s words.

The country of Kyou was very fresh and new at the same time as it was nostalgic in some ways.

“Yet, there are still a lot more places we can go around.”

“Then, next time, I want to see a samurai!!”

It seems that Edith and Clarice had taken a liking to the trip as well.

I’d like to go back if I get the chance. After all. We didn’t get to see everything. It was a sudden two-day vacation after all.

Still, as we just came back from the trip, the next will be for a later date.

When I was sitting in the house drinking tea, I thought again that this is the place where I feel the most comfortable.

This is where I feel most at home now, a new place where I belong.

Reversed Parallel World’s Messiah END.

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