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Chatper 2482

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For a time, the disciples panicked and the lineup was in chaos.

Li Mi stood on a high place and shouted loudly: "Don\'t mess up, don\'t run, as long as everyone doesn\'t move, these things won\'t be able to see us!"

Li Mi\'s words may be right, but with the beasts gnawing away with their big mouths, who can resist running?

If there is chaos, mistakes will be made. Someone has been bitten by the big earthworm, blood splashes everywhere, and swallowed again, very cruel.

The screams came one after another, and a few disciples were eaten in a short time.

As for the injured arm, injured leg, that\'s more.

Someone took a burning torch to scare the big earthworm, hoping it would retreat, but the big earthworm did not shoot the fire.

Feeling the torch coming, I directly bite the torch and swallow it!

Burned to the ground.

This time, everyone was stunned.

The big earthworms killed more and more, and crawled out of the mound.

Everyone rushed to the direction of the stone tunnel.

Soon, the big earthworms caught up.

Don\'t look at this earthworm without eyes, but it crawls very fast.

A group of disciples in front were running for their lives, and the movement was particularly loud.

The sound of running was like leading the way, and the big earthworms were chasing after them.

There are disciples who run slowly, or disciples who are injured and fall, and they will be bitten by them.

Only a very few disciples who were bitten could be rescued by those around them.

After most of the disciples were bitten, they were eaten directly by the big earthworm.

The crunching sound of chewing was horrifying to hear.

What is even more desperate is that one or two large ants will appear from time to time to attack everyone along the way.

When the survivors run back to the tunnel.

Both the big earthworm and the big ants stopped attacking unexpectedly.

On the soil at the entrance of the tunnel, they raised their upper bodies and stared at everyone.

To be precise, it is the boundary between the bluestone slab and the soil.

Although they can\'t see it, they can feel where everyone is.

But they never dared to set foot on the authentic bluestone slabs.

After waiting for a while at the entrance of the cave, these earthworms refused to disperse.

At this time, everyone also slowed down.

Dozens of people gathered on the bluestone slabs that they did not dare to attack, and blasted out various spells together, tearing them apart.

In the end, they left dead bodies all over the place and retreated unwillingly.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, wiped away sweat, and drank water.

Torches were also set aside for lighting.

After running for a long time just now, many people\'s torches were abandoned.

Everyone was tired from running and sat on the bluestone slab to rest.

This underground altar doesn\'t seem to be the same as the outside. Everyone has been fasting for a long time, and they still feel hungry.

Taking advantage of this gap, someone else started to make torches for everyone to spare.

Some more daring disciples cautiously ran outside, looking for the Earth Spirit Orb.

They didn\'t have time to rummage, they cut off their heads and threw them on the bluestone slab.

Then go and cut off the head of a beast.

Their teammates were standing on the bluestone slab, holding the magic talisman in their hands to escort them.

Li Mi lightly tapped the number of people with a gloomy face. The accident just now caused the temporarily assembled large team to lose more than a dozen teammates.

He leaned close to Deng Chong\'s ear and whispered to Deng Chong to discuss countermeasures.

At this moment, a black shadow came out from the direction where everyone came, and slaughtered towards a female disciple who was closest to it.

"There are snakes!"

The female disciple screamed subconsciously, and before the screaming stopped, Deng Chong pulled it away, perfectly dodging the attack.

The slippery snake rubbed her face and flew over. She reached out and touched the mucus on her face, turning her face white with fright.

Deng Chong stabbed his gun in the middle, hitting the black snake\'s seven inches, and the snake struggled for a while before moving.

"Deng, Senior Brother Deng, that snake... thank you."

After all, it was a girl, who was frightened for a long time and did not recover. She spoke incoherently and her voice was shaking.

Deng Chong provoked the snake with one shot.

Looking closely, it was the cub of a black-flowered python.

He frowned and intuitively told him that there should be other things in this tunnel.

He threw the snake against the stone wall with all his strength, and its head cracked to reveal the earth spirit bead inside.

Deng Chong picked it up and threw it to the girl, "Take it, be careful in the future!"

The girl thanked her repeatedly and handed it over to her captain, with admiration in her eyes.

The income in the secret realm is distributed according to the team, and even personal income will be given to the team.

As long as Deng Chong didn\'t make it clear that the Earth Spirit Orb was given to the girl alone, that was the team\'s harvest.

After Deng Chong settled down here, he and the other disciples went to the land to chop off the heads of the beasts.

In the sound of thanks from these people, Deng Chong felt that his image in the minds of these disciples had been re-established.

After everyone cleaned up this piece, they returned to the bluestone slab, waiting for these big earthworms to be resurrected again, waiting for another wave of harvesting.

But this time, I don\'t know why, the big earthworms have been silent.

After everyone waited for a while, the stomach growled.

It is said that everyone has been fasting, and even if they don’t eat for a few months, they are fine, but when they enter this tunnel, they are actually hungry again.

Fortunately, although everyone doesn\'t eat much, they still keep the habit of bringing enough dry food and water for seven days every time they enter the secret realm.

After resting on the spot for a while, Deng Chong and the remaining 30 teammates retreated along the same path.

After walking for only half a column of incense, Li Mi said with an ugly face, "Deng Chong, this road is not the road we came from."

In order not to cause confusion among the other disciples, Li Mi kept his voice low.

Li Yutian was walking beside Deng Chong when he heard it, and immediately raised his voice and asked, "What did you say?"

Deng Chong was out of breath. Li Yutian, the pig, was always so surprised and didn\'t care about the people next to him.

He grabbed Li Yutian and scolded in a low voice, "Shut up! Do you want these people to question us?"

"But such a big thing, don\'t let them know?"

Li Yutian might want to say something, Deng Chong glared at him, and Li Yutian held back his words again.

Without Li Mi saying it, Deng Chong had already seen it.

No matter the size of the tunnel or the difference in details, it shows that they entered another tunnel.

This means that they are lost and cannot return to the ground according to the original path.

Fortunately, this secret realm is about to close, and everyone will be sent back together. Thinking about it, even if you go the wrong way, you don\'t have to panic.

Li Mi continued: "There is no fork in the road, why did we go the wrong way?"

Deng Chong thought for a while and said, "It may be that we took the wrong path when we returned from the bunker."

Li Mi was a little surprised, "So, that place is also connected to other tunnels, this is too strange, how can there be such a place in this underground altar?"

Just then, someone shouted, "Look, what is that?"

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