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Chapter 472: Towering World Tree!

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Chapter 472: Towering World Tree!

Tang Li Xue carefully observed her surroundings and the night sky above her for a while. 

She only sighed in relief after she made sure that the white-feathered giant owl was really already gone from there.

When all the tension she felt was gone, and she became relaxed, Tang Li Xue felt her body become very weak, so she let go of Little Loki from her embrace and laid down on the grassy ground while breathing heavily. 

“That was really close… Fortunately, I realized the purpose of that [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower] on time, if not… Sigh… Whatever… It is already over now.” Tang Li Xue stopped talking and closed her eyes to rest.

Although, Tang Li Xue did not fight very fiercely like in the Crystal Tomb Palace, but resisting the terrifying pressure and aura from the white-feathered giant owl was more than enough to make her completely exhausted.

If Tang Li Xue did not grit her teeth and held on until now, she would surely already fainted long ago because of it.

Meanwhile, Little Loki limply got out from Tang Li Xue’s embrace and then started to lick its own black blood that melted some of Tang Li Xue’s skin and flesh. 

“I am all right, Little Loki. You do not need to worry about me. Your wounds look much worse than mine, so you should just take a rest now.” Tang Li Xue whispered to Little Loki with a hoarse voice while trying to take the [Talisman of Regeneration +3] from her space pouch.

But her hands were shaky, weak, and sluggish. It seemed both of her hands were wounded pretty badly because she hugged Little Loki before, so she could not even grip anything properly right now.

“Sigh… Forget it… Let’s just take a rest together for now…” Tang Li Xue muttered as she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep in exhaustion.

Little Loki did not stop as Tang Li Xue had requested it to do.

Little Loki knew that its black blood was extremely corrosive and dangerous. If it did not clean it properly, then its black blood might keep corroding Tang Li Xue’s flesh until even her bones will melt later.

Little Loki kept licking Tang Li Xue’s wound and only stopped after it checked a few more times to make sure that Tang Li Xue was really clean from its black blood.

All wounds at Little Loki’s body already closed and stopped bleeding, since Little Loki has amazing regeneration ability as pure-blooded Tao Tie.

But Little Loki felt extremely exhausted after an intense battle against the white-feathered giant owl, so Little Loki instantly fell asleep on the top of Tang Li Xue’s body after it cleaned Tang Li Xue from its black blood.

Tang Li Xue and Little Loki fell asleep together for three days straight without knowing it. Fortunately, there was nothing dangerous in this meadow other than the white-feathered giant owl, if not, it would be hard to tell if Tang Li Xue and Little Loki would have any strength to protect themselves.

When Tang Li Xue and Little Loki woke up from their deep sleep, all of their wounds were already completely recovered. 

They felt extremely refreshed, but their stomach was rumbling in hunger.

Tang Li Xue blushed a bit in embarrassment. She quickly took out the food stock that she bought from the luxurious restaurant on the first floor of the residential building before leaving the Myriad Fox Academy and ate it to relieve her hunger.

She also took out many [Uncommon] grade beast cores for Little Loki to eat.

After Tang Li Xue and Little Loki felt full, both of them stood up and took a deep breath while stretching their stiff body for a few moments.

“Let’s go, Little Loki! It would be bad if that fat bird changed its mind and decided to hunt us again. So, we should quickly reach the core area and rob… cough… I mean take everything we need there and get out as soon as possible from here.” Tang Li Xue said to Little Loki with a solemn expression.

Little Loki jumped onto Tang Li Xue’s right shoulder, and then Tang Li Xue took her [White Swan Sword] and [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower] that still lied on the grassy ground nearby.

When Tang Li Xue grabbed the [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower], she unhappily nagged: “Tsk, we almost died because of that fairy queen! Why doesn’t she say something when she gave us this flower?! She can at least give us some sign or warn us about it, right? I thought this flower is a precious treasure before… Who knows that it is just a passport to pass this meadow area.”

After unhappily grumbling for a while, Tang Li Xue threw both [White Swan Sword] and [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower] into her space pouch, and she quickly executed her [Snow Dance Step] and continued her journey to the core area of this Herb Valley.

Actually, it was not the fairy flower queen’s fault since that was the purpose of this trial of alertness in this meadow area.

Moreover, the fairy flower queen usually only gave one of the shiny flowers from the flower field to any people that passed her trial of kindness, but the fairy flower queen gave Tang Li Xue [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower] that was extremely precious.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue still did not know the true worth of this [Seven-Colored Blossom Flower] since she could not use [Basic All-Knowing Eyes] here.


Lucky for Tang Li Xue and Little Loki, they did not meet any more obstacles or enemies on their way, so their journey was very smooth this time.

The herbs and plants in this meadow area were actually far more precious than the other areas that Tang Li Xue had already passed through before.

Tang Li Xue was really tempted to pick some of these very precious herbs, but the existence of the white-feathered giant owl made her feel threatened and uneasy, so she decided to abandon all of those precious herbs in the end and hastily got out from the meadow area.

It took her a few hours to pass the meadow area even after she executed her [Snow Dance Step] to run at the full speed.

When Tang Li Xue managed to pass the meadow area, she saw another magnificent scene in front of her.

She halted her step and tilted her head upward as she exclaimed in awe and shock: “What a big tree?! What kind of tree is that?!”

Yes… On contrary to Tang Li Xue’s expectation, there was only one giant towering tree in the core area of this herb valley!

Giant or huge could not even properly describe the size of this tree since it was too big, bigger than even a mountain. Tang Li Xue even assumed that this towering tree might be the legendary world tree in Norse Mythology, Yggdrasil.

But Tang Li Xue felt very disappointed since she thought that there would be countless priceless herbs here instead of a useless towering tree.

Well… Something like herbs that could make her super-powerful after she ate it or at least allow her to have a few stages of cultivation breakthrough at once.

“Sigh… Forget it… Let’s get close and see if we can find something good there.” Tang Li Xue muttered as she shook her head in disappointment. 

However, Tang Li Xue still hoped to find something precious from that towering tree, at least something worthy enough to make up for her hard effort to reach here.

Tang Li Xue executed her [Snow Dance Step] again, but she did not dash with her full speed like before since she also decided to raise her vigilance to the maximum.

Tang Li Xue already realized that every time she entered the new area in this herb valley, she always faced great difficulty as the trial, so she did not dare to drop her guard even for a second after she entered this core area.

“Hopefully, we will not meet any troublesome thing this time…” Tang Li Xue whispered with a worried tone as she jumped onto the big roots and ran on the top of it.

Different from the meadow area, the ground of this new area was covered by countless giant roots from the towering giant tree.

“Nyaaaaan~!” Little Loki meowed as it tapped onto Tang Li Xue’s right shoulder with its paw, then it pointed its paw toward a certain direction at the towering tree.

Tang Li Xue stared at Little Loki in confusion, but she still decided to look in the direction where Little Loki’s paw pointed at.

The towering tree was still quite far away from where Tang Li Xue at right now, but she could still see it clearly because there was no fog or mist here to limit her sight like in the previous area.

Then she saw the white-feathered giant owl perched on one of the towering giant tree’s branches.

As if the white-feathered giant owl sensed the stare from Little Loki and Tang Li Xue, it opened its sleepy eyes and stared back at them too.

Tang Li Xue immediately became tense when the white-feathered giant owl looked toward her.

Fortunately, the white-feathered giant owl only stared at them for a few moments before it closed its eyes again and ignored them.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after the white-feathered giant owl ignored her and Little Loki, but she still decided to proceed even more carefully.

‘It seems that fat bird’s job is to guard this huge tree. Hmm… Since this huge tree has such a powerful guardian, then it means that there should be some extremely precious treasures stored here, right? Uwehehehe… I am really looking forward to it!’ Tang Li Xue slyly giggled as she put her finger on her chin to think.

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