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Chapter 259 - 34 Fairy Sister

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34 Fairy Sister

After several days of Lan You Nian’s meticulous care, Feng Yi Xuan was much improved. It can be said Feng Yi Xuan has completely recovered from being infected with the plague, only due to getting sick, Feng Yi Xuan’s body was still a little weak.

Once his body was better, Feng Yi Xuan prepared to get back to work. Though they have governed Xianglin city very well, they haven’t been able to get rid of the plague. Everyday there will be someone who will get infected. Everyday there will be someone who dies. If this continues, Feng Yi Xuan knew this Xianglin city will really become a dead city.

“What are you doing?” Lan You Nian came into the room carrying a bowl of medicine and noticed Feng Yi Xuan was about to rise, demanding hastily.

Feng Yi Xuan’s saw Nian Nian’s eyes flash with heartache. Because of his health, Nian Nian would always stay by his side taking care of him. No matter how he urged her, she refused to give up. Thus, now he wasn’t so thin but Nian Nian has become a lot thinner.

Feng Yi Xuan rose and took the bowl of medicine from Nian Nian, negotiating, “Nian Nian, I’m much better. Mo Xian them can’t control the situation outside. Rest assured, I will take good care of myself!”

Lan You Nian observed Feng Yi Xuan, “Xian, you can go out to handle business but you aren’t allowed to overwork and you must permit me to go with eldest brother to investigate into this plague!” Gui Yi was busy looking after those infected with the plague. Lan You Nian watched with worry, so she wished to help but Feng Yi Xuan was ill so Lan You Nian didn’t give consideration to this thought but now she can’t just watch any longer.

Feng Yi Xuan wanted to reject but recalled what Nian Nian once said, he asked with worry, “Your body?” This plague wasn’t a oke. Though he has bore through it, the process wasn’t great.

“Xuan, rest assured, this plague won’t infect me at all!” Lan You Nian grinned. Her body has been tempered with various poisons and because of curing her poison, it can be said she’s used all of the world’s best medicinal herbs. If she can still be infected by a plague, master would be extremely vexed.

Feng Yi Xuan was slightly reassured by Nian Nian’s words. He knew if he always controlled Nian Nian like this, though Nian Nian won’t say it, she would be unhappy inside.

Feng Yi Xuan reached out a hand to stroke Lan You Nian’s long hair, dotingly saying, “Alright! But you’re not allowed to tire yourself!” Though he was Feng empire’s prince, in his eyes, all of Feng empire’s citizens added together could not compare to a single hair of Nian Nian’s.

“En!” Lan You Nian guarenteed with a nod and happily neatenedFeng Yi Xuan’s clothes.

When Feng Yi Xuan walked out the government office and into those tents, those civilians who caught the plague seemed to see a glimmer of hope. They have learned Prince Ming has caught the plague but seeing Prince Ming standing there perfectly healthy, didn’t it mean there was hope for them to live?

Because of Feng Yi Xuan personal management, the entire Xianglin city was operating in an orderly fashion. Even if Feng Yi Xuan didn’t do anything, his aura was enough to shock many into submission. The tent quieted…

Meanwhile Lan You Nian was in a different housing arrangement. Here were all those civilians who were comparatively more seriously ill with the plague. From a certain viewpoint, many people here were waiting for death but Lan You Nian knew many people here were landowners of Xianglin city’s farmlands. Because of these people’s illness, the entire Xianglin city’s farmland cultivation has stopped.

When Lan You Nian came into the resettled housing, the civilians all thought they were seeing a celestial maiden, as the entire building quieted, even those children who caught the plague no longer cried as they looked at the fairy sister they’ve never seen before.

Lan You Nian hasn’t donned any makeup. Her head of black hair was styled into a stunning butterfly hairstyle, with the remaining hair falling against her thighs with only a butterfly hairpin made of suet white jade as an accessory. With a unique white dress, the top half was in the style of a tight-fitting cheongsam, the cuffs and neckline were embellished with blossoms spider lilies, the bottom half was a floor-length skirt, like a carpet of spider lilies.

“Princess consort!” An Yi and the soldiers under Feng Yi Xuan immediately greeted her upon seeing Lan You Nian. They knew the princess consort has come to Xianglin city. They admired the princess consort greatly from deep in their hearts. A girl who has yet to come of age had such ties of affection and guts, this made many of them iron-blooded soldiers not dare to underestimate her. Perhaps they might not have understood why Prince Ming would adore this princess consort, but now they understood the princess consort was worthy of his highness’s love.

Lan You Nian nodded at Feng Yi Xuan’s troops. It was very easy to tell they were Feng Yi Xuan’s most trusted soldiers because only the troops under Feng Yi Xuan could possess such insurmountable aura. However, due to hustle and bustle in this short time, every soldier was a little haggard, even An Yi was a little disheveled. Due to it being the plague, there was no woman to help around, just a group of men so even if Feng Yi Xuan had everything well-planned, they weren’t meticulous. Many hearts were still panicked.

“Thank you for your hardwork!” Lan You Nian said, not a polite utterance but a genuine feeling because these were Feng Yi Xuan’s subordinates so Lan You Nian treated them like Wu Qing Pavilion’s subordinates.

An Yi and the others were stunned. They’ve been with the prince for many years and have experienced many life and death situations and have never regretted. Though his highness was cold-blooded, he’s never been harsh to the brothers under his command, nor was he an overly chatty person but the princess consort’s words of concern gave them a warm feeling.

“No trouble!” They answered in unison. It was merely truth. On the battlefield, they’ve gone through many days of lying low under cover. That time was the most difficult. Because of the princess consort’s words of concern, they felt joyous.

Those civilians present were stunned. They didn’t expect the noble future Princess Consort Ming to come to Xianglin city that everyone was disgusted with. More importantly, Princess Consort Ming stood amongst them, the civilians who have been infected with the plague, without a hint of disdain, only a warm gentleness.

Many of the civilians rose to greet her. Even if they felt this princess consort was very close to the people, since ancient times the gap between the ordinary citizens and officials were present, they didn’t want to lose their life because they didn’t properly greet nobility. Lan You Nian smiled gently without refusing because she knew she couldn’t stop them.

At this time, a child infected with the plague was forced to bow like his parents but because of his body’s frailness, he tumbled. The entire room was silent as everyone looked to that child, many looking at the child with pity, thinking that this child didn’t have long to live. They’ve seen plenty examples of daughters of official families being wantonly cruel to the common people.

But under everyone’s gaze, Lan You Nian gently smiled as she came over to the five or six year old child, reaching out her pure white-nearly transparent-hands to help up the child. Her gesture was faint but enough to make others feel the warmth behind it. That child blinked as he stared at Lan You Nian and suddenly grabbed Lan You Nian’s hand, “Fairy sister! Did you come to save us!?”

The heart that everyone put down was once again forced into a cold sweat by the child’s actions, because the child’s hand was covered with dust and mud, so when the child pulled at Lan You Nian’s hand, it was a clear contrast.

Lan You Nian’s smile remained unchanged as she stroked the child’s head, her voice gentle but heard by all in the room, “Older sister came to help, so you must behave and drink your medicine.”

“En en, A’Niu will behave!” The child nodded vigorously and let go of Lan You Nian’s hand with his parents pulling at him.

Lan You Nian’s intimate approach with the civilians made the civilians put to rest their fear and unease. Lan You Nian waved her hand to have all the civilians rise. Lan You Nian put down her airs as a future princess consort and a junzhu to distribute the pills Gui Yi has developed to every citizen.

No matter what Lan You Nian did for these civilians, she did it by hand, without any airs of a daughter of a general. But if you looked closely, it wasn’t entire true because Lan You Nian gave off an air that forbid the civilians from acting presumptuously. The effect of the combination of kindness and prestige made people like this Princess consort Ming even more. In just a short time, Lan You Nian’s reputation spread through the entire Xianglin city. Everyday outside the government office, there were many civilians coming over with various types of gifts to express their hearts, so it can be said Lan You Nian’s name was even more embedded in people’s hearts than Feng Yi Xuan.

When Feng Yi Xuan saw so many civilians adore and respect Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan was proud as if the one being honored was himself. When he saw Nian Nian, he vigorously kissed Nian Nian, feeling proud for Nian Nian.

Today Lan You Nian left the government office with Lan Feng. Though Xianglin city was overrun with the plague, fortunately there was a lot of food here and didn’t cause a problem with a famine, so besides the plague, there wasn’t any other problems.

“Lan junzhu!”

“Greetings junzhu!”

“Morning junzhu!”

“Fairy princess sister is very pretty today!”

The moment Lan You Nian stepped out of the government office, she saw many civilians greeting her, with kindness on their brows. Perhaps because Lan You Nian’s face was extremely deceptive or perhaps Lan You Nian’s care the last few days made the civilians see hope and warmth, so the civilians truly regarded Lan You Nian as a celestial fairy.

At first everyone called Lan You Nian Princess Consort Ming but Lan Mo Xian felt his little sister has yet to marry Prince Ming, if people were to know, who knows how they will talk about his sister so everyone called Lan You Nian juznhu.

On the road, the civilians greeted as they passed. As she was about to walk into those tents and quarantine housing, Lan Feng hurried over, “Young miss, eldest master wants young miss to go to the medicine room!”

Gui Yi stayed in the medicine room all day without coming out, even his meals were brought in by Lan Mo Xian. Gui Yi was focused on developing a method to resist the plague. For Gui Yi to suddenly look for her, Lan You Nian believed Gui Yi might have found a way to resist against the plague.

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