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Chapter 2641: Blaze Core

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The so-called "extreme" spell is basically to extract the original fire essence of the surrounding flame world, and use the special method in the Wuji Yanyang skill to combine and arrange them into strange ancient runes, and then combine them into a large rune , once this large flame rune is formed, it will release unparalleled explosive power.

It seems very easy, but the original fire essence is very special. Even the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince are at their peak, and it is difficult to mobilize it. It can even be said that they only know the original fire essence, but they don\'t know it. how to use.

Another problem is the small ancient runes and the method of arranging them into a large rune. The answer to these ancient runes can only be found by entering the ancient ruins. The Blazing Demon God and the First Prince only recognized a dozen or so, and the remaining There are thousands of runes under it.

"After this incident, I will take you to a place where you may be able to find notes on some runes." The eldest prince said with a sigh.

"Do you know where the ancient ruins are?" Blazing Demon God asked.

The eldest prince nodded, and said: "Originally, this is a secret that I want to exchange with the enemy, but it seems that it is useless."

The Blazing Demon God shot a divine sense into Lu Yang\'s body, and said with a smile: "You are lucky, kid. I have taught you an extremely good cultivation method. The eldest prince and I will go find the treasure, and you should learn spells as soon as possible."

"Okay." Lu Yang looked left and right, and jumped into the castle of the Scarlet Flame Spirit King. It was already a piece of ruins, but the magma pool in the center was intact, and the magma inside Very special, it is orange-red.

"A lava pool formed by fire essence?" Lu Yang entered into the pool with a sigh and sat cross-legged to start practicing. With the complete spell-casting steps and rune meaning explanations given by the Blazing Demon God and the First Prince, he learned it very quickly.

After two days.

Lu Yang opened his eyes, and a strange orange-red fireball appeared on his right hand. It looked more dazzling than ordinary flames, but in fact, this orange-red fireball was completely composed of fire essence, and, The fire spirits are also arranged in the order of the runes.

"Not bad, not bad, the cultivation is very fast." Blazing Demon God said with satisfaction.

"Continuing to condense can really condense an extremely flaming fireball." The eldest prince said with a smile.

It was rare for him, Lu Yang, to hear the praise of self-healing from the mouth of the eldest prince. He smiled and looked at the two who returned home with a full load, and asked, "What treasure did you find, so happy?"

The Blazing Demon God threw an orange-red fire core to Lu Yang, and said, "This should be the most valuable thing of the Scarlet Flame Spirit King, and it should be made by him and his father to break the Wuji Yanyang Kungfu. maximum effort."

"What is this?" Lu Yang looked at the fire core in front of him, and felt that it was full of special power of fire, and also contained a trace of power of time and space.

"The core of Yankong!" The eldest prince said with some emotion, "With this fire core, you can open the second inner space."

Normally, with the energy of the soul, a **** can only create an inner space in the void, such as the demon temple created by the blazing demon god.

Lu Yang previously connected the soul to Bandarsberg, making it his own internal space, so he can use the energy of the world-cleaning skyfire at will, but Lu Yang\'s understanding of the internal space is only limited to this, he asked: "Is there anything special about this Yankong Core? What are the benefits of opening it?"

The Blazing Demon God said with a smile: "When the core of the flame space is opened, it becomes the flame space, and it will automatically absorb the surrounding fire essence into it. This is something that no other core of space can do."

"This is really a treasure." Lu Yang said in amazement, after possessing this space core, it means that Lu Yang can release extremely powerful flame spells anytime and anywhere.

At that moment, he sent the Yankong Core into the soul, and in an instant, in Lu Yang\'s consciousness space, in a dark sea of ​​void, the orange-red Yankong Core burst into dazzling light.

Yankong\'s core began to swell, from the size of a thumb to the size of a basketball gymnasium before slowly stopping.

Lu Yang hastily sent divine power to it, and the Yankong Core continued to expand until it reached a width of 100 kilometers, a length of 100 kilometers, and a height of 100 kilometers, before Lu Yang stopped.

The divine power in his body was almost exhausted, and the excess divine power that had no place to vent after eating Yuan Ling\'s real body was also completely consumed.

"Try to run the space?" Blazing Demon God said.

Lu Yang controlled the Yanhuo space through his spiritual thoughts. Immediately, with Lu Yang as the center, the surrounding fire spirits flew towards Lu Yang like moths to the flame, and when they reached Lu Yang\'s side, they were all absorbed by the Yanhuo space.

The eldest prince said: "There are no treasures left. They are all normal cultivation materials. Now you don\'t like them at all, they are just for your subordinates to use."

After Scarlet Fire City was massacred by the Black Fire God Spirit Army, Naris has searched it all over again, and there are still so many left, all of which were hidden by the Scarlet Flame Spirit King for Lie. UU reading Now They all went into Lu Yang\'s backpack.

"Take people\'s money and eliminate disasters with others. Since the Scarlet Flame Spirit King didn\'t lie to us, let\'s find Lie and the remaining members of the Chiyan Spirit Clan." Lu Yang said.

"I\'m afraid it won\'t be easy to get there. The sensor clone I left a day away found the Black Fire God Spirit Army. Naris probably found out that he was fooled." Blazing Demon God said.

"Fight with Naris. It is estimated that his current strength has not returned to the normal 30. A main **** fighting with this kind of body is very limited in strength. With the ability you just used against the pole, there is a limit. The power of battle." said the First Prince.

The Blazing Demon God also nodded, and said: "You can try it in a fight. With Ziyang Shenhuo restraining the extraterritorial demons, you may not be able to defeat this seriously injured highgod if you use the extremely flaming fireball to attack."

Lu Yang nodded. The release of Jiyan fireball does not depend on the ability of the releaser, but only on the understanding of runes and the ability to control the fire essence. Lu Yang is not bad at both. The pole is also of the main **** level!

Furthermore, Lu Yang had seen the domain law released by Naris, but it was just a regular law. The eldest son of the Scarlet Flame Spirit King was used to directly using this spell to kill others, so he didn\'t care much about the law.

"I\'ll give him a surprise." Lu Yang opened the Yanhuo space, filled the space with all the fire essence in the lava pool, and then, while using his spiritual thoughts to control the Yanhuo space to absorb the fire essence, he used runes to condense the fire essence. Fireball.

For a whole day, Lu Yang\'s condensed Jiyan fireball was very stable, and the runes composed of fire essences were superimposed one by one without any mistakes. When the Jiyan fireball with the power of the main **** level at the peak stage was about to form, in the distance, Na Reese\'s figure flew towards this side quickly.

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