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Chatper 315

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Feng Yi also acted by chance, got up and walked quickly towards Henry Zhang’s direction, pinched a tactic in his hand, his fingertips were shining brightly, and pointed to the top of Henry Zhang’s head, but he saw someone on his side pointing at Xiao with the same fingering. Yang pointed to the top of his head. For a while, Feng was also a little confused, but it was too late to stop, and he couldn\'t stop. When the two people pointed their fingers to the top of Henry Zhang\'s head, Feng also looked at the person beside him, it was Ye Lan.

"What are you doing? Hurry up!" Feng Yi was in a hurry. "I said just now, you accompany me to repay Henry Zhang\'s guilt, but now you want to secretly repay it by yourself, you can\'t." Ye Lan replied calmly The wind also speaks. "Besides, you don\'t know how much this secret method hurts your body. You were seriously injured, and now you are still using the secret method to endure at least five successful backlashes. Are you planning to let me be a widow as soon as I get married! And your current health situation, How sure are you that you can successfully rescue Henry Zhang? I know you have always wanted to help me block everything in front of me, but sometimes you will be tired and painful. At that time, let me block it for you, Are you alright? You are always too tired." Ye Lan\'s words calmed Feng Yi\'s mood that he wanted to attack again, and stared at Ye Lan.

"Husband and wife are one, you live and I live, and when you die, I die."

These words kept echoing in Feng Yi\'s mind, and after taking a deep look at Ye Lan, he began to concentrate on pulling away from Henry Zhang\'s uncontrollable source of enchantment. Fortunately, the practice law that was stolen after Henry Zhang was in a coma was not a very powerful evil, and the source of strength that supported this source of magic was Henry Zhang’s own obsession. Together, it was difficult to let go. Fortunately, Henry Zhang It was put down at that moment, so it wasn\'t too difficult to pull away, but it still needed the strength of two people to complete the separation. The crows flying over the yard, the windy weather, and the thick clouds that blocked the moon all dissipated at this moment, the sky showed bright moonlight, the violent wind stopped, and the cool breeze of the summer night blew slightly. At the same time, the crow flying over was stimulated, and in an instant, it flew far away and left the wedding table. What the crow brings is death, and what it brings is the new life of the phoenix.

The scarlet potential in Henry Zhang’s eyes was completely dissipated, and the source in the body was also deeply asleep, and passed out on the ground, and Ye Lanfeng and the two also had at least 60% of the backlash because of the secret method 1, and they were injured themselves, but also supported Continuing to pass out.

——When Ye Lan opened her eyes, she only felt pain all over her body. What appeared in her field of vision was not the yard where the three of them were fighting. Ye Lan, whose eyes were dazzling by the bright light, felt uncomfortable for a while. She closed her eyes and waited until she could adapt. Slowly opening his eyes, his vision became clear. What caught my eye was a beautiful room with carved railings and windows. It seemed that someone was walking around and taking care of the affairs of the room. Ye Lan stood up and opened the curtain of the bed. Ye Lan\'s eyes stinged, and one person in the room saw Ye Lan get up, and quickly said with joy, "Princess, you are awake! Brother guard, go and inform the prince!" It was Yan Ling\'s voice, "The prince has entered the palace, and you are planning to let me in. Go in and tell the prince, it should be out of the palace at this time, just send someone on horseback to inform you on the road. Yo, princess, you are awake!" Ye Lan smiled lightly in the familiar frivolous tone, it seemed that it was the spirit of martial arts, so The frivolous look of Zhihun, that shy child can\'t do it.

"Where\'s Your Highness? Where is he?" Ye Lan asked, her voice was hoarse and dry due to her long drowsiness, her throat had never touched water, and Yan Ling first went to the saucer on the desk and poured a glass of water for Ye Lan, and Ye Lan took it. He drank it slowly, moistened his throat and relieved the dry and tingling sensation in his throat, then handed the cup to Yan Ling, who put the teacup back on the table.

"I said just now, you have entered the palace. If you have something to ask the prince or if you have something to ask the prince, you should wait for him to come back. With your current physical condition, you can\'t move." The guard replied, "Then how long have I slept? Is it?" Ye Lan asked, "Not long, only ten days." The guard replied with a smile that ten days was not long? ? How about fooling her? "I didn\'t fool you. If you don\'t believe me, you asked Yan Ling. It was indeed ten days." The guard saw Ye Lan\'s expression and knew that Ye Lan thought he was joking. Yan Ling nodded obediently, proving that Ye Lan had indeed slept for ten days, "You don\'t know the situation at that time, you, the prince and Henry Zhang were all in a coma, and the prince explained before that I couldn\'t let Henry Zhang go. It\'s hard to hide it. At that time, three of the four of us collapsed, so I left one to move you. It took a lot of effort, and my hands are still sore, but the situation of the prince is better than that of the princess. It\'s better, I woke up after only three days. After I woke up and heard some news reported by the dark guards, I have been wandering between the palace and the palace for the past few days." The guard complained, "What news, do you know ?" Ye Lan asked, "I know, this matter has wasted my efforts to move you and Henry Zhang to other places by myself. I thought all the guests were evacuated, but I didn\'t think there were a few couples. The young men and women left the banquet and went for a walk around the mansion, enjoying the night view, and then they went to the wine cellar. In the yard where I was at that time, I happened to see Henry Zhang’s son entering the devil and the prince and princess fighting, and then I was frightened. When I got home, I told my elders and parents about it. Now the whole Yuntiancheng knows about it. It also spread to the ears of the emperor, the emperor was furious, and he ordered the Prince Henry Zhang to be imprisoned and imprisoned on the same day, and when the evidence is found, the prince Henry Zhang will be convicted."

Ye Lan pursed her lips tightly, her brows furrowed together, why did she leak the rumors? The emperor hated the most when someone challenged his authority. This time Henry Zhang went into trouble because of his evil work, and it was rumored in Yuntian City. It is a strict rule, even if the emperor has the intention to protect him due to the pressure of rumors, Henry Zhang has to be severely sentenced, not to mention that the emperor may not necessarily have the intention to protect Henry Zhang. Moreover, Henry Zhang came to their wedding. In the eyes of good outsiders, he was here to stir up the marriage. The marriage between her and Feng Yi was given by the emperor himself and belonged to the emperor’s wedding. In the eyes of the emperor, Henry Zhang did not do it. Looking at the emperor, he slapped the emperor\'s face fiercely. The two charges were added together, and Henry Zhang suffered, but Feng Yi and Ye Lan, who knew the truth, would not let Henry Zhang be convicted He was guilty of this unwarranted crime, so after Feng Yi woke up and received the news, he thought about it carefully and immediately went to the palace to intercede. Ye Lan wanted to know how the situation was now.

"What happened to Henry Zhang? What do you know? Forget it, take me to see Fengyi!" Ye Lan was worried about Henry Zhang\'s situation, and also anxious about what to do if Fengyi\'s words angered the emperor.

"No hurry, I\'m back." Feng Yi\'s voice came from outside the door, with a little smile that warmed people\'s hearts. The guards and Yan Ling who were waiting in the room saw this and quickly opened the door. After Feng Yi entered the room, they exited and closed the door carefully.

Two people, one sitting on the bed, one standing quietly at the door, their eyes facing each other, there was no sound in the room, only the sound of their breathing gradually merged into one, with the same frequency.

"How is your body feeling? Does the wound still hurt?" Feng Yi asked, "It\'s much better. I\'ve slept for ten days, and I\'ve been in bed for ten days. If I lie down, it will become moldy." Ye Lan smiled back at him. "Would you like to get out of bed and walk around?" Feng Yi walked to the bed and asked Ye Lan, "Well, help me up."

After speaking, Feng Yi turned his back to Ye Lan, crouched down, and motioned for Ye Lan to come up.

"What are you doing, just let you help me up, I can\'t walk in these few steps?"

"Let\'s take a look outside with your back, there\'s a surprise." Feng did not move, and continued to maintain the squatting position just now. Ye Lan was curious, thought for a while, lifted the quilt, squatted on Feng Yi\'s back, and let Feng Yi carry it on his back.

"What do you want to ask, ask now, it takes half an hour from here to the place where I prepared a surprise for you." Feng Yi picked up his steps and walked away. "What happened that day after we were in a coma? And listen It is said that Henry Zhang’s affairs were known by the emperor, how is he? Were you suspected by the emperor when you entered the palace to run around for his affairs?”

"You have so many questions, it seems that you have been holding you back for too long." Feng Yi teased, "Hurry up and tell me."

"Do you remember that when the two of us used the secret method to extract the source of enchantment from Henry Zhang\'s body at the same time, the source of enchantment that we felt was mixed with other powers? That is part of Henry Zhang\'s original power, which has been linked with The source of enchantment is integrated, so they must be pulled away together. And because these two forces competed with each other earlier, it caused serious damage to Henry Zhang\'s body, the blood in the body was scarce, and the meridians were faintly ruptured, even if they were rescued. , the cultivation of this body is also abolished." Feng Yi\'s expression was obscure and his voice was low.

"In any case, as long as you live, there is always hope, right?" Ye Lan advised Feng Yi.

At this point, it is fortunate to save a life, and they still have more than half of their lives to slowly unravel the remaining misunderstandings and knots.

"Yes, as long as I am alive, there is still hope. When Henry Zhang entered the devil that day, his consciousness returned to the source for a moment, and he said, "As long as my heart is free," what had been bothering him before was that he couldn\'t get rid of it. His obsession, he was too obsessed, he was sleepy and his heart was sleepy, now the obsession dissipates, and we can live well. For us, for him, it should be enough. Life is long, and he has many more. what you want to do.”

"Then how did you deal with the emperor? What punishment did Henry Zhang receive?" Ye Lan asked, "I went to the emperor to ask for mercy, and also told the whole story. All these incidents were caused by Ye Qiuyu. If she didn\'t Stealing Henry Zhang\'s practice books and letting Henry Zhang go crazy, maybe he won\'t be known by the emperor." Feng Yi\'s eyes sank.

"But without her, Henry Zhang\'s obsession could not be dissipated, and the misunderstanding between us could not be solved. From another perspective, Ye Qiuyu solved the misunderstanding for us by accident."

"Maybe, but the emperor really wants to take this opportunity to get rid of Henry Zhang, Henry Zhang has no rebellious heart, but the emperor\'s suspicion is too heavy. In the emperor\'s view, the ability of a subject to rebel is the biggest sin Not only Henry Zhang has it, but I also have it.” Feng Yi laughed at himself, “Every living being is a city brick used to build a dynasty. It depends on how the designer builds this dynasty. Destruction, this is the way of the emperor." Ye Lan unconsciously lowered his tone.

The two have been walking slowly for a while. The servants who were walking in the house and doing errands covered their mouths and snickered when they saw this scene. The sky was high and the sky was clear. From Ye Lan, such a beautiful thing is really beautiful to match the princess!

"What happened after that? What happened after that?" Ye Lan continued to ask, "The emperor has the intention to get rid of Henry Zhang, I know that if I go to the emperor to intercede in private, it will probably not be successful. If I want the emperor to let Henry Zhang go, I need to be able to Rumors are used to suppress the emperor\'s thoughts, but Henry Zhang\'s situation may be more dangerous in the future. As soon as I received the news, I sent someone to collect some things as proof that Ye Qiuyu framed Henry Zhang, so that Henry Zhang mistakenly practiced evil arts and went into trouble. , of course, in addition to physical evidence, there must be witnesses.”

"Then who is your witness?"

Feng Yi laughed lightly, and Ye Lan heard a familiar frivolous voice behind him, "Princess, of course it\'s me, hehe." The guards followed behind them at some point when they heard Feng Yi call him, and immediately body. "That\'s not you, that\'s the credit of Zhihun. The child of Zhihun already feels useless and shy, but you are so embarrassed to take his credit." Ye Lan scolded, turned and asked, "Then what? Then what? "

Feng Yi replied, "I found out why you like to ask "then" and "after" so much now, and then I arranged for someone to spread the word in Yuntian City that the emperor intended to take this opportunity to get rid of Henry Zhang, and planned to seal Henry Zhang\'s trumped-up charges to convict him. The news of the death penalty also arranged for people to say that Henry Zhang went into trouble because he was framed by Ye Qiuyu, so he offended the emperor when he was not sober for a while. Hearing this news, they were all anxious, and they all asked the emperor to forgive their sins and deal with them lightly. At the same time, they handed the emperor a book on the court, and also printed several copies and passed them to the ministers. The evidence that Yang was framed so he went astray, the civil court, the pressure from both parties, forced the emperor to lightly punish Henry Zhang." After that, he said in a deep voice, "Ye Qiuyu\'s death, there must be a It\'s a statement, and it\'s true that she framed Henry Zhang."

During the conversation, the two had already arrived at the gate of a courtyard, a place Ye Lan had never been to before.

"In short, the emperor couldn\'t stand the demands of the people, so he sentenced Henry Zhang lightly and sent him exiled to a small town on the border to be the city lord." While speaking, he carried Ye Lan into the courtyard.

Admission to the hospital, full of flower trees, the buds on the trees are all open, showing pink petals and stamens, the petals are gently blown by the wind, and fall to the ground with the wind. There is also a lake center pavilion in the middle of the flower forest. Surrounded by the artificially excavated clear water lake, the lake water is sparkling, the koi play, and bounce up from time to time to bring a wave of water. Sunshine, flower rain, lake water, breeze, this situation and this scene seem familiar, but they are not the same. The people around them are different, and the inner touch is also different.

Feng Yi put down Ye Lan, took out a letter from his sleeve, handed it to Ye Lan and said, "This is given to you by Henry Zhang before he left. I have talked with him before he left. From now on, we will write off our grievances, and we will still be with the past. In the same way, to live our happy and unrestrained life, he was in a hurry, and he couldn’t wait for you to wake up, so he left a letter asking me to give it to you. Lan, although the emperor was forced by two pressures, he did not let Henry Zhang go too easily, but imprisoned him in Wuying Pavilion.

"I think it will be difficult for me to come out this time. It is difficult to change the emperor\'s mind, but you still try your best to force him not to do anything. The death calamity has escaped, but I don\'t know how long this living crime will take, don\'t tell her. , my situation, don\'t let her remember me, don\'t let me think about it again, you guys, have a good life." This is a sentence that Henry Zhang said when he met and talked with him before he was locked in, please don\'t Tell Ye Lan about his situation, and their grievances will be resolved from then on.

Ye Lan opened the letter, and there was only one sentence written on the white letter paper, "Meeting may not necessarily be fate, it is better to see each other than not to see each other. May you two, Qin and Se are in control, and you should be quiet."

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