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Chapter 798 (END) - : Empress Su

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Chapter 798: Empress Su

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

I am a fox. Of course, you may have forgotten me long ago.

Just like my master.

When I was born, I looked different from the other foxes in the tribe. I was covered in red fur. No other foxes were willing to play with me. Even the big cats in the mountains bullied me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go down the mountain. Everyone down the mountain wanted to catch me.

I still remember that it was a sunny afternoon when I was shot in the stomach by a man hunting. At the time, I really thought I was going to die. In my trance, I saw a girl in red.

Her black hair was like ink, and her red dress was like fire. When I saw her face, it was like flowers and trees giving birth to snow.

The little friends of the race said that my flesh could allow someone to live forever. Humans wanted to eat me. I knew that I should have left then, but I couldn’t move.

Later, I learned that I was a fox who looked at faces.

The days when I followed my master and did whatever I wanted to do, only then did I realize what a true fox life was!

The thing that left the deepest impression on me was my master’s 17th birthday. I heard that all the famous people in the martial arts world had come, including my biggest love rival in life—that Yu fellow.

That is Master’s Old Yu. Oh, yes, I don’t want to call him Young Master Yu. Even if he uses ten roasted chickens to bribe me… I… I’ll reluctantly call him Little Yu.

Sigh, Master’s cooking is not as good as his. I can only reluctantly eat his roasted chicken.

That was the first time they met.

My master was young and frivolous like me. She was also the number-one beauty in the world. As for Little Yu, I didn’t know his identity. I only knew that both the people of the martial world and the people of the court respected him.

Recently, I felt that my master was unhappy. Besides, Little Yu… I haven’t seen him in a long time.

Master had stopped practicing her swordplay recently. She often sat on the swing with me in her arms and spent the rest of the afternoon daydreaming before sighing.

Until Master’s father returned, covered in blood… Master did not cry.

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m panicking inside. I won’t take half a step away from my master.

But when I woke up that morning, I realized that something was wrong. I wasn’t in the golden nest that my master had made for me… but on the tree that she and I had first met!

Where was Master?

It had been two years since I had returned to the mountain. I didn’t know the way down the mountain; neither did I know where my master’s home was. I only remembered that her surname was Su and that she was in the general’s residence.

I kept looking for her as I made my way down the hill. I wasn’t even afraid of the big cat I was most afraid of anymore. The other foxes said how knowledgeable it was. I wanted to ask where my owner’s house was.

I don’t care even if I get bitten.

I was worried about Master. I didn’t know how Master’s father was doing.

Big Cat said humans would know.

I jumped into a human trap. The hunter finally brought me down the mountain! Although my noble fur was covered in blood and it hurt, I was very happy!

Hunter didn’t eat me. He said he was going to sell me.

It was also on that day that I guessed I’d change color when I realized I’d turned red in front of the hunters. The hunter had thought I was some kind of immortal who’d come down to earth. Not only had he let me go, but he’d even knelt before me.

I looked at my fur with melancholy. I wondered if my master would recognize me if she saw me.

I gradually heard something from the other people. It turned out that the master was in Green City. Her city was being surrounded by people. Her father… had died in battle. She was the only one left.

I didn’t even want to eat my favorite chicken. When I couldn’t run anymore, I finally found my master’s city!

But… it was still too late.

I saw the fire on her and panicked. I wanted to run to put out the fire, but I couldn’t run for days.

I finally saw Little Yu. He was still wearing the same clothes as when he first met Master. I saw him walking towards the fire without stopping. I could only hold on to the corner of his shirt. I wanted to tell him that my flesh could live forever! I could save my master!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand my words and ignored me.

I can tell that he wants to die with Master. This big fool! My meat! Don’t you humans want to eat my meat?

Fortunately, an old man suddenly appeared. I was so hungry that my vision was blurred, and I could only vaguely hear things like rebirth.

After that, a lot happened. I was taken away by a group of strangers. They called me ‘Experimental Number One’ and said that I was a Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fox. There wouldn’t be one in a thousand years. They would prick me with long arrays every day.

My head was heavy with sleep. I didn’t dare fall asleep though.

I remember that my master will be reborn. I’m afraid that if I sleep and get up again, I won’t be able to see her.

Really, I’m not afraid to wait.

I was afraid she wouldn’t come back.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. The only thing I could remember was my master and Little Yu.

In my drowsy state, I thought I heard an explosion, followed by a blinding light.

The chains binding me were gone, too. All around me were unfamiliar buildings.

There was fire all around me. I fought to get out. There were a lot of humans out there. I remembered all the humans trying to get me. I was going to run, but—

That person was Master!

I was so excited that all four of my legs were shaking. I thought that God had finally shown mercy on me and allowed me to see Master the moment I came out. I felt like I was floating in the clouds.

I bit her pants and pulled her hard. I wanted to tell her that it was me, your favorite little fox!

The owner bent down and picked me up with two fingers. Her cold eyes were filled with an unfamiliar expression. “Do you know whose clothes you bit?”

I know, of course, I know. It’s Master’s clothes!

My four dancing feet slowly came to a stop. I looked at my white fur and had the urge to cry.

This damned white fur… Master… she doesn’t remember me.

She took me back anyway.

I instantly came back to life. There were many things I wanted to tell my master. What I wanted to say the most was that I was no longer the person I was back then.

Master, I’m very powerful now. I can protect you. If you want to fight, I’ll help you bite. You don’t have to send me away now!

Unfortunately, Master doesn’t understand me.

Never mind that. I also realized that…

This was an era where animals could not become spirits after the founding of the country. Did that mean that I could not help people fight openly?

I really want to tell the host on TV that I am not an ordinary fox! I am the kind that could become a demon before the founding of the country!

Sigh, I could only follow behind Old Yu and help him with his mission.

Why is he called Old Yu now? Don’t think that I don’t know that he has secretly lived for many years (smile).

Master’s friends are super nice. I follow them around and feel like I’m back in time.

What I didn’t expect was to hear the news of my master’s death when I returned from my last mission.

I wanted to laugh. How was that possible? Master was so powerful. Old Yu was so powerful.

However, when I saw Old Yu hugging Master’s bloodstained body, my blood almost froze.

Old Yu neither moved nor spoke… nor ate. Master’s family and friends were the same.

“Empress Su, from now on, it’s just us,” Qu Yan said softly as she touched my head.

Gu Li did not say anything. He was cold to begin with, and at this moment, I could barely feel his breath.

The entire world was filled with sadness.

There wasn’t a moment when I clearly realized that my master was really gone. Once again, she had disappeared from my sight.

It shouldn’t be like this, my master. She shouldn’t have disappeared like this.

She was so outstanding and so young. There were so many people waiting for her to come back.

I sneaked out and found the old man.

It was easy for me to find the old man. I knew a long time ago that I was a spiritual fox, the kind born from heaven and earth. I could save my master.

The last time, I didn’t have time to save her.

I was glad that I came in time.

The old man didn’t understand my thoughts. “Don’t you want to live forever?

“All of you are crazy. Yu Shijin is, her subordinates are, and so are you.” The old man shook his head. “I really don’t understand you. Isn’t it good to live well?”

I really wanted to tell him that it was because you didn’t understand my master—Su Huiqing.

I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want them to be sad. Perhaps Qu Yan and the rest thought that I was playful and ran away.

I was losing consciousness. I knew I was going to die.

But I didn’t regret it. If it hadn’t been for my master, I might have died long ago. I should have had this day sooner.

Queen Su, this was probably the last time… the last time she would go crazy.

I’m glad I can save you this time.

I won’t go with you for the rest of my life.

Hmm, Queen Su, if there is a next life, you must recognize me immediately.

Oh, right, I have a name this time. Empress Su… a fox that secretly became smart after the founding of the country.

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