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Chapter 1845 - 1845 Old Liang Family Residence, What Is It?

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1845 Old Liang Family Residence, What Is It?

Qi Hao, Fang Yu, and Lu Ningwen climbed the metal chains with difficulty and finally returned to the Liang ancestral hall.

The three of them collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. Although Qi Hao was tired, he was more worried about his sister-in-law. It had to be pointed out that his sister-in-law was pregnant with his cousin’s child. If something happened to her, how could he face his cousin?

He itched to crawl back into the hole immediately, but when he thought of how angry his sister-in-law was, he only dared to stay where he was obediently. Besides, if he really went down, he would only be getting in his sister-in-law’s way.

When he thought of the rustling earlier, however, he couldn’t help but worry about his sister-in-law, and was afraid that something would happen to her.

When Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen saw Qi Hao staring at the mouth of the hole after climbing up, they knew that he was worried about Celestial Master Chi.

The two could only help comfort him. “Brother Qi, Celestial Master Chi will definitely be fine. We’ll only be a burden and a hindrance if we stay down here. We might as well come up like she instructed.”

Qi Hao nodded absent-mindedly.

At that moment, there was the sound of rustling again. Fang Yu’s ears were sharp enough to hear the sound first, and they were getting closer and closer. He couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over his body when he thought of Song Yanru dying tragically after being gnawed on by those bugs. “Did you hear something?”

Qi Hao subconsciously shook his head, but Lu Ningwen also heard the rustling at that moment, and the sound was getting closer and closer to them. He had a thought, and his face suddenly changed drastically. It just so happened that Celestial Master Chi’s voice suddenly rang out from below. “Haozi, close the hole. Don’t let the bugs fly up!”

As soon as Celestial Master Chi said that, someone turned on the flashlight on their phone, and Lu Ningwen and the others clearly saw a dense swarm of bugs swooping upward and getting closer and closer.

Lu Ningwen reflexively scrambled to close the hole, but didn’t know how to do so.

Fortunately, Qi Hao reacted quickly and immediately twisted the wall lamp in the ancestral hall back into its original position, and the hole closed up tightly just as the bugs reached the top. The three of them could still clearly hear the unwilling hisses of the bugs as they hit the cover.

The three were so scared that they broke out in a cold sweat.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s really fine!” Fang Yu spoke first.

Qi Hao was even more worried about his sister-in-law now. So many bugs had just appeared. What was going to happen to his sister-in-law? Why were there so many bugs here?

Where the hell did they come from?

After resting for a short while, Lu Ningwen suggested that they listen to Celestial Master Chi and go back to the room right away.

Qi Hao wasn’t willing to leave at first, but Lu Ningwen and Fang Yu persuaded him earnestly. In addition, they said that if he didn’t leave, they would stay with him, so Qi Hao could only get up and go back to their room first.

His sister-in-law would definitely be fine.

“Come, let’s hurry back to the room!” Qi Hao suggested. There was a huge difference between being in the room and being outside. Since his sister-in-law had set up an array in the room, the three of them would feel safer there. It was better than staying outside.

Who knew what other monsters there were here.

Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen thought the same. Moreover, the two of them had seen Director Huang and Song Yanru’s tragic ends, and they naturally didn’t want to stay outside. Everyone could wait in the room together until Celestial Master Chi took them out of this d*mn place altogether, hopefully in a few hours.

They really didn’t want to stay in this d*mn place any longer.

Before they came, this place had been quite lively, but now that everyone was dead and only a few of them were alive, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen knew very well that it was thanks to Celestial Master Chi that the two of them had survived until now.

Otherwise, the two of them would have long followed in the footsteps of the others.

Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen looked at Qi Hao gratefully. The three nodded and immediately ran out of the Liang ancestral hall.

Outside the Liang ancestral hall, the sky was completely dark. It was pitch-black everywhere. Occasionally, the tree branches rustling in the wind made the three of them break out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, the three of them reached the floor where they were staying. Seeing that they were almost there, the three of them heaved sighs of relief. Lu Ningwen suddenly heard a very familiar voice on his left. “Lu Ningwen, is that you? Fang Yu? It’s too scary. I’m so scared. Can I go back with you?”

The three boys turned their heads and saw that it was Lu Wenjing, who had rushed out from the left. Lu Ningwen hurriedly pulled Lu Wenjing along and ran to the room.

When the three ran to the floor, Fang Yu suddenly remembered that Lu Wenjing was already dead.

He had clearly seen her body in Song Yanru’s washroom. At that moment, he saw Lu Ningwen holding the hand of the unharmed ‘Lu Wenjing.’

Whose hand was Lu Ningwen holding?

Fang Yu didn’t dare think about it at all. Just thinking about it made a chill run down his spine. His blood froze and he couldn’t suppress the fear and panic in his eyes.

Fang Yu wanted to shout out to Qi Hao and Lu Ningwen, but his throat was filled with cold air and he couldn’t utter a word. He just felt colder and colder. As he went upstairs, he almost tripped several times.

Qi Hao hurriedly reached out to support him. “We’re almost at the room. Don’t think too much, Brother Fang.”

Unlike Fang Yu, who was terrified at that moment, the other two thought about how they would be at the room after one more flight of stairs, and ran even faster. However, the two quickly sensed that Fang Yu didn’t seem to be moving with them. Lu Ningwen shouted, “Ah Yu, hurry and run. We’ll be at Celestial Master Chi’s room soon. Even a girl like Wenjing is running faster than you!!”

Then, Lu Ningwen and Qi Hao heard Fang Yu suddenly yell in extreme horror, “Brother Lu, Lu Wenjing is long dead. Whose hand are you holding?”

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