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Chapter 493 - Chu Yuan’s Shameless Fight

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Chapter 493: Chapter 494 Chu Yuan’s Shameless Fight

Dongfang hadn’t gone to bed yet. Seeing that I finally came back, she hurriedly walked to me, then we both spoke almost at the same time.

“Where is Yuan Yuan?”

“Elder Brother Nan…”

Both of us were taken aback.

“You say it first.”

“No, you say it first.”

I couldn’t help chuckling. “What do you want me to say first? I ask you where Yuan Yuan is. How would I know if you don’t tell me?”

Dongfang’s face flushed. “She is in your room… She cried for a while and just stopped not long ago. She probably fell asleep.”

“She can still fall asleep after causing so much trouble? Let me see…”

“Elder Brother Nan!” Dongfang quickly grabbed my wrist and said anxiously, “Don’t scold Yuan Yuan!”

“I won’t scold her…”

“You won’t scold her?” Dongfang was surprised. “You want to hit her?”

I burst out chuckling again. “Are those two the only things you think I would do? Am I that savage in your eyes? I just want to talk to her. She had made so much trouble today, I can’t just ignore it, right?”

“But… that… you…”

Seeing Dongfang’s eyes flicker with hesitation, I couldn’t help wondering. “Dongfang, what’s the matter with you? Do you have something that you want to tell me?”

“Yes!” Dongfang subconsciously responded. But when our eyes met, she immediately changed her answer. “No…”

I couldn’t help frowning. “Is it yes or no?”

“Yes.” Dongfang lowered her head and whispered, “But I don’t know if I should say it or not…”

“Is it about buying the pornography DVDs?”

“Ah!” Dongfang screamed, but as if she was afraid that Chu Yuan would hear it, she hurriedly covered her small mouth.

I was speechless. Based on her reaction, it seemed that I was right.

“Even if you don’t tell me, I will still ask you. But I don’t have the time today. I’ll ask you about it tomorrow. In the meantime, you should reflect on yourself.”

Chu Yuan had an extreme personality and was very stubborn. She definitely thought that I was angry with her now. If I didn’t talk it through with her, who knew what she would do. I had pretended to be calm for a long time just so that Liusu would not be worried. But in fact, I had been very anxious, so right now I had no time to chat with Dongfang.

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“Reflecting on myself for what?… No, I…” Somehow, Dongfang this little brat would blush whenever we had eye contact, and her voice was getting lower and lower. “Okay, we can talk about it another day, I’m going to take a shower…” After saying that, she let go of my arm and got into the bathroom dispiritedly.

What’s wrong with her? In my impression, she was a thick-skinned bratty girl who could get into my bed in her pajamas shamelessly. She could even tell me without feeling ashamed that it was her who lent Chu Yuan the pornography DVDs. So when did she start to become so shy? This little bratty girl had been acting very strange lately. I might really need to talk to her another day.

I knocked on the door of my room, but there was no sound inside. When I tried to twist the handle, I noticed that the door was unlocked. So I pushed the door open and entered the bedroom.

As I expected, Chu Yuan was not asleep. She looked back at me with her red eyes when I entered. But after seeing that it was me, she turned over in a huff while hugging her plush toy cat, leaving her back to me. Curling up her body and lying on the bed sideways, her attitude of silent protest was full of childishness…

I closed the door, walked over to the bed, and sat down. “Are you trying to tell me using your action that you don’t want to talk to me?” I didn’t know whether to feel angry or sad.

Before I finished my words, Chu Yuan sat up abruptly, startling me. After she stared at me with resentment for a while, she suddenly threw the toy cat on my face fiercely.

This bratty girl. What kind of attitude was this?!

When I was about to get angry, she suddenly leaped forward. I thought she was going to fight with me. Instinctively, I leaned back slightly. But what I did not expect was that Chu Yuan didn’t scratch or bite me, but lay on my lap, not moving.

I was dumbfounded. “What are you doing? Are you a cat? I’m telling you, your trick of acting cute and coquettish doesn’t work on me!”

“I know that in your eyes, Xue Ziyuan is much cuter than me. I can tell the difference between being your little sister and your childhood sweetheart!” In a tone as if she had given up her hope, Chu Yuan said, “So go on and hit me. I am already mentally prepared. I don’t want to hear anything you say. I didn’t do anything wrong, so even if you want to kill me, I will not apologize!”

Chu Yuan was such a sly little fox. Not to mention that I did not want to hit her, even if I really wanted to punish her, I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself to hit her after she acted like this.

“Get up,” I said with a wry smile, “You are a girl, are you not ashamed of poking your butt out…”

“No! I don’t want to get up!” Chu Yuan stubbornly said, “If you want to hit me, then hit me. I don’t want to hear your explanations. You will always win the argument and make it sound like it was my fault. In the end, you will still want to punish me. So what’s the point!”

“That’s because I was right so you can’t win the argument.” I held her waist and tried to pull her up. “Be a good girl and get up quickly. Are you not worried that Dongfang and Xiaoye will see this?”

“Worried?” Chu Yuan turned her head, glaring at me with tearful eyes, and sobbed in a grievance. “You even wanted to hit me in front of Dongfang and Elder Sister Xiaoye, why do I need to worry about them seeing this?”

Feeling embarrassed, I gave a dry cough. As expected, this bratty girl was still holding a grudge against me because of what I did. “Who asked you not to listen to my words? Because of you, our dinner was ruined…”

“So what! I already did it. It is too late to say anything now. If you want to punish me, just do it already!” Chu Yuan retorted fearlessly as if she was not scared of my punishment. I couldn’t blame her. After all, she had been completely spoiled by me since she was young. I had never seriously punished her even once, so naturally, she was not afraid.

But she was not an ignorant child, after all, otherwise, the dinner tonight wouldn’t have ended up like this. Seeing that I did not say a word, she added, “What’s wrong? You got nothing to say? Now that the misunderstanding between you two has been solved, you two can love each other again. Isn’t this what you want? Why do you care if we don’t have a good relationship…”

“Bullshit,” I couldn’t help but scold her, “That’s your Elder Sister Ziyuan. We grew up together. So how can I not care when you don’t have a good relationship?”

“She grew up with you,” Chu Yuan grumbled disdainfully, “I have only known her for a few years. In her eyes, I am just a third wheel who always gets in the way.”

“I’ve noticed that if you don’t like someone, you will always find some baseless excuses to blame them. How much does Ziyuan care about you, do you really not feel it?” Dealing with Chu Yuan’s problematic character was really a difficult task. It would always make me feel helpless. “Yuan Yuan, there are some things that are not as simple as you see or think. There are many reasons why I didn’t want you to mention what happened last night during the dinner. But you didn’t understand any of it. It was because of that that I was angry and wanted to hit you. Having said that, it’s true that I shouldn’t use violence to solve the problem, so I apologize to you. As for why I didn’t want to mention what happened five years ago to Ziyuan, it was because I was worried that it would make you feel guilty…”

Chu Yuan interrupted me and said stubbornly, “Who would feel guilty? I just don’t like her!”

“Let me finish!” I subconsciously smacked Chu Yuan’s tender butt and said.

“Ya!” Chu Yuan jumped up suddenly. She, who was eager to cover her butt, turned around quickly and sat on my thigh, facing me, with her hands under her butt. “Where are you hitting?!” She scolded me with a blushing face.

It was just a subconscious behavior. But after hearing Chu Yuan’s question, I couldn’t help but smile. “Your butt. Didn’t you beg me to punish you just now? What? You regret it?”

“I— ” Chu Yuan didn’t know how to refute me. In the end, she finally felt embarrassed to protest again and said, “How would I know that you would really hit me…”

My face instantly dropped. “So, you were just trying to provoke me earlier?”

A flash of panic appeared in Chu Yuan’s eyes as she realized that she had just exposed herself. Feeling that I was about to stand up, she hurriedly hugged my neck with her arms and wrapped around my waist with her slender legs, as if she didn’t want to get up from my lap at all. “Half and half! I was indeed just trying to provoke you. But if you are really angry, I’m also prepared to be punished by you… It’s just…”

With a change of her tone, the bratty girl cleverly used words to refute me, “I know your temper too well, and you are not such an unreasonable person. Although I was wrong tonight, Xue Ziyuan was also wrong, so I thought you wouldn’t hit me.”

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