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Chapter 1468 - 1468 Castle Lord

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1468 Castle Lord

No wonder. Xia Wanyuan recalled the situation on the way here today. I knew that there seemed to be more people in the base today.

Furthermore, along the way, everyone was packing up and cleaning the entire base.

Xia Wanyuan only thought that Yu Qian was preparing for some event and did not take it to heart. Now that she thought about it, Yu Qian was organizing everyone to move out of this place.

Now, her resistance was useless. To Yu Qian, he was only informing Xia Wanyuan and had no intention of discussing with her.

Xia Wanyuan was only stunned on the spot for a moment before leaving.

If what Yu Qian said was true, he had only given her ten minutes. She wanted to maximize these ten minutes.

Back in the bedroom, Xia Wanyuan used the time to pack her things to place the chip in her hand in the crack of the bed. Then, she only took some simple tools and did not touch anything else.

Ten minutes later, Xia Wanyuan arrived in the living room with a small package. Yu Qian glanced at her and reached out to her. “I’ll carry it for you.”

Xia Wanyuan retreated slightly. “No need.”

However, Yu Qian was very persistent. He reached out to take the box. He carried the box in one hand and Little Xiaxia in the other, preparing to leave with Little Xiaxia and Xia Wanyuan.

Although Little Xiaxia could not speak yet, she could sense the change in the environment. The child was still not used to this change. She struggled in Yu Qian’s arms and tears began to appear in her eyes.


Hearing Little Xiaxia’s cries, Xia Wanyuan reached out to take her, but Yu Qian stopped her with his eyes. “Go out first.”

Xia Wanyuan frowned. “What do you want??”

“Ha.” Yu Qian sneered. “What can I do?? I’m going to kill her, okay??”

When Yu Qian said this, Xia Wanyuan let down her guard a little. She glanced at Little Xiaxia, then left the room and walked out.

After Xia Wanyuan left, Yu Qian lowered his head and glanced at Little Xiaxia. “Alright, stop crying.”

Little Xiaxia looked at Yu Qian curiously, then stopped crying as if she understood Yu Qian’s words and looked at him with wide eyes.

Yu Qian reached out and pinched Little Xiaxia’s face as a reward. Little Xiaxia, who had been crying just now, smiled foolishly at Yu Qian.

A hint of fluctuation flashed across Yu Qian’s eyes. “You’re much more likable than your mother.”

After coaxing Little Xiaxia, Yu Qian carried her out of the room with his bag in one hand, signaling Xia Wanyuan to follow him.

Watching the three of them leave, the subordinates looked at each other behind. Only after Yu Qian walked far away did everyone dare to discuss.

“Have you seen the boss take something for others?? Why do I feel that something’s wrong??”

“Is there anything right recently… Why don’t you say that the boss is raising someone else’s daughter?”

“What exactly is Boss doing??? I can’t tell that he has other thoughts about Xia Wanyuan, but his attitude towards Xia Wanyuan and her daughter is very strange. I actually inexplicably see doting… What do you think?”

“Stop talking nonsense. Follow him quickly. The plane is leaving in a while. We must not interfere in the boss’s matters. Haven’t you learned enough from Jayce’s lesson… Perhaps one day, we’ll become the next Jayce.”

Thinking of Jayce’s tragic death in the end, everyone shivered in their hearts and fell silent, no longer discussing Xia Wanyuan.

By the airport, this time, Yu Qian still did not blindfold Xia Wanyuan, but she did not sense the direction of this journey.

She only knew that the journey this time was especially long. It was about ten days before they finally stopped.

This was a huge island. It was so big that it could not even be called an island, but a continent.

This place was completely different from the dullness and darkness of the base. The sky was clear and the land was vast. The endless grassland undulated under the wind. The snow mountains in the distance were faintly discernible in the clouds. Not far away, there were deer running on the grassland.

“Where is this?” After Xia Wanyuan came to the modern world, she had seriously understood the geography of this world, but in her impression, such a large place really did not exist.

Yu Qian did not answer Xia Wanyuan. He walked forward with Xia Wanyuan for about ten minutes before stopping in front of a huge ancient castle that was like a palace.

The servants in the same uniform were already waiting in front of the ancient castle. Seeing Yu Qian and Xia Wanyuan arrive, everyone bowed to them very respectfully. “Master, Madam.”

Hearing everyone’s address, Xia Wanyuan frowned slightly. “I’m not…”

“Is it important?” Before Xia Wanyuan could finish speaking, Yu Qian interrupted her. Yu Qian’s cold gaze landed on her. “If you’re by my side, do you think anyone will care about this form of address?”

“Yes.” Xia Wanyuan looked at Yu Qian. “I care about it myself. I’m Madam Jun.”

Xia Wanyuan’s words made Yu Qian feel a little uncomfortable, but he did not notice it himself. Yu Qian turned around and his expression darkened. “What a pity, Madam Jun. You can only be at my mercy now.”

With that, Yu Qian ignored Xia Wanyuan’s struggle and pulled her into the ancient castle.

Xia Wanyuan had also been to England’s palace before. As the residence of the royal family, be it the halls or decorations, they were all the culmination of various palaces. She had thought that the palace and ancient castle there were already quite luxurious, but compared to this place, Xia Wanyuan felt that it really paled in comparison.

Not only was the house grand, but the decorations were also extremely luxurious. The servants walked past in rows and helped Xia Wanyuan and Yu Qian pack their things.

Xia Wanyuan’s room was next to Yu Qian’s bedroom. Xia Wanyuan minded this arrangement.

“I have the child with me. She’ll disturb you.”

Yu Qian looked up at Xia Wanyuan. “I don’t mind helping you. Choose for yourself.”

Xia Wanyuan did not speak further and carried Little Xiaxia upstairs.

Watching Xia Wanyuan go upstairs, Yu Qian narrowed his eyes slightly. His assistant walked over. “Boss, everything has been arranged.”


Looking at Yu Qian’s indifferent expression, the assistant sighed in his heart. This time, completely erasing Xia Wanyuan’s whereabouts had almost exhausted their core strength. They really did not know what Yu Qian’s motive was.

The accident in China was quickly resolved. After Jun Shiling finished his work in China, he brought Lin Jing to Continent F.

However, what was in front of them was a completely empty base. There was not a single person. Even the spies Jun Shiling and the rest had left behind had been destroyed, leaving no traces.


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