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In Zhang Yiyi's eyes, Lee Fan was the kind of man who could do anything. To be able to fight back and revive, he would never be able to do such a small thing, but he was definitely able to do it.

As for capturing these hoodlums and coming over, Zhang Yiyi had indeed received a report from the crowd, and she himself did not count it as a personal grudge. Of course, Zhang Yiyi had still given Lee Fan some face, or else she would not have specially chosen the people from the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect as the target of deterrence when she was in the garden just now.

After taking off her jacket, she took off her white shirt, which was so proud that it almost broke under the pressure of the snow mountain. Lee Fan pointed at her, but couldn't seem to say anything as if he was threatening her.

Lee Fan picked up Zhang Yiyi's police uniform jacket angrily, with a hint of fragrance, he saw Chen Yong's group in the interrogation room, and only brought them out after Lee Fan had completed the procedures.

"Are you stupid? Don't you know how to run? She actually caught them all. " Right now, there were people from the other side of the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect, but they were all stopped by Zhang Yiyi. Zhang Yiyi then said, these people must be sent to the jail to see them! The Heavenly Enlightenment Sect's side didn't even know how to respond.

"We also ran away from Second Family Lead, but that policewoman shot us, and her marksmanship was still that accurate. One of the members of the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect was directly hit in the thigh, how could we dare to run!?" Chen Yong said with grievance.

"Do you understand when you see her in the future? You can't afford to offend me, but you can't avoid me either! " Lee Fan was helpless against this policewoman, she had a personality that was not afraid of the heavens or the earth. He had only messed with her once, but she had already wrapped him up like a ghost without dispersing.

Chen Yong's group had all been taken away by the van, but Lee Fan still had a lot of things to take care of today. He would also be participating in that party a few times tonight, since Su Ning had already reminded him several times that he did not dare not go, hence he still had some bait in his hands.

The police uniform could naturally not be brought back home, if not, Su Ning would discover that she was really cold. Lee Fan had dialed a number, and then obtained an address.

Lee Fan was furious when he was hit by a modern palanquin when he came out of the post office. However, when the charming beauty got off the palanquin and giggled at him, Lee Fan could not help but sigh at how small this world was.

The person who came was dressed in a light blue chiffon dress, and beside her was a great beauty wearing a halter dress. Just as Lee Fan stood up, the two great beauties walked to Lee Fan's side, and the person who came giggled: "What's wrong? The handsome guy got off the plane to treat us? Why did he disappear in the blink of an eye? "

Seeing the beauty's giggling, Lee Fan stood up and explained with a chuckle: "I received a call from the foreman the moment I got off the plane. I had no choice but to repair the car.

On the other hand, the cold beauty beside Lee Xiaolu looked at her with curiosity. So many of the young masters were lustful of her, her good friend, but why was it that she was so enthusiastic about this man who didn't seem like much?

"Handsome guy, we're just on vacation in Tiandu right now. How about it? Bring us to play. " Lee Xiaolu had already walked over to Lee Fan's side. The enchanting fragrance assaulted his nostrils, and with the slight scent of youth in her dress, Lee Xiaolu was as dazzling as a swan.

Lee Fan took out all of his belongings from his pockets, then had no choice but to say helplessly: "Beautiful girl, you can decide. I only have this little money on me!" Without saying a word, Lee Xiaolu pulled Lee Fan into her modern carriage. Even her friends could only sit in the back seat.

Lee Xiaolu was wearing a pair of silver sandals, and after looking at her snow white jade feet a few times, Lee Fan suddenly had the urge to raise her jade legs and play with them for a few more years.

She was already used to Lee Fan's gaze. In such a dangerous situation like on the plane, he was already air-conditioned to play with him, and what's more now, when Lee Xiaolu started the car, she did not ask Lee Fan where she was going.

"Handsome guy, why are you so poor? You said you were going to chase after me? Where did you spend your salary? If you don't save up like this, how are you going to get a wife? Chasing girls will cost a lot of money. " The friend in the back seat was truly strange. Logically speaking, his best friend shouldn't have taken the initiative to get so close to a man, it seemed like the two of them didn't even know each other's names, how strange.

Lee Fan was furious: "There's no other way, I have to hand over all my money to my wife. I'm sorry about the beauty, last time I was joking, I'm married, my wife is the chairman of a corporation, she's so beautiful."

Lee Xiaolu giggled as she got off the car. "What's wrong? Am I not worthy enough to be your lover? "You said that you would chase after me, but didn't the boss give you a salary increase after you returned?"

"Ah, that boss is too petty. Three thousand yuan a month for a fixed salary. Why don't you introduce a beauty to me?" Lee Fan really did not think that he would be able to meet this flight attendant that he had once flirted with in the past.

Lee Xiaolu turned and asked the person behind him: "Yumei, do we still need people for our ground crew?" The woman behind him said in a low voice, "A lack of people is a lack of people, but you need a diploma from a junior college or higher. Furthermore, you don't need people in the sky anymore. You have to go to other cities. The salary won't be too high in the beginning, around three or four thousand, but it'll increase a little later. "

Lee Xiaolu could only say: "Big handsome brother heard it right? I have no other choice, but why did he meet you last time?"

"What else can I do? Go on a business trip, or else do you think I can do first class? That's a customer's ticket. Right, Little Lu, you guys are coming for a vacation, right?" Lee Fan directly called out his name intimately. Lee Xiaolu pursed her lips and laughed: "That's right! Public funds reimbursed those who were rewarded by their superiors! Follow your sister, no need to pay! "

"Bang!" Lee Fan was a little suspicious. Did this beauty know how to drive? He had previously crashed into himself, but now, he had just gotten off the high speed road and touched a Land Rover in front of him. Lee Xiaolu stuck out her tongue and a few burly looking burly looking men walked out from the carriage in front, scaring Lee Xiaolu, but she immediately got off the carriage to explain to the rest. It was just that she was willing to compensate them, Lee Fan was very curious about the lady behind him, why did she not get off?

Even Lee Fan thought that the words of the people outside were too much. Lee Xiaolu was wrong, but the men were unwilling to forgive him for saying such harsh words.

Within a few minutes, a few good cars surrounded them, and the gangsters got off the cars with machetes and iron rods, they were all young people, the previous owner of the cars wanted to pull Lee Xiaolu off, but Lee Fan walked over at this time.

The big man stretched out her hand and shouted, "God Dragon Gang, do you want to die? Go stay put!" These men were all looking at him with lecherous expressions. Lee Xiaolu felt a little more at ease when she saw Lee Fan getting off the car, and she didn't know why but she felt a sense of security around him, which was especially strange.

Lee Fan frowned: "The Divine Dragon Gang?" That's right, do you know who I am? This girl is your woman right? She hit my car and I want to fix her car! " The owner of the car was a young man in his twenties. His hair was dyed yellow with ear-holes, and he looked like a typical outsider.

"This doesn't seem to be the territory of the Divine Dragon Gang. Do you dare to let me make a call?" Lee Fan felt that it was a little funny. How many gangs were there in the sky? Ever since the Ancient Tempest had gone viral, the number of gangs in China had risen up really quickly. Lee Fan had never heard of the Life Dragon Gang.

"Beat you!" The young man who had his ear pierced immediately kicked over, but Lee Fan dodged easily and made him stagger to the ground. Lee Xiaolu covered her mouth with a smile, and Lee Fan took out his Nokia to make a call.

"F * ck, you want to call people? Laozi wants to see who's calling more people!" Very quickly, all of the 10 or so people were making calls. Lee Xiaolu sneakily went closer to Lee Fan and whispered: "What do we do? Should I call the police? "

Lee Fan shook his head but quietly whispered into Lee Xiaolu's ear: "Xiao Lu, how much money did you bring with you? Hearing this, Lee Xiaolu took a long time to react, and directly pinched Lee Fan, this guy, I thought that he has plans for a solution, he's just a car-repairman, how can he have the ability of a young master?

In just a few minutes, the surrounding cars had already surrounded the entire road, the big sized man in the car took out his machete and rushed over to slash without any warning, while Lee Xiaolu screamed and threw herself onto Lee Fan's body, and Lee Fan took the opportunity to embrace Lee Xiaolu's beautiful body. Of course, the big hands would naturally caress her perky butt.

The ear-piercing young man was scared to the point that he peed his pants when he saw the group of men in work clothes getting out of the van without saying anything. Aren't these people afraid of the police? Who were these people?

As a flight attendant, Lee Xiaolu would frequently be taken advantage of by guests, but she had never met someone as bold as Lee Fan, to actually tease her so blatantly, and even took advantage of her. Lee Xiaolu pushed her away, and only after she tidied up the messy hair around her ears did she walk back over.

"Handsome, let's hurry up and go. It won't be good if the police come back later."

"Little Lu, do you have any money? I called my brothers over, we can't run for nothing."

Lee Xiaolu was startled for a moment, then went back to the car to take out all of the cash. The two of them handed nearly seven thousand yuan of their cash to Lee Fan: "If it's not enough, I'll go get it again."

Lee Fan nodded and walked over to talk to the leading Chen Yong in a low voice, and then the van quickly disappeared, while Lee Xiaolu still had some lingering fear after getting back to the van.

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