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Chapter 378

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When the baby was ready to drink milk, they left.

"You have a good rest." Zhang chuning and Lin Guo told Yang Yi.

Yang Yi nodded, "goodbye until the baby's full moon." Her eyes turned to Chen honeysuckle, "you go to the United States tomorrow, I can't see you off. Take care of yourself in foreign countries."

"I will." Chen Nindong looked at her, "make a good month." He patted Wang Jiaze again, "rookie dad, come on."

"Take care of yourself all the way. I have many friends in the United States, if you need help, just call. " Wang Jiaze said sincerely.

"Thank you."

Wang Jiaze sent them to the elevator. Zhang chuning asked him with a smile, "how are you, novice dad, still used to it?"

"Not bad. I'm getting used to it. "

"What's it like to be a dad?" Lin Guo was curious

"I said you may not feel it. I'd better wait for your father to tell you." Wang Jiaze doesn't want her to interview.

"Of course, we will try our best."

When the elevator came, Zhang chuning and Wang Jiaze said: "take good care of the three, postpartum maternal mood is more prone to depression, pay more attention to Yang Yi."

"Good." Wang Jiaze did not dare to be careless.

Wang Jiaze sent the three of them away. When they returned to the ward, they found that the nurse was feeding the two babies milk powder. They drank so much that they seemed hungry. Yang Yi leaned on the bed and looked at them with satisfaction.

Wang Jiaze went to the bedside, "lie down and have a rest."

"It's all right. Sit down for a while." Yang Yi said with a bit of regret, "I feel a little sad to see them drink milk powder. There is no way to breastfeed them."

"What does it matter? There are a lot of babies who grow up drinking milk powder Wang Jiaze diverted her attention. "Zhang chuning's son is becoming more and more lovely."

"Did you see his picture?"

"Zhang chuning came into the elevator and gave me a video."

Yang Yi laughs: "when the mother always dazzles own baby all the time."

Wang Jiaze touched her: "we can dazzle two at a time."

Yang Yi is funny, just want to make fun of him, mobile phone has information to come in. She picked it up and looked at it. It was from Chen honeysuckle.

Her eyes turned and saw a small bag on the head of the bed. "Jiaze, give me that one."

Wang Jiaze leaned over and gave her the bag. "What is this?"

"Honeysuckle says it's a gift for the baby." Yang Yi opens the red bag printed with the word "Fu". Inside are two small red boxes, each with a gold long-life lock. Yang Yi couldn't help laughing, "good tradition."

"It's beautiful." Wang Jiaze took a long life lock to play with, "when he has a baby in the future, we will send a bigger one."


Yang Yi also hopes that this future will come soon.

Time flies, especially when it comes to measuring time with babies.

When they learn to look up, turn over, and make the first unconscious "Dad and mom," when they learn to sit, learn to crawl, and learn to walk

A year passed. It took Yang Yi eight months to exercise before she regained her prenatal fitness. It was a hard year to be a mother. Although there were two aunts to take care of them for a long time, after work, Yang Yi and Wang Jiaze did everything by themselves.

It has to be said that Wang Jiaze is a good husband and a good father. What he can do for Yang Yi, he is very patient with the two babies, and from his education, Yang Yi sees another different him. These were aspects she had never known before.

Anyway, they've passed their first year as parents, and after their baby's first year, they've been getting good news.

For example, Zhong Wenjing and Jiang Wen are married.

Lin Guo is going to be a mother. Her senior brother song Tingyun and warmth formed a small family.

Shen Haitang won the lottery and became a little rich woman.

Zhang chuning was promoted.

Millie went to America for further study.

After Chen went to the United States, he seldom contacted Yang Yi. Yang Yi only heard from some friends that he seemed to have a girlfriend, also a girl studying law.

That's great. Everyone's life, along their own trajectory forward, more and more wonderful, including Yang Yi. Although being a mother put the baby first, her work didn't fall behind. If there is anything that makes Yang Yi worried about this year, it is Duanmu Shen.

She and duanmuxin often chat on wechat. One morning, Yang Yi received a message from her: "when I thought I couldn't get out of the previous relationship, I met a person who let me know that my heart is not dead, and I can still have a fresh heartbeat and boiling blood. But he loves others. My life lit up a little hope, but like fireworks, lost in an instant. Maybe my destiny is doomed not to be happy. "

Yang Yi was frightened to see, afraid that she couldn't think of it, and called her, but no one answered. After many days, her phone was finally connected, but it was a stranger's voice. Yang Yi asked him where Duanmu Shen had gone.He said, "she's gone."

Yang Yi was startled, "gone? Where are you going? "

"About to Africa."

Yang Yi's heart severely relaxed, she thought Duanmu Xin had done something stupid. Although Yang Yi inquires about duanmuxin in many ways, he who intends to hide himself will not leave a trace. So since then, there has been no news of Duanmu Shen. Duanmu Xin, like an invisible passer-by, appears occasionally in her life and disappears without trace.

That day, Yang Yigang just sent off a client, Wang Jiaze came to pick her up.

Seeing that he had snow on his shoulder, she tiptoed to the snow flakes on her shoulder and raised her face to ask him, "is it snowing outside?"

"Well, the snow is quite heavy." Wang Jiaze put his arms around her waist. She is wearing a tight black sweater today, which looks very beautiful. He came forward and rubbed her neck side: "you are fragrant."

Yang smiled and said, "I didn't spray perfume today."

"You don't need those artificial fragrances. They're delicious." He held her in his arms and bowed his head to kiss her.

Yang Yi closed his eyes, circled his neck and took his kiss.

The door popped open.

The scene was a little awkward, but the perpetrator was calm. "I'll come back in five minutes."

The door is closed again, Yang Yi looks up at Wang Jiaze, his eyes have a smile.

"And laugh." She pinched him.

"We are legal couple, not cheating."

"That's embarrassing, too." She pulled the distance and straightened his collar.

"Get back to your room early in the evening." He whispered.


Wang Jiaze looked at her cheek a little bit red, and was in a good mood. They have been together for a long time, but they still seem to be full of passion and love for each other. He pinched her face and gave her another kiss. "Go to find Li Ying. We'll go home early when it's over."

Yang Yi to find Li Ying, always like ice Li Ying even teased her: "you two even have a baby, how do you still have so much enthusiasm?"

"What's that? You're not enthusiastic about your wife when you have a baby?" Yang Yi fought back. Li Ying was dumped by her girlfriend for various reasons before. Xiao sank for half a year before she got up again and chased her girlfriend back. Now his wife is pregnant, and soon he will be promoted to be a father.

"No, I think you and we get along very differently."

Yang Yi said: "each couple's mode of getting along is different. Each has its own sweetness. I think you're happy when your wife scolds you

"I'm not masochistic. Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinion on Chen Zhibiao's case. "

Half an hour later, Yang Yi finished her work and went home with her dear husband.

It's snowing outside and driving slowly. Yang Yi looks at the snow flocs on the panoramic skylight and says, "this is the first snow this year."

"Want to go out and feel it?" Wang Jiaze asked her.

Yang Yi smiles and shakes his head: "I'm not a child. I'm not so excited to see snow."

"I remember you liked snowy days." Wang Jiaze said, "since you were pregnant, you haven't been traveling. I'll take you skiing in Switzerland during the Spring Festival."

Yang Yi eyes a bright: "good."

"I'll arrange it."

Yang Yi leans to his arms: "anyway, I don't have to worry about these things with you."

He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Back home, the warm air came, and two little people, dressed in powder and jade, came unsteadily to them and fell into their arms.

For a moment, the home is full of laughter.

This is an ordinary and ordinary day, but it is a warm and happy day for Wang Jiaze and Yang Yi.

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