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Chapter 794

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The next morning, Tang Lan'er's ward was full of people. Everyone was carrying fruits and flowers. Congratulations on her early recovery.

"Lan'er, it's great that you finally wake up."

"I saw your finger move yesterday. I thought I was dazzled. I didn't think it was true."

"But it doesn't matter as long as you wake up."

"Hee hee, sister nuannan, I have good news for you."

"What's the matter?"

"Doctor Cheng said that he would marry me when I was ready, and he would go to tianyahai for his honeymoon."

"Really? Congratulations. My good sister is finally ready to get married

"What's the good news? Let's hear it. Don't whisper it."

"Great news, my sister..."

"Sister, don't say it. I'm so sorry!"

"Oh, Lan'er is embarrassed sometimes. What's the matter?" They asked jokingly.

"The little girl is getting married. She's shy!"

"Really, Congratulations, it's a double happiness today..."

Everyone's congratulations, the ward was full of laughter.

A week later, there was no smile on Tang Lan'er's face because her left leg was completely unconscious.

Just wake up when her two legs can't move, she is afraid of ask Cheng Jinran own leg is how to return a responsibility.

Cheng Jinran told her that she was seriously injured this time. She had a major body operation and needed to recover for a period of time. She would get better slowly, so that she didn't have to be afraid.

Tang Lan'er believes Cheng Jinran's words. When she couldn't speak before, he said that he could speak soon, really soon.

After that, her right leg soon regained consciousness, but her left leg was still unconscious.

He said the injured side was the left side, close to the heart, so it's normal for the left side to recover slowly.

She also believed, always looking forward to the left side can quickly get better, but these two days she opened her legs more and more wrong.

Numbness, even if the needle is not the slightest sense.

But Cheng Jinran has been comforting her that she is OK and will soon be able to regain consciousness.

She doubts if Cheng Jinran is afraid of what she knows, so she has been cheating her.

Tang Lan'er takes advantage of Cheng Jinran's absence to ask other doctors. After asking, Tang Lan'er knows that her leg is completely abandoned because of the complications after being shot, and there is almost no possibility of recovery.

Unless there's a miracle!

Tang Lan'er after listening to bitter smile, she survived is already a miracle, which has so many miracles appear in her body.

"Lan'er, what style of wedding do you want? Chinese wedding or western wedding, do you want to do it at home or abroad? "

"What's more, do you want to do it noisily in the hotel or solemnly in the church?" Cheng Jinran happily discusses the wedding plan.

Tang Lan'er smiles, stares at his eyes for a long time, then says: "you do, I suddenly don't want to marry you."

"What did you say? Why? " The smile on Cheng Jinran's face suddenly stiffens and he looks at her with a puzzled face.

"There's no reason. If you don't want to get married, you just don't want to get married."

"Tell me a reason, marriage is not a joke, you can't be arbitrary." Cheng Jinran's face is very bad.

Tang Lan'er's eyes suddenly turned red and her voice choked. She bowed her head and said, "I'm not mischievous. I've seriously considered it. I can't let you marry a disabled man. I don't deserve you."

"Who talks nonsense in front of you, director Wang or not, I'll go to him."

"Doctor Cheng, don't go. It's not him."

"Who is that?"

"It doesn't matter who it is. The important thing is that my leg is really broken. I can only walk on one leg from now on. Do you want me to limp to the wedding?"

"You don't have to walk. I can hold you all the way. No one will laugh at you, and no one dares to laugh at you!"

Tang Lan'er shakes his head and tears drop. Cheng Jinran feels very sad.

"Good, don't cry!"

Cheng Jinran held her in his arms and said seriously and gently: "believe me, your legs are really OK. I will accompany you to do rehabilitation training every day. One year is not good. We will use two years. Two years is not good. We will use ten years. If ten years are not good, we will use it all our lives. There will be a good day. Please believe me."

"I can't drag your life down, I can't!" Tang Lan'er has a firm attitude.

"Lan'er, don't you believe my medical skills?"

"If I say your legs will be good, they will be good!"

"No, unless there's a miracle."

"Then let the miracle happen again!"

"No... if miracles happen frequently, they are not miracles..."

But Cheng Jinran said, "if miracles often happen to you, it's the biggest miracle!"

Tang Lan'er listens to his words, smile bitterly, then tears silently.

When Su Nuan and Wenwan go to the hospital to see her again, they see Tang Lan'er's eyes are red and Cheng Jinran's brow is frowning.

The atmosphere in the ward is not as relaxed and pleasant as the active preparation for the wedding a few days ago.

"What's the matter? Did you fight? "


"Lan'er, what's wrong with your eyes? Have you cried?" Su wennuan asked with some worry.


"Dr. Cheng, what's the matter with you?" Wenwan is also worried.

Cheng Jinran got up and said, "let's talk. I'll go out and have a cigarette."

Su Nuan and Wen Wan know that Tang Lan'er's right leg can't recover after they ask.

When they left, they looked worried and worried.

Next, Cheng Jinran is better to Tang Lan'er, but Tang Lan'er always deliberately avoids him, as if he really wants to break clean with him.

Cheng Jinran proposed to Tang Lan'er, and Tang Lan'er was moved. She wanted to realize such a picture, but today it finally came true, but she couldn't agree.

In the twinkling of an eye, three months later, Tang Lan'er's body is basically good, except for the left leg or no consciousness.

And the relationship between her and Cheng Jinran is becoming more and more rigid, no matter what Cheng Jinran does, she is indifferent.

In the end, Cheng Jinran can't bear it, so he can only take her directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau and force her to sign for the certificate.

Until they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Tang Lan'er was still in the clouds, as if everything in front of him was not real.

"The wedding will be held in a week. I've prepared everything that needs to be prepared. Anyway, now that I've got all the certificates, you're my man. You can't run away in my life."

"If you don't come on the wedding day, let me be the joke of the whole city. If you come, let us be the story of the whole city."

"The outcome depends on your decision!"

Cheng Jinran said, holding Tang Lan'er to send her home, and then walked away without looking back.

Tang Lan'er looks at Cheng Jinran's thin back, squats on the ground and cries. During this time, in order to take care of her, he has lost a lot of weight.

"Lan'er, it's not easy for him. Just accept him."

"We don't care about your legs. Why do you care so much?"

"When are you going to get to the top?" Su wennuan gently advised her.

"It's not that I don't accept him, I don't deserve him!"

"Do you see that he has lost weight recently in order to take care of me. If we get married, I will drag her down for the rest of her life."

"That's when he is willing to take care of you. When he is tired, there are groups of servants at home for you. He is very tired. He is willing to take care of you. Even if he is tired, it is sweet."

"If you really love him, don't let him stand alone in the wedding hall after a week."


"I want to be alone!"

A week later, Cheng Jinran stood in the middle of the stage in a well tailored suit, waiting for his bride. Just when he thought Tang Lan'er would not show up, a girl in a wedding dress came from a distance and walked slowly with the help of several bridesmaids.

Cheng Jinran immediately went over, bent over a princess to hold her into the wedding hall.

In the wedding process, he really hugged the princess all the way, and didn't let her go any further. Tang Lan'er also had a happy smile on her face.

A week ago, she was in a daze every day. She thought a lot, and slowly began to think.

Life is short, just in time, why can't you live with yourself!

And she can't make him a joke of the whole city for her!

So, at the last moment, she came!

A year later, Tang Lan'er's leg fully recovered, and everyone exclaimed that it was probably the power of love!

In order to celebrate Tang Lan'er's recovery and make up for her honeymoon, Cheng Jinran absolutely takes her to the legendary ends of the earth.

On the day of departure, there were two more cars at the door. After a careful look, they turned out to be Fang mujin and Su wennuan, Tang Mochen and Wenwan!

"How can such a good place be short of us?"

Cheng Jinran was a little unhappy: "two big brothers, we are going to honeymoon. What are you doing with us?"

"Coincidentally, we're going on our honeymoon, too!"

"You're all married. What's your honeymoon?"

"Who stipulates that old wives and husbands can't spend their honeymoon?"

Tang Lan'er said excitedly: "let's go. Let's spend our honeymoon together. We're all excited when we think about it!"

With that, the three people set out together, laughing and singing all the way!

One day later!

They are in the end of the world and the corner of the sea, making a promise of love from generation to generation!!

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