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Chapter 1359

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The scene was quiet, and all the children were surprised by Ye Xishan\'s words.

Then Yexi mountain points to the mountain in the northeast.

"Did Wushan see it? Is it big in your opinion?" Ye Xishan said with a smile.

When the children heard what ye Xishan said, they were already shocked and speechless. They nodded and responded one by one. The black mountain is thousands of feet high and stretches thousands of feet. In the eyes of ordinary humans, it is simply a super giant.

"Hey, hey, but in the eyes of the four monks, Wushan is like bean curd residue. You can smash it with every move." Ye Xishan said proudly.

Level 6 friars can only crack a huge stone with one palm, while level 1 friars can smash a super mountain.

All the children were stunned, trembling in their hearts, and involuntarily filled with fear, expectation and longing for the strong friars of class A.

"Destroy such a big mountain?" Ye Xishan\'s words did not shake Ye Tian very much, but ye Tian knew that the power system of each world was different.

For one thing, ye Tian is very strange. It is reasonable to say that he came to other worlds. The power of Yin-Yang Avenue cultivated by Ye Tian should still be used. As a result, ye Tian tried many times without effect, as if it didn\'t exist.

Therefore, ye Tian couldn\'t help thinking of a possibility that he was no longer in the original meta universe.

Therefore, the power of the three thousand Avenue no longer exists. This is an unknown meta universe, or perhaps this is a larger meta universe, and the three thousand Avenue only exists in his previous cosmic rules.

Based on this conjecture, ye Tian\'s strength to destroy heaven and earth in the original world is not necessarily better than himself in the world now.

No matter how powerful a line person is, even if he pierces the whole piece of paper and jumps out, he can\'t beat a two or three-year-old baby. After all, the two sides are not at the same level.

Before long, the children went home one by one with the shock in their hearts.

Ye Xishan, Wang he and Xie Fang left last every time.

The children left in groups, and ye Xishan smiled.

"These children are our hope for the future of Qingshan town." Ye Xishan said with a smile.

Wang he and Xie Fang also looked at this group of children. Basically, the civilian children on the mainland have been exercising hard since childhood, laying the foundation and preparing for the future.

Seeing these children, Wang he and Xie Fang seemed to see themselves who laid the foundation in those years.

"Captain Ye Xishan, you are much more powerful than the \'old Wu\' in those years. I believe that under your training, our Qingshan town will become the most powerful town among more than a dozen surrounding towns." Wang he sighed.

The quality of a leader determines the future of a place.

"By the way, Captain, how do you know that the four friars are so powerful?" Wang he suddenly asked curiously.

Ye Xishan smiled brightly, "hahaha, actually, I don\'t know how powerful the four monks are. They all say they are legendary characters. How can I have seen them?"

"You don\'t know, still tell the child like that?" Wang he was speechless, and Xie Fang seemed to look like this.

Ye Xishan said with a smile, "although I don\'t know how powerful the four monks are, I do know... Saint magicians, that is, those who have reached class A. they can use powerful taboo techniques to destroy hundreds of thousands of armies and cities. Saint magicians are so powerful that Saint friars are not far away."

"And telling these things to children is mainly to make them yearn for such a powerful force in the bottom of their heart, so that they will work harder when they exercise themselves. Don\'t you see the kind of longing on the faces of those children after listening to the story?" Ye Xishan smiled proudly.

Wang and Xie looked at each other, shaking their heads and sighing.

"Bye, ye Tian."

"Good bye, Wang Xuan."

After saying goodbye to his good friend \'Wang Xuan\', ye Tian walked to his home alone. It was not long before ye Tian saw his residence.

The residence of the Ye family covers an area of the first residence in the whole Qingshan Town, with a huge area. The courtyard wall is decorated with vines, Parthenocissus and other plants.

The courtyard wall is full of mottled marks.

The Ye family residence in Qingshan town is the ancestral house of the Ye family.

A ancestral house that has been inherited for thousands of years has been continuously repaired for thousands of years. Although it has been brilliant and the focus of the family has shifted, the ancestral house has been retained. Fortunately, when the family is down, there is still a place to go back.

With the decline of the family, the economic situation of the Ye family also declined rapidly, and finally they had to move back to their ancestral house.

More than 100 years ago, the contemporary patriarch of the Ye family decided that the whole family members only lived in the front yard, which occupied one-third of the area of the entire ancestral residence, and the back courtyard rooms and so on, and would not be repaired.

This saves the family a lot of money.

But even so, in Ye Tian\'s father\'s generation, ye Tian\'s father, ye Zhongbo, often needs to sell some items in the family to maintain his family.

The tall gate of the mansion was open.

"Friar a?" As ye Tian walked, he thought, "I must become a class a friar in the future!"

"Ye Tian." Ye Xishan\'s voice sounded from behind. Ye Xishan, Wang he and Xie Fang also caught up at the moment.

Ye Tian turned around and smiled and said, "Uncle Ye Xishan, Uncle Wang He, uncle Xie Fang."

Ye Xishan came to Ye Tian.

Ye Tian took a breath, looked up at Ye Xishan, and asked expectantly, "Uncle Ye Xishan, you say the first-class friar is so powerful? How can you become a first-class friar?"

Ye Xishan was stunned, and the nearby Wang he and Xie Fang were also stunned.

Holy friar?

"Sure enough, children are children\'s words. There are nearly 90 million residents in the whole country of Xishan country, but even so, there has not been a class a strong man in hundreds of years. How can we become a class a strong man..." Ye Xishan\'s heart is not very clear, but he can see one or two through the growth of the class B strong.

Class B strong people need to cultivate hard from an early age and vigorously cultivate by the family. At the same time, they also look at their personal talents and encounter no small opportunities. This is true for class B strong people. How difficult it is to become a class a strong person!

Ye Xishan knew very well how much time and energy he had spent, how much pain he had suffered, and how many times he had wandered between life and death before he became a level-e monk.

Level-e friars are so difficult. It is conceivable that level-D, Level-C and level-b friars, let alone Level-A friars, dare not have such unrealistic dreams when ye Xishan dreams.

But facing Ye Tian\'s eager eyes.

"Ye Tian, Uncle Ye Xishan doesn\'t know how to become a class a friar, but Uncle believes you. You must find a way to become a class a friar." Ye Xishan hit Ye Tian with both hands, stared at Ye Tian and said firmly.

Ye Xishan\'s words of encouragement made Ye Tian\'s face laugh at once. Looking at Ye Xishan, he said, "thank you, Uncle Ye Xishan!"

Sure enough, he didn\'t know. It seemed that he had to start elsewhere.

"Uncle Ye Xishan, I want to train with the second team tomorrow. Don\'t you know if it\'s ok?" Ye Tian suddenly said.

Ye Xishan, Wang he and Xie Fang looked at Ye Tian in surprise.

"My father said that if you want to be a man, you must work harder than others." Ye Tian imitated his father\'s voice.

His current father really said that.

Ye Xishan suddenly smiled at this scene. He saw Ye Tian\'s training motivation today. Although Ye Tian is only six years old, his physical quality is better than that of ordinary ten year olds.

Ye Xishan nodded in his heart. This energy is a good seedling! Immediately nodded and said with a smile: "OK, but don\'t back down when you change to the second team. You should understand that although your achievements on the first day are good, cultivation is not just a matter of one or two days. Cultivation is a lifelong thing, and you can suffer for a long time in the future!"

Ye Tian raised his small head and said with a confident smile, "Uncle Ye Xishan, just watch it. I will stick to it."

It was a very ordinary morning in Qingshan Town, and it was the same every day in the future. The children in Qingshan town trained hard day by day under the guidance of level-e friar Ye Xishan.

The only difference is that ye Tian, who is only six years old, is assigned to the second team of children about ten years old.

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