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CH 57

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Once again, a stunningly beautiful face appeared in his mind.

This kind of beautiful appearance hardly exists in the human world. Shen Yi was very clear about this. It was true that many people in this world have colorful hair and pupils, but such high-level stunning beauty would not be found anywhere else but in her.

The witch\'s silver hair and red pupils reminded Shen Yi of Aina.

Could it be that when Aina grows up, she will look similar... Maybe there is a reason why Aina is called a witch...

Things in his mind began to evanesce.

Yare\'s figure gradually emerged... dressed in a gray priest\'s robe, he was sitting on a chair reading a book with a gentle smile on his face.

This time he seemed to be in a dark underground workshop, surrounded by many large-scale alchemy equipments of unknown function, and even a few corpses of near-human physique hanging on the wooden frame behind him.

Yare\'s private workshop? If only he could find a way to find it, the things inside should be able to exchange for money, no... The things left in it should make me stronger, right?

Okay, for the time being, let’s put it aside, none of these were important.

He gathered his spirit, peered at the memory, and began to read the vague text in the book in Yare\'s hand.

After he gathered his spirits, the words in the book also became clear.

"Thousands of years ago, a certain kingdom came to its heyday, and people were intoxicated with inflated desires. The kingdom was constantly plundering and growing stronger, and the king\'s army was invincible."

"Until one day, they freed a witch from the seal of a certain order."

"The witch was publicly displayed in the square of the king\'s capital. She has long silver hair and red pupils. She was so beautiful to the point that her beauty was coveted by everyone. Men, women, and children all were attracted to her, and people were boiling at the sight of her."

"Here, I will reveal the future as a token of my thank you to all of you... She said so in the next moment, leaving the boiling people momentarily stunned."

"She revealed her beautiful smiled and made cruel predictions in front of everyone - this country will perish, that all the people, men, women, elder, younger, will die tragically."

"People were stunned, they were angry, unable to accept the prophecy, wanting to kill her, wanted to hang her, to burn her, to drain her blood, to cut off her head."

"After saying that, she turned and disappeared, leaving only the unsettling prophecy that disturbed people, and no one ever found out where she went again."

"Decades have passed, and the kingdom remained in its prime, with a powerful army that plundered almost everything in the Second Continent, without any enemy."

"Until one day, they quest for the more, quest for more, and even began to pursue more royal families in the afterlife world, and conjure up the extra-world gods who took their lives."

"In just a moment, the entire nation was overthrown."

"The hustle and bustle of its heyday disappeared, leaving nothing but endless silence."

"The Witch of the Beginning, the Witch of Prophecy, the Witch of Original Sin, the Witch of the First Ancestor..."

"That\'s what people call her."

"Long silver hair and red eyes are her symbols, and all the prophets, insighters, fortune-tellers, and witches in today’s world all possess her bloodline and belong to the descendants of the original witch."

The memory began to blur from here, the words on the book gradually distorted, and the expression on Yare\'s face gradually became uneasy, and he stood up in a trance.

Eventually, it all fell apart.

Shen Yi snapped open his eyes and let out a long breath.

"Looks like time is up, can only see this."

As his consciousness returned to reality, he shook his head and took a deep breath.

There was a brief sense of exhaustion.

He was still a little unaccustomed to peeping at the memories in his soul, and he always felt all of these was strange dreams.

The Witch of the Beginning... The summoner this time was an incredible figure in history. According to the book, the "prophet" in the anti-magic bureau is her descendant... Perhaps, Aina is also her descendant.

"The first thing is figured out, and the next is this."

He looked at the silver glass beads in the palm of his hand, like a child\'s toy, as if an ordinary glass ball.

Shen Yi used the same method, held the soul ball in his hand, and inquired about the specific information of the silver glass bead in his hand, the ever-changing blade.

Once again he closed his eyes, peering into the memories of Yare Villard\'s soul.

He has to admit that Yare\'s soul was really useful.

And has a wonderful feeling of endless benefits.

Information related to "Ever-Changing Blade"

~In fact, no one knows where it came from, only that it has appeared several times in history, and each time it has emerged as a weapon in a different form.

The "Ever-Changing Blade" could change at will according to the user\'s thoughts, and when it launches an attack, it is almost powerful that it could crush almost everything into powder.

But each of its users had a tragic end.

Ever-Changing Blade, Disasters (disaster-level) mysterious relics.

The cost of using it is the loss of a part of the user\'s body, sometimes a finger, sometimes an ear, sometimes skin, sometimes an internal organ ...

This was a terrifying relic that will make the user\'s body gradually mutilated, and never regain human form.

Its last user, on the verge of death, had become turned into a humanoid monster with no skin and lost facial features, and he had long since been completely unable to lead a normal life.

The damage caused by the cost of the "Ever-Changing Blade" cannot be recovered by any means, as long as you try to recover, it will be "eaten up" again.

It is the most terrible "permanent cost" among all cost categories.~

"I probably won\'t have a problem, right?"

Once again, he exited from the dream-like soul memory and saw the silver beads in his hand at first glance.

After seeing the relevant records, he also felt a little cowardly in his heart.

However, he used a lot of mysterious relics so far and had not been affected by the so-called cost, so it would be fine to use it as a matter of course.

Taking a deep breath he stood up from the bed, and placed the silver bead in the center of his palm.

"Change for me."

According to the records in the book, Shen Yi began to outline in his mind the shape of the object he wanted to change.

Since this was the first time, he didn\'t think about anything too complicated, but an ordinary cane.

Similar to the one used by Sherlock Holmes, it could enhance the temperament, at the same time could also be used as a weapon against the enemy. It was the most suitable object for a decent person.

The silver beads in his hand began to take a shape.

It spread out like a liquid, gradually grew longer, thicker, harder, and finally became a thick, heavy, silver-encrusted black cane.

He waved the black cane in his hand, making a whirring sound in mid-air.

"Not bad, it seems to be a little heavy."

After waiting for a while, he didn\'t find any changes in his body. His fingers, skin, facial features, and internal organs, in short, nothing disappeared anywhere.

With that, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sure enough, I don\'t have to pay any price... Maybe, I\'m destined to go with the props."

However, the mysterious relic was only one aspect of Shen Yi\'s bottom card.

On the other hand, his trump card was the power that would grow stronger with each summon.

So he began to think about it while putting down his cane and supporting it on the ground.

"Every new ability acquired has something to do with the Extraterrestrial gods, so what will the colorless city bring to me?"

Shen Yi closed his eyes, trying to perceive the new power inside his body.


But he felt completely unresponsive for a long time.

"Huh, strange, It\'s never happened before."

He was a little puzzled, but Yare\'s soul did not record such a thing, and the new ability could only be discovered by himself.

"That\'s weird."

This way his interest piqued, and his spirit was getting better and better recently, so he decided to stay up all night to study.

So he got up and opened the door, intending to make himself a cup of coffee to add a little spirit to stay up late.

Just as he picked up the mug and was about to put it on the table, with that slight force, he heard a cracking sound in his ear.

The mug in his hand suddenly shattered.


The street where the coffee shop is located was considered remote in Beland.

Despite the heavy rain, a nervous woman walked into the street.

She didn\'t stop until she came to the door of the cafe.

"Is this the place?"

The beige female tracksuit outlined her body lines, the rain dampened the long golden sand-like hair, and the green eyes looked like a natural light green emerald.

The depths of her eyes held not only determination but also a vague touch of fear, instinctive fear of the unknown and the great thing.

Standing in front of the cafe, Chris took a deep breath and clenched her hands.

No matter what the cost was, she was willing to bear it, as long as she could get a little help from this man.

The revival of the organization, the burden of hatred, everything was carried back on her shoulders.

After those people came, they easily destroyed everything she had fought for years to gain, killing her friends and colleagues.

She asked her former teacher for help, but the other party shook his head and refused, just saying that he could help her leave Beland and advising her to live an incognito life from now on.

But she didn\'t want it to end like this. Not only did she want to restore the organization\'s status in the inner world, but she also wanted her enemies to be punished.

While she was filled with hatred and could not find any way to change, she overheard——a legend that had recently spread around the Beland inner world.

A new legend about a mysterious cafe.

Chris gently pushed open the door of the cafe and found that the lights were on, and the elegant music was ringing in her ears.

A young man dressed as a gentleman with a mild smile stood behind the bar, making a cup of coffee intently.

It\'s him!

Is he really waiting for Me? Just like the legend, he has almost complete control over the affairs of the inner world, and everyone who comes into contact with the coffee shop will become his pawn unknowingly.

Thinking of this, her body quivered a little, but she gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to leave.

Even if she became his pawn, she has nothing to lose.

With a determination, "Hello." She bowed deeply to the man in greetings.

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