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Chapter 506: season finale

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"This time, I will also fit together!"

  Bai Yu\'s words spread to everyone\'s ears.

  Hearing this sentence, everyone instantly regained their spirits.

   The fusion of several people alone is obviously not enough to completely destroy the level of the electromagnetic energy cannon.

   But with Bai Yu added, it will be completely different.

"Can I?"

   Weiwei asked a little timidly.

  The combination of other people is only responsible for supplying power and controlling a small part.

  But Weiwei is different, she needs to control the overall situation.

   Weiwei is worried, once Bai Yu joins in.

  She will not be able to control the power provided by Bai Yu.

"you can."

"Believe me."

   "I will also be by your side to assist you."

  Bai Yu smiled and nodded to Weiwei.

   After finishing speaking, Bai Yu walked to Weiwei\'s side, and took Weiwei\'s left hand with her right hand.

   "And us!"

  See, Hancock, Maya, Violet.

   came to Bai Yu\'s side one after another.

   held the hands of Bai Yu and Weiwei.

  Five people looked at each other and smiled.

   "Aren\'t we a bit redundant?"

   Seeing the five people who were somewhat intimate, Beru Meber said to Keby.

   This dog food is a five-times crit!

   "Don\'t be poor."

"let\'s start."

   Bai Yu said with a smile.

  Hearing this, Weiwei took a deep breath.


next moment.

  The combined fruit ability was unreservedly released.

at the same time.

  Bai Yu constantly lent her powerful thoughts to Wei Wei.

  The combined fruit\'s range of action immediately expanded to an astonishing degree.

  All around, all special materials, under the effect of the combined fruit ability.

   It quickly turned into a liquid and gathered towards Bai Yu and the others.


   In a blink of an eye, it condensed into a solid state again.

   turned into a soaring steel giant.

   This is not over yet.

   After absorbing a large number of pacifist mechanical materials.

   Streams of golden liquid flowed in.

   That is all the gold treasures from the ruins.


   Finally, the Iron Giant transformed.

   turned into a golden steel giant.

   "Sakura Fudo Royal Soul, Awaken!"

   "You, Heaven and Earth Wushuang Dao, awaken!"

   Huh boom!

   The next second.

  Everyone worked together to control the golden and steel giant to raise both hands, and grip the air.

  Two super huge flame swords.

   appeared in the hands of the golden iron giant.

   Its appearance is impressively that of Bai Yu\'s two knives.


  Everyone controlled the gold and steel giant and looked at the electromagnetic energy cannon that had approached to a certain distance.

   "True Thunder Dragon Slash!"


   Following everyone shouted in unison.

   Surrounding the body of the golden steel giant, an astonishing thunder burst out.

  I saw the Iron Giant stepping forward.

  The huge body did not affect the speed at all.

   Flashed out and came to the electromagnetic energy cannon in an instant.

  The double knives in his hands suddenly cut off.


  Super powerful slash that cannot be described in words.

   Brutely tore open the electromagnetic energy cannon.

  As soon as the steel giant passed through, it completely smashed the entire electromagnetic energy cannon.


   Immediately after.

   Castration continues unabated, flashing through the four seasons of the island.

   When it reappeared, it was already behind the large battleship where Im was on the shore.

  The body maintains the posture of slashing with a knife.


next moment.

  The giant battleship was cut in two, and Im on the deck was also cut in half.

   With a loud bang, it completely exploded and destroyed.

   Poor Im, who died in such a muddleheaded manner under the attack of Bai Yu\'s combined body.


   After smashing the battleship, the Iron Giant dispersed.

   Bai Yu and his party landed on the shore.

   "This time, it\'s really over."

  Looking at the gradually sinking battleship, and Im completely out of breath.

   Bai Yu said softly.

  The last hidden danger was also beheaded and erased.


  When Bai Yu and his party rushed back to the location of the ruins.

  The battlefield here is also over.

  Long led the revolutionary army, the two major pirate groups, and evacuated Ralph Drew first.

   After cleaning the battlefield, Bai Yu also found the historical text in the ruins.

   learned the truth of everything.

   It turned out that the blank hundred years of history.

   It is recorded that the people who saved the world and established the world government were the people of the D clan kingdom.

   And Im just stole the achievements of the D family.

   There is an even more terrible news.

   That\'s Im, actually one of the royal families back then.

  It\'s just that Im designed someone to use the fruit of the operation on her.

   obtained eternal life.

   This has survived until now.

  After knowing the truth, Bai Yu didn\'t intend to make it public.

   This is too appalling, and Bai Yu doesn\'t want to let the whole world down on the Navy.

   As for the piece of historical text, Bai Yu finally decided to let it stay in Ralph Drew forever.

  As for the insiders, there are only Bai Yu and a few cronies, and no one else knows.

   Immediately afterwards, there is a full harvest.

   Except for the historical text that records the truth, the entire ruins, and even the underground of the ruins.

  It is full of gold treasures.

   Rao Yi has hundreds of thousands of naval soldiers, and it took a long time to move them to the warship.

   Bai Yu also generously rewarded most of the treasures to all G5 naval soldiers.

   After everything was cleaned up, Bai Yu gave the order.

  The whole army returned to the Navy headquarters.

   Just like that, Bai Yu and his party returned to the Navy Headquarters.

  The news that Bai Yu had acquired OnePiece was widely spread.

  Since OnePicec is gone, and the navy is powerful now.

  Many surviving pirates also stopped going to sea.

  He returned to his hometown honestly.

   One month later.

  Navy headquarters building.

   At this time, various lanterns were hung in the Navy Headquarters.

  There is a festive atmosphere all around.

   "Marshal Baiyu!"

   "It\'s all set!"

   At this time, Kebi ran in quickly and said to Bai Yu who was on the main seat.


  Hearing this, Bai Yu stood up excitedly.

  Put on the handsome admiral\'s coat and head to the headquarters square with Kirby.

   At this time, the headquarters square has gathered countless naval soldiers.

   and kings of nations.

  Bai Yu came to the high platform and cleared his throat.

   "Thank you for your participation."

   "This is the first time that we have hosted a banquet for everyone at the Navy Headquarters."

   "Also take this opportunity to deepen the friendship between countries and our navy."

   Bai Yu said loudly.

   "Let\'s get started!"

   "We can\'t wait!"


  After Bai Yu\'s voice fell, the kings immediately attracted urging voices.

  Hearing this, Bai Yu scratched her head in embarrassment and smiled.

   Immediately nodded to Kirby.

   "Next, I will invite the protagonists of this wedding banquet."


   Following Bai Yu\'s voice came out.

  The entire Navy headquarters, everyone, cheered.

   Under the cheers of countless people, the four of them walked out slowly wearing wedding dresses.

   It\'s Hancock, Vivi, Violet, and Maya!

  Unprecedented in history, a lively wedding was held in the Navy headquarters!

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