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v3 Chapter 631: End

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"The root of infighting!"

The story ends.

In the rest of the content, the Shura Golem doesn\'t need to be told by Chu Yi, Chu Yi already knows what\'s going on.

When "Domination" opens the "Season 3" Pirate World multiverse, parallel world, in fact, the Pirate World multiverse, the parallel world has very little change, just a small rule like "Twilight of the Gods". , The so-called "god" cannot personally go to the Pirate World\'s multiverse, parallel world, and can only send chess pieces into the Pirate World\'s multiverse, parallel world.

Moreover, because many original characters have become bosses, many original characters in the Pirate World multiverse and parallel worlds have been replaced. For example, Vegapunk, all the multiverses of the Pirate World, and Vegapunk in the parallel world are almost all clones of Vegapunk who master the "law of equilibrium."

The same situation must appear in the multiverse and parallel worlds of the Pirate World, which also makes the stories in the multiverse and parallel worlds of the Pirate World more interesting.

But these...

Does it have anything to do with me?

Knowing the multiverse of Pirate World and the opening and end of each season of the parallel world, Chu Yi watched the ghost of the Asura golem recondensing, and then asked: "If I didn\'t guess wrong, the so-called "Fourth Season" "The Pirate World multiverse, the parallel world, will be opened in the hands of your Shura Golem. And I may be opening the "fourth season" Pirate World multiverse, the focus of the parallel world, so you are Ready to kill me, or prepare..."

"Continue to use me?"

"Use? No! It\'s cooperation!"

Denying Chu Yi\'s previous words, the Shura Golem said faintly: "I once chose to trust those who have been gifted, but I didn\'t expect them to be blinded by ambition. Yeah! It\'s been too long to be a "god", and they all forget. Who helped them get out of it, who got them out of hell. Now it’s good. In order to be able to replace my detachment, many people who were pawns are ready to rebel against me, so I am going to teach those people some lessons. ."

"only you."

"You have always thought that you are a pawn. In fact, the only person in this world who can cooperate with me is you."

"You are the selected third-generation "master", and you are the one who can inherit my position in the future."

"So when you talk about the "fourth season" of the Pirate World multiverse, when the parallel world opens, you Chu Yi will take my place and become another world..."

"Sura Golem!"

Talk about it.


The Dark Shura Golem appeared!

In an instant, all the space around Chu Yi collapsed, turning into the purest appearance.

At the same time, Chu Yi didn\'t need to perceive. With the style of the Asura Golem, he could feel that the multiple universes and parallel worlds of the Pirate World were destroyed by the supreme power of the Asura Golem. If the collapsed world turns into pure darkness, then the collapse of the Pirate World\'s multiverse and parallel worlds is like dazzling stars dotted in the darkness.

Sitting cross-legged in the starry sky, witnessing the destruction of the Pirate World\'s multiverse and parallel worlds, Chu Yi\'s inner feelings are very complicated.

to be honest.

What does all the conspiracy in Pirate World have to do with Chu Yi?

Originally reluctantly being dragged into the Pirate World by the Shura Golem, Chu Yi originally wanted to go back, but was a little lost in his rights and reputation, but he slowly proved himself in the Pirate World. , Was far more successful than the self before crossing, so Chu Yi slowly recognized the Pirate World.

In Pirate World, there should be comic characters and plot characters. Later, Chu Yi became a relative, friend, and beloved of Chu Yi who was not a relative. It made Chu Yi feel that life in Pirate World was rich and colorful. If there is no Shura Golem, and there is no so-called "dominant" level confrontation, Chu Yi feels that he will live in his own Pirate World in the future, and it is very good to be the "Sura" in that Pirate World.

Every day, I chatted with Hancock about life in the Amazon Lily on the daughter island. When I was fine, I went to the Chambord Islands to have a drink and a banquet with Raleigh, Mihawk, Tiger and others.

The "killing" pirate group there is an invincible existence, and all the guys that are so annoying by the Tianlong people have been solved. Isn\'t it very suitable for Chu Yi\'s pirate world?


There must be so many conspiracies.

Why again...

Why do you want to be involved in so many things?

Perhaps the reason from beginning to end is that the Shura Golem and Chu Yi are really the same person.

Chu Yi didn\'t want to be manipulated by the Asura Golem, so he worked hard for a long time in his Pirate World in order to be able to escape the control of the Asura Golem. Even if the Shura Golem showed some kindness, Chu Yi still failed to identify with the Shura Golem, thinking about defeating the Shura Golem, that belonged to Chu Yi\'s obsession.

And the obsession of the Shura Golem is the same as that of Chu Yi. Although he is the only "god" in the Pirate World multiverse, the parallel world, but in the first generation of "Masters" created the Pirate World multiverse, the parallel world. People living inside are not happy, so the Shura Golem needs to resist, and needs to use Chu Yi to accomplish what he wants to do.

But just as Chu Yi looked at the Pirate World multiverse and the parallel worlds collapsed, and when his thoughts were a little confused, all of a sudden the light that belonged to the "laws" appeared. Obviously, those chess pieces that are not obedient by the Shura Golem are ready to fight the Shura Golem when they destroy the Pirate World\'s multiverse and parallel worlds!

Inside the running dog of the Shura Golem, there are three different types of running dogs.

The first.

Like Robin who masters the "Law of Soul" and Sauron who masters the "Law of Darkness", these people are very obedient in the Asura Golem. When the Shura Golem needs them to surrender their "laws", so that the Shura Golem uses a method similar to Chu Yi to integrate the "laws", the obedient lackeys of the Shura Golem are willing to give everything for him, and the "laws" are natural. It\'s not worth mentioning at all, and the one willingly handed it over to the Shura Golem.

The second kind.

Betrayal running dog.

For example, Begapunk, who feels he is smart, and Begapunk who masters the "law of equilibrium," or the red dog who is unwilling to work at the Shura Golem. These lackeys are all ready to betray the Shura Golem. Therefore, they searched for the "master" level power in the multiverse and parallel world of Pirate World, trying to eliminate the Shura Golem and become the third generation "master" after the Shura Golem, replacing Chu Yi\'s position.

These people are also the main force who came to attack the Asura Golem, and they are the lackeys who most hope that the Asura Golem will fall.

The third kind.

More tangled lackey.

They cherish the rights in the Pirate World\'s multiverse and parallel worlds, but they have not betrayed the Shura Golem. When something happens to the Asura Golem, these lackeys can pay for the Asura Golem, but when the Asura Golem wants to destroy the Pirate World, the multiverse and parallel world, the "fourth season" of the Pirate World, the multiverse and parallel world will be opened. , It is even possible that when a new world is opened like the first-generation "master", these lackeys want to be enemies of the Shura Golem.

To put it bluntly, these running dogs are reluctant to part with the Pirate World. Although they are puppets in this world, the Pirate World is the place they are most familiar with and the place they are most attached to.

However, on this day, all the running dogs will die, because the "god" who has lost the "law" must fall!

The most loyal lackeys, the Shura Golem deprived them of their "rules", integrated into their own "rules of Shura", and achieved brand-new "rules." The loyal lackeys who had lost the "law" disappeared one by one, adding endless power to the Asura Golem, giving the Asura Golem the ability to open up new worlds.

A running dog thinking of betrayal...

They don\'t want to think about who gave their power, how can the Shura Golem deal with them without any cards.

It\'s like Chu Yi, who has mastered the brand-new "fragment of the law", can use the back door of the Shura Golem to defeat Robin who has mastered the "law of the soul". The Shura Golem used the back door to solve the betraying lackeys one by one, absorbed their "laws", and personally solved those who wanted to betray themselves.

And when the "law" power of the Shura Golem was accumulated to infinity, those lackeys swaying left and right naturally had no possibility of escape.


Just when the Shura Golem absorbs countless "rules" powers, it has already raised its own "Asura rules" to the real "dominant" level, so that the Shura Golem can regain control of the "dominant" power that creates a new world. In the endless darkness, in the space that looked like a starry sky, suddenly the figure of the Shura Golem was split inch by inch in front of Chu Yi!



The golden body is broken!

Unexpectedly, the Pirate World’s multiverse and parallel worlds can be completely restarted only by the destruction of the easily traversed Pirate World. When the Asura Golem is given a chance to create a new world, the Asura Golem is inexplicable. Under the suppression, the golden body was actually completely shattered, and even the "law" power in the body disappeared there.

what is the problem?

what\'s going on?

Why at the most important stage, the "master" suddenly exerted force to suppress me?

Could it be that...

Is it the first generation of "masters" who don\'t want me to be detached and let me master the power to create a new world?

For an instant, Chu Yi actually saw a dazed expression in the eyes of the Shura Golem.

However, at exactly that time, Chu Yi found that the golden body of the Shura Golem was shattered every inch, and found that the figure of the Shura Golem was recondensed into a human form, and the person he became was no longer his own appearance, but...

In the original Pirate book, the appearance of Roger, the Pirate King!

"You... were tricked!"

The eyes were filled with inexplicable expressions, and the information that belonged to the first generation of "masters" appeared in his mind. After a deep sigh, Chu Yi walked up to Roger, the original Shura Golem with complicated eyes, and he couldn\'t help sighing and said, "You are not the "master" at all, you are really just the "master" chess piece. Just now the "master" sent me a message, telling me that he is not truly detached, but needs a complete story."

"It\'s like the comic "One Piece" when I passed through, but the serialization still did not end. The One Piece World was originally an incomplete world and needed an ending. As for you, the One Piece in the "One Piece" comic, it is the story of the whole story. The end is the key to the first generation of "dominating" detachment."

"When you are determined to start the "fourth season" of the Pirate World, the multiverse and parallel worlds, your life will come to an end and the whole story will come to an end."

"I sympathize with you, but you are the real chess piece."

"But I can\'t save you, because what originally belonged to you actually belonged to me!"

Chu Yi\'s voice just fell.


The power that originally belonged to the Shura Golem had entered Chu Yi\'s body under the control of the "master". Feeling the "rule fragments" in the body completely nurtured the "rules", and there are additional "rules" entering my body, fusing with the original "Dark Shura Law".

It only takes a thought...


The phantom of the Dark Shura Golem suddenly sits behind Chu Yi!

From that moment...

There is no Shura Golem in the world!

In the Pirate World where there is only one, there is no legend of Shura Golem anymore, and there are only stories of the "Sura" of the Pirate Group who once "killed the sky" and returned to the Pirate World!


"You defeated your enemy, that is the Shura Golem?"

Chambord Islands.

At the gathering of the "Killing the Heavens" Pirate Group, he recovered from his mental injury. Mihok, drinking rum, gave Chu Yi a deep look. UU Reading asked about it a long time ago. Questions asked.

And when Mihawk\'s voice just fell, countless people, such as Lei Li, Xia Qi, and Taige, Shinpei, Shanks, Hancock and others, all fell on Chu Yi\'s body.

Obviously, after all the multiverse and parallel worlds of Pirate World were devastated, there was only one remaining Pirate World. Friends and lovers of Chu Yi wanted to know about the battle between Chu Yi and the Shura Golem. Is it really over? After the battle with the Asura Golem, Chu Yi, who has become the third-generation "master", should have any disputes with the first-generation "master" who created the Asura Golem.

In front of the people of the "Killing the Sky" Pirate Group, Chu Yi obviously had no need to lie.

So at the moment when Mihawk’s voice fell, Chu Yi smiled casually and said: "My battle with the Asura Golem is over. The Asura Golem is just a pawn. His mission is to help the story end. That\'s all. After I become the "master", whether the previous generation of "masters" will fight with me, it may mainly depend on..."

"Is the story I continued to write wonderful?"

Having said that, Chu Yi laughed a lot, and toasted to a booze, which once again brought the gathering of the "Killing the Sky" Pirate Group into another climax.

However, when Chu Yi gave everyone an answer that was not an answer, only Tiger, who knew Chu Yi best, suddenly remembered that once he was in Chu Yi\'s room, he seemed to have seen a manuscript headed by the word "Huoying"!


"Boy, is that the new world you want to open up as the "master"?"

"I don\'t know if that world is interesting in our world!"


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