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v3 Chapter 312: A legend (grand finale)

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The red earth continent, the entrance to the new world, the navy headquarters.

It has been a month since Dunn declared war on the world government, and the world was shocked and uproarious.

No one would have expected that the big changes would come so quickly and so urgently. In an instant, the world government has already had a trend of building buildings.

Within a month, a large number of Alliance troops gathered towards the Terracotta Continent, and there was a lot of time to subvert the regime in kingdoms around the world.

The whole world is in chaos and has undergone unprecedented changes.

"So, did those four have given up negotiations?"

Tang En looked calm, slowly drank the tea in his hand, and said softly.

The person in front of him is one of the five people standing on top of the world.

"Yes, Dunn, as representatives of the top of the world, naturally they will not easily agree to such a thing!"

"You want to subvert the current world political system, and how can they allow this to happen?"

The old man sighed softly.

Unlike the four, he had already made a choice at the beginning and stood on Dun En's side. But I didn't expect that this younger generation whom I fancy would develop to such a day.

Now the world government has come to an end in embarrassment and desperation. The surrounding area of ​​the Red Earth Continent has been surrounded by a large number of troops.

All over the world, it is impossible to contact support. The navy and his allies control almost the entire world.

For the world government, it has entered a desperate situation.

"Then there is no need to talk about it."

"My friends, it has been a long time waiting for this day."

Dunn put down the teacup and said softly, but his eyes were extremely sharp.

There is only the last step left to success, and naturally he cannot shrink back here. As long as this step is crossed, a new world will come.

The old man shook his head and sighed: "You are a great person, Dunn!"

"I seem to have seen your portrait, name, glorious deeds, preserved in the museum, and the scene in the biography."

Dunn smiled, stood up and walked out.

"When are you going to start the decisive battle?"

The old man asked again.


Three words echoed in the air, Dunn had already left, and the old man sat there alone, feeling lost.

In a blink of an eye, the next morning.

On the red earth continent, when the first ray of sunlight fell on the ground, the sky-shaking sound of fighting suddenly resounded across the sky and filled the entire continent.

From the port to the road to Marin Vatican, there is a white ocean everywhere, and the roar of the navy is everywhere.

"Everything is over!"

Tang En murmured, he came to this holy land again, but his purpose was completely different.

The navy and the allied forces are almost unimpeded, and the army group of Mary Joa cannot stop the terrible combat power of such a multi-party alliance.

When the army came to the front of the palace, the navy side did not attack first.

"Are you Dunn?"

On the high platform of the castle, a voice came down, and everyone looked up there.

Dunn narrowed his eyes, staring at the figure on the high platform, and did not rush to respond. On the side, someone whispered the identity of this person.

"He is the one who lives in Pangu City, his name is Yim!"

The leader of the Tianlong people, the master of the world government, and the master of the Void Throne, the five old stars are directly responsible for them.

This man can be called the top king in the world.

However, everything will change starting today.

"It is beyond my expectation that a small person in my eyes can subvert the world to such an appearance."

"You are an amazing man, Dunn, are you interested in working with me?"

Eim stood on the high platform and said with a smile.

The army was overwhelmed. He didn't have the slightest nervousness or fear. Instead, he was calm, opening his mouth like a cordial conversation with his neighbors.

"Eim, do you have any last words?"

Dunn spoke, his voice flat and without emotion.

"That is rejection."

Im nodded, and suddenly smiled again.

"Winners and losers, the rules of the world are like this, recurring, very interesting, right?"

"Eight hundred years ago, we replaced that powerful country and became the masters of the new era."

"Eight hundred years later, you have established a new world."

Everyone listened quietly, no one interrupted him, and Eam said as if he was crazy, laughing and crying again.

"I understand how you feel now, but it's time to let everything end."

Dunn interrupted the other party's words, and then waved his hand.

A sniper attacked immediately, and with a bang, the flames of the World Government flag hung high above Mary Gioia burned into ashes.

Seeing this scene, Eam trembled and took a breath.

"Come out and meet our failure!"

His voice trembled, but he still maintained his appearance.

The four figures walked out slowly, their expressions numb, and slowly stood in front of everyone. When they saw these four people, the crowd screamed.

Obviously, they all know these four people.

"You won. As losers, we also want to get a decent way to die."

Eim laughed softly.

Each of them has a powerful force, but at this moment, no one wants to resist. Facing such a situation, what about the war?

Destroy Mary Joa? That's just a loser who can't afford to lose, the last madness.

And they are kings, so naturally they should have the respect of a king!

Dunn and the others watched quietly, and someone had guessed what Yim was going to do.

Sure enough, the next second, the king of the world took out a pistol from his arms and raised it on his temple.

The four elders next to him were indifferent and did not act to stop them.


The gunshot sounded, and Yim's body trembled, and then stood there forever. As he said, he left this world with the posture of a king.

Immediately afterwards, the four elders looked down at the people below and closed their eyes.

They are not pirates of the sea, nor soldiers, but rulers. Ruler, how can he tear his sleeves open and fight with others shirtlessly?

What a lack of gesture!

They have their own way of death.

Marlene Joa let out a terrifying roar, and when Dunn saw the highest point, a new flag was hoisted, he laughed.

everything is over!

Everything also started.

A new world, a new era is coming.

A year later, Dunn announced his retirement, and the new government, called the Federation, set up a parliament, jointly managed by all countries in the world, to eliminate differences and racial differences.

But his legend has been passed down forever.

A legend belonging to General Wenhu.

Thirty years later, Dunn disappeared, not death. According to legend, he thoroughly studied the mystery of the fruit, saw the boundary wall of the microcosm, broke the barrier in it, and went to another world.

Whether it is a fact or a legend, the world has no way of knowing.

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