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Chapter 250: Get ready! (five thousand words)

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As for whether the Kahn in front of him will hold back because they are from Doflamingo.

  None of them had the slightest doubt.

   That is, Lieutenant General Kahn will not hold back at all.

   They were not the only ones shocked.

  The same goes for Dark World personnel around the world.

   Even the shock in their hearts was even greater.

  Stand blankly in front of the screen one by one.

   The mouth is so wide that it can even hold an egg.

  They had an idea in their hearts at the same time.

  That is, don\'t provoke Lieutenant General Kahn.

  Because other people may have killed their people.

  But Lieutenant General Kahn is completely different, he can directly destroy the island you are on.

  It’s not the same level of horror, okay?

   Especially the five giants of the dark world.

  But some of them are in awe, and some are excited.

   That\'s right, the guy who is excited is Morgans.

  Because Kahn\'s move can definitely shock the whole world.

   Isn\'t that sensational news?

   Isn\'t this what he needs?

   There is also Stucey, her identity is CP0. Although the organization is almost completely wiped out now, she is still a member of the organization before the world government cancels CP0.

  Stucey took a deep breath.

  The scene in front of her, even after a long time, she is still difficult to calm down.

   "Lieutenant General Kahn, what a terrifying person!" Stussy sighed.

  The thought of making an enemy against such a terrifying person makes even her scalp tingle.

   But now CP0 has been completely broken up by the black dragon.

   Before reorganization.

  She is unlikely to have important actions.

   During this period, she can at most pass on information like this.

   Soon, she kept this video.

   At the same time, they sent it to Wulaoxing.

  Navy Headquarters.

  In Akainu\'s office.

  At this moment, the atmosphere is a little heavy.

  Because there was a phone bug in front of them.

  The content played in the middle is exactly the scene where Kahn destroys Punk Hazard.

   Akainu\'s face is very ugly.

   It wasn\'t because Karn destroyed the islands he fought on.

   It shocked Kahn\'s strength.

  Although he felt that he already knew Kahn well.

  But I didn\'t expect Kahn\'s strength to rise to this level.

  Punk Hazard is bigger than Judiciary Island.

   Otherwise, it wouldn\'t be a place for him to fight with Aokiji.

   During the battle two years ago.

   Both he and Aokiji did their best.

  Although the object of their attack is not an island at all.

   But also caused changes in the weather of Punk Assad.

  If they hold the mentality of destroying the island, they can do it.

   But it is absolutely impossible to destroy the entire island with one blow like Kahn.

  Now Akainu already has doubts in his heart.

   That is, can they really take down Kahn without loss?

   And there are three other figures in the office.

  Similarly, they were also silent.

   And these three people.

   are the three major admirals of the navy in active service.

   Their eyes are extremely dignified.

   Obviously also stunned by Kahn\'s actions.

   "Lieutenant General Kahn is as terrifying as ever!" the unique voice of the yellow monkey sounded. …

  At this moment, his heart was also very shocked.

  At the same time, for the first time, he had the idea of ​​not wanting to implement the order issued by the world government.

   It is really because Kahn is too powerful.

  But he soon smiled wryly in his heart.

  Because he clearly knows that what Kahn has done has touched the bottom line of the world government.

  The strength he has shown now will only make the world government more afraid.

  Generally speaking, Lieutenant General Kahn\'s display of power at this time is terrifying.

   But it has not yet reached the point where the world government dare not do it.

   Therefore, Lieutenant General Kahn at this stage is the thorn in the heart of the world government.

   Unless Lieutenant General Kahn exerts stronger strength.

   Let the world government give up completely.

   Otherwise this time action is imperative.

   But in this case, it returns to the question just now.

  Can they really keep Lieutenant General Kahn?

   Now Lieutenant General Kahn has the ability to fly, and the flying speed is extremely fast.

  Among the few people on the scene, he was the only one who could keep up with Lieutenant General Kahn\'s speed, but he was also inferior in terms of endurance.

  In addition, Lieutenant General Kahn\'s defense is also very strong.

   In short.

   Kahn is a well-rounded horror character.

   Almost no shortcomings.

   If there is one shortcoming, Lieutenant General Kahn is also a capable person!

   But Huang Yuan knew clearly that this shortcoming was nothing to a strong man of Lieutenant General Kahn\'s level.

   May I ask, in the face of such a person, how can they ensure that they will completely keep the other party after attacking the other party?

  And Lieutenant General Kahn is not alone.

  Pirate Queen is the powerful helper of Lieutenant General Kahn.

   And Zefa is the same.

   What\'s more, Teacher Zefa has obtained the power of the shaking fruit.

  Although the acquisition time is still short.

  But Teacher Yi Zefa\'s ability should not be underestimated.

   There is also Admiral Kahn\'s high prestige in the navy.

   These are the questions.

   Once there is a problem, the entire navy may have a big problem.

   Soon, Huang Yuan stopped thinking.

   This matter is not his alone.

   In other words, it\'s useless for him to worry.

   At that time, it’s a big deal and just act it out.

   The yellow monkey who made up his mind stopped talking.

   "Should we take action against Lieutenant General Kahn?" This time it was Fujitora who asked.

  Although he doesn\'t like Kahn.

  But in fact, I still have doubts about the order of the world government this time.

   "This is the order of the five old stars. We can only follow it until they have no new orders." Akainu said directly.

   Several people were silent again.

  But each has its own plans.

  Holy Land Mary Gioia.

  The office of Wu Laoxing.

   Same as the top navy.

  They also received the video from Stucey.

   After watching the video, the five old stars fell silent collectively.

  The same idea as Akainu and others.

  The strength shown by Kahn is shocking.

   Again exceeded their expectations.

   "It seems that the information provided by Lu Qi and others is true. Kahn\'s strength has surpassed that of the general." The blond Wu Laoxing said directly. …

   "Then what should we do now? Should the plan continue?" asked the curly-haired Wu Laoxing.

   "The matter has come to this point. Kahn\'s existence has seriously threatened the world government. Such a force should not appear in the world at all. No matter how much it costs, Kahn must be eliminated." The five old stars with the knife said directly.

   Among the five old stars, he is considered an absolute hardliner.

  The strength is also terrifyingly strong.

   Naturally, he would not be intimidated by Kahn\'s actions.

   "Kan\'s purpose this time is to frighten those guys in the dark world, but he may not mean to warn us." Another Wu Laoxing said.

   "No matter what kind of thoughts he has, he must be eradicated this time."

  The five old stars all nodded.

  The strength shown by Kahn made them extremely afraid.

  Because the relationship between them and Kahn has dropped to a freezing point.

   It is impossible to relax.

  The current Kahn is even more threatening to the World Government than the Revolutionary Army.

   "It\'s time to meet that lord." Goatee Wulaoxing said suddenly.

   Several people were taken aback for a moment.

   "That\'s right, Kahn\'s appearance has broken the balance, we should ask for instructions."

   Several people left the office directly after speaking.

   Start heading to the depths of the Holy Land.

   It was a huge palace.

   Above the palace, there is the Void Throne.

   That is a symbol representing the equality of the original twenty-nation alliance.

   And here, a figure slowly walked up the steps.

   ended up staying in front of the throne.

  He has eagle-eyed eyes, and his whole body is shrouded in a black cloak.

  The five old stars who came here directly knelt down on one knee.

   "My lord." Wu Laoxing\'s voice was extremely respectful.

  The country of Wano.

  In the hall above the ghost island.

  Two huge figures are coming together.

   Ahead of them is a giant phone bug.

   What was played was exactly what happened on Kahn\'s side.

  But the attention of the Beasts Pirates present was not on the screen at all.

   And on the two figures in the middle.

   Their eyes were full of horror.

  Because the aura emanating from those two people is really scary.

   Red lightning crackled.

   to show how angry they are at the moment.

   "Kan, sooner or later, I will make you pay the price." BIGMOM looked angry.

   Speaking of this, she looked at Kaido beside her.

   "When are we going to find this guy?"

   "Lingling, I want to tear this guy apart more than you, but it\'s not time yet." Kaido said directly.

   "Are you scared, bastard?"

  Hearing BIGMOM\'s words, Kaido was not angry at all, but laughed instead.

   "Lingling, are you joking?"

   "Boss, I remember that guy Jack snatched Kahn\'s warship half a month ago? Do you want to let that guy come back?" Jhin said suddenly.

   Kaido was taken aback.

   "Well, he can be brought back, the **** Kahn is not something he can deal with." Kaido said directly.

  Jin nodded directly.

   Then went to give the order.

  Kaido shifted his gaze to the screen again.

  The cold light in his eyes became even sharper. …

   It\'s not just these people, there are many people in this world who saw this scene through the video phone bug.

  In short, this move caused a huge shock.

   Let Kahn\'s reputation rise again to a higher level.

  Punk Hazard.

   Kahn\'s warship.

   Kahn\'s appearance aroused cheers from the sailors.

   "Long live Lieutenant General Kahn, long live justice."

   Hancock is the same.

   There is excitement in the eyes.

   This is her man.

   Especially thinking that Kahn in front of him has regained his youth.

   Hancock was even happier.

  Kan signaled them to be calm.

   The cheers stopped immediately.

   Kahn\'s eyes fell on Luo.

  Luo looked at Kahn with complicated eyes.

   The guy in front of me really destroyed Punk Hazard.

  For this level of power, even he has to look up to it.

   What kind of existence did he offend?

  At this moment, he really regretted it.

   And there is another idea in Luo\'s mind.

   That is, if I have enough money, can I ask the Lieutenant General Kahn in front of me to help deal with Doflamingo?

   But he quickly smiled wryly.

  Because it\'s too late to say anything now.

  By this time, Kahn naturally wouldn\'t care about Yiluo\'s thoughts.

   "Vergo, I\'ll leave this guy to you, you can just take it away! The old man has something else to do. Also, tell that guy Doflamingo to hurry up."

  Vergo\'s eyes were full of awe.

   "Yes, Lieutenant General Kahn." Virgo replied immediately.

   Kahn nodded upon hearing this, then ignored him and went straight to the office.

   Seeing Kahn\'s disappearing back, everyone reacted.

   "Lieutenant General Kahn is really terrible, hehehehehe!" Caesar Courant\'s words sounded.

   Monet nodded immediately.

  It was okay before, but since Lieutenant General Kahn destroyed the island, she was uncomfortable in front of Lieutenant General Kahn.

   Now that Kahn is gone, she can breathe normally.

   "Luo, you didn\'t expect to have today, did you! Hehehehe!" Caesar Courant\'s tone was very mocking.

  Luo didn\'t bother to pay attention to him, but instead set his eyes on Virgo.

   Seeing Luo looking at him, Virgo looked a little puzzled.

   "Long time no see, Luo, I really didn\'t expect to meet in such a way this time. You dare to break the contract. Should I say that you have the courage? Or are you stupid?"

   "Of course I\'m stupid. I dared to offend Lieutenant General Kahn. I\'m so stupid, hehehehe!" Caesar Courant said immediately.

  Vergo glanced at this guy.

   This will just flatter you?

   "What is JOKER going to do with me?" Luo asked directly.

   "I don\'t know, I\'m only responsible for sending you there, but because of this incident, our loss is very serious, you should already be mentally prepared!" Virgo said directly.

that\'s the truth.

  The reason why Lieutenant General Kahn destroyed Punk Hazard was because of Luo in front of him.

  Anyway, when I was talking to Dover before.

  He could clearly feel the anger in Dover\'s tone.

  Luo\'s heart sank.

  But things have come to this point, we can only take one step at a time.

   Soon, Luo, led by Caesar and others, left Kahn\'s warship. …

  In the office.

  Kan is enjoying the services of Hancock.

  Of course, don\'t think about it.

   is Hancock\'s massage.

  Kahn directly opened the phone bug.

  After connecting, Robin\'s voice came from the phone bug: "Kan, what\'s the matter?"

   "Have Pochi notify the capable user team to go to Wano country. In addition, you and Zefa are the same. There are 10,000 sailors left in the base, and the rest are all rushed to Wano country."

   Robin over there froze for a moment.

   What Kahn said was beyond her expectations.

  She immediately realized that Kahn\'s previous plan had changed.

   "Did something happen? Change the plan?" Robin asked.

"Nothing happened, but I think the previous plan was a bit inappropriate. It would be too wasteful to run away after grabbing once. Wouldn\'t it be better if such a good site as Wano Country could become our new base?" Kahn said. Speak out your thoughts.

  Hearing Kahn\'s words, Robin quickly reacted.

   Wano Country is indeed a very good place, the origin of Hailou Stone, and it is also rumored to be rich in gold.

  It is a rare good place for them who are short of money.

   But soon the phone bug frowned.

   "But there are rumors that the aborigines there are very xenophobic."

   "It\'s okay, I have found the heir of the Mita family here, and we have already discussed cooperation." Kahn said directly.

  Hearing Kahn\'s words, Robin also reacted.

   Kahn wants to support a puppet.

   Then Robin stopped thinking about it.

  Since Kahn has already decided.

  Then just do what Kahn wants.

   "Okay, I see, I\'ll do it right away."

   "Well, let\'s meet in the waters near Wano Country."


   "By the way, we can\'t hide such a big move from the world government. If we leave, will there be any problems at the base, and the Chilong side is the same."

  Robin\'s concerns are not unreasonable.

   Now the relationship between them and the world government has reached a freezing point.

   There is no guarantee that after they leave, the world government will not take any action.

   There is also the just-opened Chilong.

   These are the questions.

"Don\'t worry! There shouldn\'t be any problems at the base. As for the Red Dragon, just hand it over to Doflamingo. I think he will fix it. The World Government, as long as I don\'t die, they are Don’t dare to do it blatantly.”

  Robin felt relieved after hearing this.

   "By the way, I mentioned to that guy Doflamingo before that he should completely join us." Robin said.

   "Oh! What did that guy say?" Kahn became interested.

   Doflamingo is still very capable.

   "He said he would think about it, probably because he wanted to wait for the results of this incident." Robin said.

  Kan nodded upon hearing this.

   "This cautious character is very similar to him, but sometimes in life you still need to fight."

   Speaking of this, Kahn suddenly thought of something, and then said: "Robin, there is one more thing you have to do!"

   Robin was a little puzzled. …

"whats the matter?"

"Didn\'t you just say that our actions this time can\'t avoid the world government and the high-level navy at all. If this is the case, why don\'t we pull them in? Even if they don\'t want to do it, we can do it ourselves. We have to do it ourselves. Let\'s support it!"

   Robin\'s eyes lit up.

  Smart, she immediately knew what Kahn meant.

   "I see, I will apply for equipment immediately."

  Kan smiled.

"By the way, more important points. This time, we are going to crusade against the two Four Emperors. There must be no shortage of equipment. You can tell the logistics side. If you don\'t give it, the old man will go to them for tea. In addition, the red dog may I will stop it, you just say that I will return to the Navy headquarters as soon as I finish, don\'t they want me to go?"

   "Well! I know what to do, is there anything else?" Robin asked.

"temporarily unavailable."

   "Okay, I\'ll make arrangements now."

   Robin hung up the phone after speaking.

  Because Kahn temporarily changed the plan, whether it is the base or Chilong, she needs to make reasonable arrangements.

  Kahn only mentioned a few points, but the actual operation is not that simple.

   For example, regarding equipment, the other party probably won\'t let go so easily.

  In addition to what Kahn said, she still needs to think about it.

  The same goes for the base and Chiryu.

   Fortunately, after this period of transition, everything has stabilized.

  She just needs to notify some people.

   On Kahn\'s side, after hanging up the phone, he also had a smile on his face.

   and the world government are about to have a showdown, so naturally they can squeeze out a little bit.

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