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Chapter 308 Fast Progress To Rank 2, Aiming For Rank 3

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The mages from the Blood Spear Academy had yet to arrive near Ouroboros. Arthur knew they were just being cautious. A rank 3 mage like Sebastian could travel throughout the continent fast, so it made little sense he had not arrived yet.

Arthur went to the same port he used the other time, and a different youth was the unlucky one to stay there and watch. Everyone in Ouroboros knew about Arthur, as Nefion himself had come in front of everyone to say Arthur was his grandson, so no one wanted to disrespect him in the slightest.

The youth who was in the harbor saw Arthur from the distance and recognized him in an instant.

"Arthur! I will prepare the boat for you, Sr." The youth said, showing the respect for Arthur.

If it was a normal day, then sure Arthur would go in that boat and sail chillingly to the island, but that was not the case. The situation was not looking favorable for them, and Arthur hoped Nefion had reached the rank 3, or else they would not have a chance of winning.

When Arthur was just in front of the youth, he jumped above him, started flying, and said, "no need. This is an urgency. Thank you."

With his flight spell activated, Arthur went as fast as he could toward the Ouroboros Island. Most rank 1 mages noticed a strange and powerful aura going directly toward them, so of course, they had to check to see if it was an enemy.

But when they saw it was Arthur, none of them stood in his way, but all of them had questions.

"Why is he in a hurry? Did something happen?"

Arthur flew past everyone he encountered, including Jim, who got curious, just like all the other students of Ouroboros. To see Demon Lord Arthur, the grandson of their school leader, so anxious, something big must have happened.

He went directly to the main building, up to the last floor, as that was where Nefion usually was. Arthur did not stop for a second, opening up the door to Nefion\'s room to see it empty.

"Where is that, old man? No, don\'t tell me he is..."

Arthur had a wild feeling, one he did not wish to be true, but it was something normal coming from Nefion. He left the main building, and went to the bathing area not that far, and there he saw it, an old man behind a bush watching some young girls showering.

"Old man! What are you doing?" Arthur said as he went behind Nefion, tapping him on the shoulder.

"Shh. If you speak too loud, they will hear us!"

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"Old man, we have some serious problems."

"Serious problems? Can it wait for the bath?"

"No, it cannot."

Nefion turned around to see Arthur staring at him with a serious face. He instantly knew it was a serious problem, and Arthur was not making it up just to get him out of that place.

The two of them left the bushes, going to Nefion\'s room to speak about what was happening. Arthur went directly to the point, sitting in front of Nefion with his legs crossed, saying, "the rank 3 mage and the students of the Blood Spear Academy are coming toward us."

Nefion, who was also sitting, got up after hearing the sentence. He was more than anxious.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure. I don\'t know how far they are, but they must get close."

"Well, it would happen eventually. Kiddo, I reached the rank 3 already, but I am not sure I can win against Sebastian." Nefion said.

Arthur was surprised to see Nefion reaching the rank 3 so fast, and for a moment he had hopes, but hearing the old man say he could not defeat Sebastian made him feel sadder.

"Are you sure you can\'t win? Is there a way for me to be useful in the fight?"

"Look, Ouroboros is not a weak school. The barrier we have around the island and the small village outside is enough to endure their attacks for one month. Kiddo, I have one month to get stronger in the rank 3 realm, and if you want to help, you have one month to reach the rank 3. Can you do it?"

"Reach rank 3 in a month?"

Arthur was not sure that was possible, but if he wanted to help Nefion and everyone he cared about, then he would have to do everything in his grasp to achieve such a thing.

He was almost reaching the rank 2 after consuming the mana from Sybille\'s necklace, but in normal ways it would still take him some time to level up, but with Nefion there, it was not a problem for him anymore.

Nefion said that with his new power as a rank 3 mage, he could help Arthur reach the rank 2 as he was already close to it, but from the rank 2 to the rank 3 there was not much he could do.

The only reason Nefion even believed Arthur had a chance of achieving such a thing was because he was Placidusax! Placidusax was his lord back then, and Nefion knew the power the Lord of Dragons had. If anyone could go from rank 2 to 3 in one month, then it had to be the Lord of Dragons!

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After Arthur agreed to try, Nefion helped him reach rank 2, which turned out to be a simple task for him, but the moment Arthur reached that realm, everyone in Ouroboros and beyond felt his aura.

He was already stronger than normal mages, and now on a higher level, that feeling was more prominent than ever! Even Nefion was shocked to see the difference between the rank 1 Arthur and the rank 2.

Sure, every mage would get a tremendous increase in power, but what happened to Arthur was just ridiculous. Nefion now saw a hope of Arthur reaching rank 3 and dealing with Sebastian without problems.

"Perhaps once again my lord will help us?" Nefion thought.

"This is incredible! I feel so much better!"

Arthur was astonished after feeling the strength inside his body increasing each second, as if it would never stop. He believed he had the power to take down anyone below rank 3, but a rank 3 mage was still his opponent, so it was not enough.

"Any plans on how to reach rank 3?" Nefion asked, looking slightly worried.

"First, I need my wives!"

Normal mages had to meditate, get the mana from the atmosphere, and then condense it into Spiritual Force to then reach the next level.

Arthur could have sex, get mana from his level ups, and then condense it into Spiritual Force, making it way faster than normal

He was not sure if it would be possible to reach the rank 3 in a month, but what Arthur was sure was that he would have a fun time with his wives.

The speed at which Arthur left the Ouroboros island was extraordinary. It was way faster than before, and no one could even see him, not even rank 1 mages.

Arthur passed through the island, then the sea, the small village, eventually making his way back to Odemore, shocking everyone there with his aura!

"A rank 2 mage is coming. We must prepare. Wait, I know this aura." Wisa said.

It was Arthur, shocking all of them once again. But Jane and Wisa could not understand the meaning behind his smirk.

"What a month it will be!" Arthur thought.

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