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114. Beautiful day

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Tomoka and Nozomi sat in a dark corner of the main room where Danzo kept his little throne in the shape of the Hokage’s chair. The two watched as Tomoka’s phantoms played mind games with the old man. Then once the words Tomoka was waiting for were said she began to move.

“Omae wa mou shindeiru.”


Tomoka walked out of the shadows in the corner as she looked at Danzo’s terrified face. However, once he saw her he relaxed visibly. Tomoka couldn’t help but laugh internally as she saw the gears in the old man’s head spinning. For sure he had underestimated her at this point. 

“Tomoka Fushi. I don’t know how you found this place or who helped you but it does not matter. To think I was worried for a moment” As Danzo said that he recalled the information he had on her. She is a skilled kid with a lot of potential, unfortunately for her potential isn’t the same as power. 

“No one helped me but that is besides the point. I am here to judge you Danzo Shimura and I have decided you deserve death. Let\'s get this party going.” Hearing this Danzo felt anger. 

“Who do you think you are to judge me? Everything I have done I have done for the benefit of Konoha.” Tomoka didn’t bother to give him a proper answer and just shrugged. She was determined to continue with her theatrics.    

“It’s a beautiful day outside.” Tomoka’s words caught Danzo by surprise as he didn’t understand what she was trying to get at. 

“Birds are singing.”

“Flowers are blooming.” With every word Tomoka spoke Danzo felt like a noose was slowly tightening around his neck. He wanted to attack but his instincts were screaming at him not to do so. 

“On days like this.” 

“Bastards like you.” At this point Danzo had cold sweat flowing down his back as he prepared to activate his Izanagi any second now.


As Tomoka finished her little show the room turned dark for a single second before it lit up once again by the hundred eyes staring at Danzo. What followed was a veritable flood of attacks in his direction. 

Each and every single root agent that had been possessed appeared from dark corners and passages and began their assault on their former leader. Jutsus of all types flew around doing more damage to the many root members than Danzo. This continued for a few minutes before all of them had died at the hands of either Danzo or their own compatriots. 

“Was that your plan? What a waste of time” Danzo smiled with contempt. However, to his horror he saw how the many dead ninja began moving again as if brought from the dead. 

“Time for round two” By this point Tomoka hadn’t taken a single step and simply watched as Danzo struggled with the many possessed corpses. A veritable flood of ninja zombies controlled by her phantoms. 

Tomoka made sure to keep Danzo on his toes but didn’t want to force him to use the Izanagi just yet. She wouldn’t want to waste the chance to kill him over and over again like that. 

A couple of minutes later body parts were strewn everywhere. The corpses as of now were so damaged that trying to use them was simply inefficient at this point. However, they accomplish their purpose. Danzo was both tired and scared shitless. 

“Bravo, you managed to get through the fodder, how about we start with the main course.” Tomoka said while clapping slowly adding to her sarcasm.      


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