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v2 Chapter 2166: A bigger plot!

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, the fastest update of the engineering otaku mixed in Datang! "...Su Mou is fortunate enough not to be disgraced! The ten teams under Little Khan\'s subordinates, 90,000 troops, have all fled the grasslands and are now stationed outside the county!"

At four quarters of the 19th Hour, Yunzhong County, Yunzhou Camp, Su Dingfang, Ni Shituo and others rushed into the Yuanmen on horseback and went straight to the central army tent. Several people in the tent heard the movement and quickly walked out. It was Tully. Seeing Tuli, Su Dingfang quickly stepped forward and clasped his fists.

"I have seen Duke Ju! I have seen Duke Dingyuan!"

At this moment, Su Ding saw two people coming out from behind Tuli. One was Tang Jian, whom he had seen in the frontier camp before, and the other was a majestic and handsome middle-aged general who was just a little behind. It was half a step suddenly, and the sky was dark and the light was not good, so Su Dingfang didn\'t notice it at first.

The Duke of Dingyuan County, namely Zhang Gongjin, was one of the twenty-four heroes of Lingyan Pavilion in the Tang Dynasty. Zhang Gongjin was originally the governor of Weizhou under Wang Shichong. Later, under the recommendation of Xu Shiji and others, he became a staff member of the Qin palace, and assisted Li Shimin in launching the Xuanwu Gate Revolution, serving as the governor of Daizhou and the Duke of Dingyuan.

Although Zhang Gongjin did not participate in as many wars as Li Jing, Qin Qiong, Cheng Yaojin and others in his life, he did a very famous thing, which directly promoted the change of Xuanwumen. , Lord Shisuke!"

In June of the ninth year of Wude, on the eve of the change of Xuanwumen, Li Shimin asked the wizard to burn the tortoise shell to make a hexagram. At this time, a general walked in from outside, picked up the tortoise shell and threw it on the ground, saying:

"Any divination person will decide to suspect and hesitate. Now that there is no doubt about the matter, why is there a divination? Even if the divination is unlucky, it is inevitable (divination is used to determine doubtful things, now things are very clear, What else are you doing with divination. If the results of the divination are unlucky, should it be stopped (coup d\'état))."

This general is Zhang Gongjin!

It is precisely because of Zhang Gongjin\'s resoluteness that Li Shimin strengthened his determination to initiate the Xuanwu Gate uprising. Therefore, some later generations said that "without Zhang Gongjin and Yuchi Jingde, Taizong could not kill his brother."

Xuanwumen changed, when Prince Li Jiancheng and Qi King Li Yuanji were killed, their subordinates Feng Li, Xue Wanche, Xie Shufang and others led 2,000 elite soldiers and horses to quickly rushed to Xuanwumen, ready to avenge their masters. Zhang Gongjin was extremely brave and closed the door alone, blocking Feng Li and others from the door, and Feng Li and others eventually broke up.

Zhang Gongjin was also promoted to General Zuowu Hou at the age of 33 because of his contribution to the change of Xuanwu Gate, and was awarded the title of Duke Dingyuan. Such a promotion speed is relatively rare in the Zhenguan Dynasty!

In the first year of Zhenguan, Zhang Gongjin served as the governor of Daizhou, and controlled the troops and horses of Daizhou.

Under the influence of Li Zexuan, in April this year, Li Er ordered Chai Shao and Yuchi Jingde to lead the army to exterminate Liang Shidu. During this period, in order to stop the Tang army from attacking the city, Jie Li sent his wolf cavalry to the south, brazenly invaded the border of Datang, and rushed to the aid of Liang Shidu. . Fortunately, Tang Jun had already expected this. Chai Shao set up an ambush on the way to Shuofang City on the wolf ride, and happened to encounter the celestial dog eating the sun and the sky. Taking advantage of the terrain and first-mover advantage, he defeated the Turkic wolf ride!

In addition, in July, the Turkic national teacher secretly infiltrated the Yanhuang Academy, stole the secret information of the academy, broke through all the way, and joined the 50,000 wolves he led at the Longmen Pass, and a fierce battle broke out with the Tang army outside the Longmen Pass!

Within a few months, the Turkic wolf cavalry invaded the territory of the Tang Dynasty twice, which made Li Er realize that the national war between the Tang Dynasty and the Turks would come soon. Many military officer positions have also been transferred and arranged, including the establishment of the Yunzhou Governor\'s Office!

(Historically, in March of the fourth year of Zhenguan, after the Tang army destroyed the Eastern Turks, he set up the four prefectures of Shun, You, Hua, and Chang, as well as Dingxiang and Yunzhou. Before that, Yunzhou does not have a governor\'s mansion, nor a governor, only 30,000 frontier troops. The course of history has once again been deviated because of Li Zexuan)

Because Yunzhou is located at the border, only one county of Yunzhong County is under its jurisdiction, and it is adjacent to Daizhou. Therefore, Zhang Gongjin was "promoted" and was promoted to the governor of Daizhou, the governor of Yunzhou, and the governor of Daizhou and Yunzhou. Control the troops and horses of the two states, and take charge of the government affairs of the two states!

At this time, Yunzhou\'s strategic position in Datang is almost equivalent to a "military buffer zone", because it is located at the border and directly borders the grassland. If there is a conflict between Datang and the Turks, Yunzhou will immediately fall into war, so The land of Yunzhou is sparsely populated. After several years, the Turks have often plundered southwards. Most of the people who can move southwards have moved southward to Daizhou, Shuozhou, and Bingzhou.

Taking Yunzhou as a "military buffer zone", a border camp is set up here. If the Turks go south and loot, the Tang army can keep the enemy from the country, and Daizhou can be used as the logistics support for Yunzhou, and it will continue to flow. Provide supplies and troops for the front line!

Li Er asked Zhang Gongjin to be in charge of the military and government affairs of the two prefectures, so that he could command the strength and resources of the two prefectures and guard the country for the Tang Dynasty!

In the evening, after receiving the news from Su Dingfang\'s subordinates, Zhang Gongjin from the Daizhou Governor\'s Mansion hurriedly rushed to the Yunzhou camp, met with Tuli, and sent reinforcements to chase Su Dingfang and assist Su Dingfang to help him from the grasslands. The remnants of the profit were withdrawn from the grasslands.

"Haha! General Su doesn\'t need to be too polite!"

They are all of the same age (Su Dingfang is two years older than Zhang Gongjin), and they are both military generals of the Tang Dynasty. In addition, Zhang Gongjin and Li Jing have a good personal relationship. Naturally, he has no bad feelings towards Su Dingfang. He stepped forward and patted Su Dingfang on the shoulder, saying: :

"Dingfang, all the 90,000 troops of the little khan have withdrawn from the grasslands?"

Su Dingfang nodded.

Tuli, who was standing on the side, said happily at this time: "Okay! That\'s great! Shi Bobi replaced the help of many generals Xie Su under his command!"

These 90,000 members are regarded as Tuli\'s "political capital", not because he intends to make a comeback, but now that he has made up his mind to join the Tang Dynasty, the more people he has in his hands, the more he can get from the Tang Dynasty. The benefit of the 90,000 troops plus the 10,000 light cavalry that evacuated the grassland with him, he brought a total of 100,000 people to the Tang Dynasty. After joining the Tang court, he must have won the title of a prince. Moreover, Li Er might still assign these 100,000 people to his official system. Therefore, Su Dingfang can be regarded as a big favor for Tuli!

"You\'re welcome, little Khan!"

Su Dingfang waved his hand. In fact, he didn\'t do anything for the rescue in the grassland this time. The process in the middle was a bit unexpected. He originally thought that he would encounter Jie Li\'s army on the grassland, but he didn\'t! The 90,000 remnants of Tuli were able to withdraw from the grasslands without any hindrance!

"Dingfang has worked hard all the way! Let\'s talk about it after we get the account!"

Zhang Gongjin was not overjoyed like Tuli. After thinking about it for a while, he felt that something was wrong, so he looked at the crowd and said.

Several people agreed.

After a while, everyone returned to the central army tent. Zhang Gongjin was sitting in the first seat in the middle. Su Dingfang, Tang Jian, Tuli, and Ni Shituo were on the left and right. Zhang Gongjin asked, "Dingfang, you just said that you are following During the retreat from the grasslands, I didn\'t encounter a Jie Li army, but the truth?"

Su Dingfang clasped his fists and said, "It\'s absolutely true! Not only the team led by the last general has not encountered Jie Li\'s army, but neither have the other nine teams, so none of the 90,000 troops of the little khan are retreating. casualties in the process!"

Tuli, who was full of joy, also came back to his senses at this time, he frowned and said: "This does not seem to be normal! Duo Bi hates someone to the bone, otherwise he would not have encouraged Tie Le\'s 300,000 troops to encircle Ben Khan. In the afternoon, Ben Khan led his troops to withdraw from the grasslands. Duo Bi must have received the news. With his character, he would definitely send wolf cavalry to chase him! Even if he couldn\'t catch up with the light cavalry under Ben Khan\'s command, the old and weak of Ben Khan\'s troops would still be young and old. Wounded soldiers, they will definitely be able to catch up!"

Zhang Gongjin nodded and said: "What Zhang said was what Zhang wanted to say! Jie Li was a brutal man. Xiao Khan led his followers to evacuate the grasslands. In his eyes, it was tantamount to defecting to the Turks. With his character, he would definitely be poor all the way. Chase! You didn\'t encounter a single pursuer during your retreat, which means..."

Speaking of which, Zhang Gongjing paused for a while, a little unsure.

"This shows that Jie Li must have a bigger plan, and it\'s just tonight! So he doesn\'t have the energy to send troops to pursue the little khan\'s group!"

Tang Jian twitched his beard, a flash of light flashed in his mind, and he slapped the case and said.

"A bigger plot~?"

A strange look flashed in Zhang Gongjin\'s eyes, and the rest of the people in the tent also looked thoughtful.

Tuli thought for a while and analyzed: "Now the ten Tiele troops have decided to unite against Duobi, and the ten troops and horses retreated one after another in the afternoon, and Ben Khan\'s men and horses were able to break away from the encirclement and withdraw from the grassland. If it\'s a big plot, Ben Khan guesses that it\'s only possible that he wants to suppress the rebellion of the Tenth Division!"

Su Ding said with some doubts: "Tie Le Ten just made the Next page this afternoon! The current page 1/total 2 pages

To resist Jie Li\'s actions, how could Jie Li send troops to suppress it at night? Although the strength of Tie Le\'s ten troops is not as good as that of Jie Li, they still have millions of troops together. If Jie Li wants to suppress it, if he doesn\'t make preparations and make a move, he will suffer heavy losses. I can\'t believe Jie Li would be so reckless! "

Tang Jian said categorically: "According to common sense, it is really unwise for Jie Li to send troops to suppress the ten Tiele troops tonight! But Jie Li knew that the little khan led his troops to withdraw from the grasslands, but did not withdraw to intercept them, which means that at this moment He has no extra energy and doesn\'t want to divide his troops! The ten Tiele units together have millions of troops. It is really difficult to suppress them by ordinary methods, but what if Jie Li uses unusual methods? We must not underestimate the strength of Jie Li. !"

Zhang Gong thought for a moment, and said: "Juguo Gong is right! We can\'t underestimate Jie Li, we must be vigilant about this matter! Since Jie Li has no time to take care of him tonight, I will take the opportunity to send a group of scouts to go deep into the grasslands to inquire about the news. Let\'s see what Jie Li does tonight!"

Su Dingfang thought about it, but did not object to Zhang Gongjin\'s decision. Because Jie Li did not send troops to pursue the remnants of Tuli, it shows that Jie Li is indeed focusing all his energy on other things. Tonight, 80% of the defenses on the periphery of the grassland are empty, just for the scouts to sneak in.

Seeing that there was no objection, Zhang Gongjin paused and said:

"In addition, I would have received news that in order to make Jie Li fearful and not dare to pursue and attack the troops of the little khan, Your Majesty ordered Cao Guogong to lead 2,000 elite light cavalry to the border of Yunzhou, from Yunzhou, Shuo Fifty thousand soldiers and horses were dispatched from the four prefectures of Zhou, Daizhou, and Youzhou. Chen Bing practiced day and night in the north of Yunzhou, forming a deterrent to Jie Li!

At the time of His Majesty\'s decree, it was not known that the ten tribes of Tiele had decided to resist Jieli, much less that Little Khan had led his troops out of the steppe. To buy time for the imperial court to conquer the Turks in the north, it is still necessary for Chen Bing to form a deterrent against Jie Li at the border of Yunzhou!

According to the report from the scouts, Duke Cao\'s army is expected to arrive in Yunzhou before dawn tomorrow! The situation on the grasslands has changed abruptly today. Before Cao Guogong comes, we must grasp the situation on the grasslands as thoroughly as possible, so that we can make plans later! Tonight, I have to trouble the little khan to send a few people to assist our army and sneak into the grasslands! "

In the early morning Li Er informed the ministers about the frost in the middle of summer in the grasslands yesterday, the panic in the Turkic people, and the fact that the tribes are likely to rebel against Jieli in the near future. The ministers were excited, and then Li Er ordered Li Ji to lead the army. Go to Yunzhou, mobilize the troops and horses of Yunzhou, Shuozhou, Daizhou, and Youzhou, and practice at the border of Chen Bing, day and night, to deter Jie Li, and let Jie Li allocate part of his energy to guard against the Tang army, so that he will not use all his forces. Come to encircle and suppress Tuli and the rebellion!

This is Li Zexuan\'s long-established plan to divide the Turks, and Tang Jian has completed the most critical part of the plan!

"Don\'t worry, Duke Dingyuan, the soldiers under Ben Khan are very familiar with the grassland environment, and they will definitely be able to assist your subordinates to sneak into the grasslands smoothly!"

Tully responded quickly.

The more he cooperates with Zhang Gongjin now, the more likely he is to make meritorious deeds, and the more rewarding the imperial court will be, right?

This guy has now regarded himself as a Tang Dynasty, and he is always thinking of meritorious service!

"Okay! Then there\'s Lao Xiao Khan!"

Zhang Gongjin smiled, and then said: "Today, the little Khan led the team all the way. I must be exhausted. I would have sent the little Khan back to the camp to rest!"

Tully has no problem, he escaped for a day today, and now he has finally "found the organization". Once he relaxes, he is really sleepy. Originally, he wanted to go out of the city to visit the troops stationed outside the city, but he was too sleepy. I didn\'t insist, and after saying goodbye to everyone, I left the Chinese army tent!

"Dingfang, Duke Ju, if Jie Li really intends to lead an army to suppress the ten Tiele troops tonight, and he will send a few light cavalry into the grasslands to harass them, what do you two think~?"

After Tuli and Ni Shituo left, only Zhang Gongjin, Su Dingfang, and Tang Jian were left in the tent.


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