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Chapter 4754 Never Too Late to Love (161)

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Chapter 4754 Never Too Late to Love (161)

Mu Yueyao returned to the hotel and walked into the elevator. It was when she was searching for the swipe card through all her pockets that she realized that her bag was missing.

The card was in her bag, but the bag wasn't on her. Mu Yueyao was stunned for a moment. She furrowed her eyebrows. Even when the elevator door slowly shut and began to ascend, she was in a daze.

Where was her bag?

She remembered that she had it on her back when she went to the airport. On the way back… She couldn't remember when her bag had suddenly disappeared. She had walked all the way back, and did not recall having met anyone. In the end, she took a taxi. That's right. When she paid at the end of the ride, her bag was right next to her. Mu Yueyao could not recall anything else besides.

Was her bag really gone?!

Other than the hotel card, her passport and all her documents were in her bag!


Only then did Mu Yueyao realize the severity of the matter.

Damn it.

The money and bank cards were a small matter. Although she had a credit card, the exemption limit was relatively small. Furthrr, it could be canceled at any time if she went to the bank. However, there were the official documents and proofs of identity. Most importantly, if she didn't have the access card to the room, where would she stay tonight?

Before she knew it, the elevator chimed and the doors opened again.

Just as the doors slid open, Mu Yueyao looked up. When she saw the group of people standing before her, she was stunned once more!

She had run into him again…

Jing Yang.

He must have returned to the hotel early, but he was not alone. Beside him, in addition to his manager and assistant, was a gorgeously dressed girl. She was dressed sexily, and when she smiled, there was a hint of cuteness.

The reason why Mu Yueyao was shocked was because this girl was leaning against Jing Yang. They were standing very close to each other, looking very intimate.

Jing Yang was initially talking to the girl next to him. When he turned around and saw Mu Yueyao standing in the elevator, he was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he reached out and held the girl's hand.

The girl seemed stunned for a moment as well, and her face immediately turned red. She shyly and affectionately held Jing Yang's hand back. The two of them walked into the elevator with their hands tightly clasped together.

The hotel's VIP elevator was not very big to begin with. When the group of five entered the elevator, Mu Yueyao was immediately pushed into a corner. She was not very tall, so from her angle, she could only see Jing Yang and the girl holding hands tightly.

There were two assistants between her and the two of them, but she could vaguely sense that they were more than just friends.

Where are they going at this time of night?

Besides… Jing Yang was staying in this hotel. The others were either managers or assistants. What about this girl?

Why was she with him so late at night?

Could it be…?

Was this the female companion that the organizer had arranged for Jing Yang?

It was said that often, when celebrities accepted events, the organizers would arrange for a beautiful girl for the male celebrity as an escort.

On days when there were local activities, this girl would always be by his side and he could do whatever he wanted with her. Many male idols were not permitted to date during the contract period, let alone get married. However, biological needs had to be fulfilled.

Therefore, the organizers considered these problems and generally arranged for such female escorts.

Usually, when the celebrity returned to the hotel, the girl would already be waiting in the room.

At this time of the night, were they preparing to go out for supper or go to a nightclub to drink?

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