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Chapter 3714 - A New Addition (330)

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Chapter 3714: A New Addition (330)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Because the man you’re marrying is… Master Gu!”

They did not even dare to mention him by his name.

Chu He could feel the ends of her eyebrows twitch. “What about Gu Jinglian?”

They gasped almost as a reflex, seeing that this bride did not seem to have any awareness at all.

“Ma’am, don’t you know what a terrifying reputation your man has throughout the capital? In the business world, there’s a saying that one would rather offend the Mu family than the Gu family! After all… the Gu family has a triad background!”

Chu He felt that they had demonized Gu Jinglian.

“Actually, Gu Jinglian is not as scary as you say. The Gu family is not as scary as you think.” At least, apart from Gu Jinglian, Chu He felt that the other members of the Gu family were easy to get along with.

Perhaps there was no difference between being a triad member and those who have many worldly dealings. She had always felt that the members of the Gu family were like the heroes of the pugilistic world in ancient times. They were heroic, straightforward, and simple-minded. In fact, human beings are really quite simple.

But Gu Jinglian.

“He’s just a little weird. Actually, he’s not as scary as you think.”

They looked at each other, still on tenterhooks.

“I’ve always felt that marrymg a man like Master Gu requires sufficient courage!”

Chu He looked at herself in the mirror and did not say much more. Although the makeup process was very boring, she did not like to talk too much about private matters with outsiders. She knew the sort of man Gu Jinglian was. She knew best too, the sort of man she was marrying.

But since she had decided to get married, she was mentally prepared for things that may come in the future.

However, she could not read Gu Jinglian’s mind. If the decision to register their marriage was purely for Baby Chu, then why was Gu Jinglian holding this wedding event now?! Initially, Chu He had said that a simple wedding would be adequate. There was no need for a grand ceremony or a luxurious wedding event. They just needed to go through the process. But Gu Jinglian said, “How can we be casual with my wedding?”

It had to be said, he was quite particular. Either he would hold no wedding event, or if there was one it would have to be grand.

Anyway, the Gu family did not lack money or manpower. No matter what, they must not pale in comparison to the Mu family in this wedding. At least, they had to be on par with each other.

It was just male chauvinism on his part, that he firmly believed that he must not treat his own woman unfairly, even if he were to treat the rest of the world unfairly. Mu Yazhe had organized such a grand wedding for his wife, so how could his own woman be given any less?!

Although Chu He really didn’t feel that a simple wedding was considered any less, Gu Jinglian felt a wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime event that should not be carelessly handled. Butler Fu also did persuade them, saying that this was a woman’s once-in-a-lifetime event, so no matter what, they had to make it look presentable!

Chu He did not like to make a big fuss of things, so Butler Fu patted his chest and promised that she would not need to worry about the wedding. “There is more than enough manpower in the Gu family residence, there’s no need for you to worry. When the time comes, you just need to sit back, look pretty and follow the process!”

Chu He agreed.

The moment she agreed to this, Butler Fu jumped right into action.

First, he started to contemplate if the wedding should be of Chinese or Western


The Gu family was a traditional family and did not like Western weddings. Butler Fu had also asked Chu He for her opinion. The biggest difference between a Chinese wedding and a Western wedding was the dress…

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