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Chapter 583: Effort is also talent

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Chapter 583 Hard work is also talent

"How could this be..." Xiao Li, who was lying on the ground, looked at Neji who had been declared victorious.

"Just one move, one move defeated me..." Xiao Li\'s face was full of disbelief.

Before the battle, although he didn\'t dare to say that he defeated Neji 100%, he felt that there was a possibility of winning, after all, he had improved so much.

He didn\'t expect that Ning Ci could instantly kill him with the power of thunder.

The strength of the two is not at the same level at all, the difference is too big.

The people around saw that Xiao Li was instantly killed by Ning Ci, but they didn\'t show surprise or disparity, because in their understanding, Ning Ci was a genius who could do anything, while Xiao Li was just an ordinary person.

Ordinary people can\'t beat geniuses, it\'s a matter of course.

Xiao Li stood by frustratedly, watching the end of one battle after another. In the end, Ningci easily won the first place, and no one could pass the second move in his hands.

Looking at Ning Ci who had won the first prize and still maintained a calm expression when facing the teacher with a smile and praise, Xiao Li felt a little at a loss.

\'Could it be that no matter how hard I try, an ordinary person like me can\'t surpass a genius like Neji? \'

He worked hard for half a semester and wanted to be a blockbuster in the mid-term exam, but was defeated by Ning Ci with one move. Xiao Li was a little disheartened at the moment, and felt that his efforts seemed meaningless.

So what\'s the use of practicing hard? He practiced hard every day, getting up early and going to bed late, but was killed by Ning Ci with one move.

And the classmate who played all day but didn\'t study and seldom exercised was also killed by Ning Ci\'s one move, so what is the difference between them.

Oh, the difference is that those students at least had fun and had fun.

After returning home, Xiao Li subconsciously went to the nearby training ground to practice and hit the wooden stakes as usual after eating and digesting.

But after hitting it twice, Xiao Li suddenly stopped.

"Is my practice really useful?" Xiao Li looked confused.

"If you can\'t catch up with a genius like Neji no matter how hard you try, wouldn\'t it be better to live a more comfortable life? Like them, as long as you pass the exam, the rest will be happy..."

"But do you really think you\'ll be happy that way?"

Suddenly, a man with a watermelon head and thick eyebrows in a green tights jumped down from the tree and asked Xiao Li in a serious voice.

"Everyone has their own way of life. Some people choose to burn their youth to chase unattainable dreams, and some people choose to live an ordinary life. But don\'t you know what your inner choice is?"

"The way I want to live..." Xiao Li read silently.

Of course he knows this, he wants to be a great ninja, even if he can only use taijutsu.

"I want to be a great ninja, but that\'s impossible because I don\'t have the talent of a genius." Xiao Li said with some frustration.

"Ordinary people can\'t catch up with those geniuses no matter how hard they try."

"Then why are you still training?" Metkay laughed, showing his gleaming white teeth.

Only then did Xiao Li realize that he subconsciously began to practice again.

"Genius is not impossible to surpass, but it is extremely difficult to surpass! You must work hard with the determination to surpass everything." Maitekai\'s expression became serious again.

"Hatake Kakashi, do you know?" Matt Kai asked.

Rock Lee nodded, Kakashi is still very famous in Konoha.

"There is no doubt that Kakashi is a genius, and now I have 42 wins and 40 losses against him!"

"I don\'t dare to say what will happen in the future. At this stage, I can say that my strength surpasses Kakashi!" Maitkai raised his chest and smiled, his two rows of big white teeth were particularly shiny.

"Could it be that you are the Master Maitekai who uses physical skills?" Xiao Li looked at the man in the green tights in surprise.

Although Maitekai does not have enough record to sing, but his powerful taijutsu also shines in the Yanyin battlefield. Although his reputation is definitely not as good as that of Kakashi, he is still well-known in Konoha.

"That\'s right, I\'m Konoha\'s proud blue beast Maitkai!" Maitkai nodded.

"Actually, I\'m really similar to you. Do you know that at the beginning, I was almost unable to enter the ninja school because of my talent." Mai Tekai and Xiao Li told their own stories.

"A strong man like you can\'t enter the ninja school because of his talent?" Xiao Li was shocked.

Although he knew that there was such a strong Jnin as Maitkai, he really didn\'t know that Maitkai had such a past.

"That\'s right." Matt Kay nodded.

"In the ninja school, I met Kakashi, my lifelong opponent. He was a real genius, and he was really strong at that time. The first time I fought with him, he cleanly knocked me out with just one move. Defeated." Metkai talked about his experience with Kakashi\'s acquaintance.

Xiao Li didn\'t know how to describe his current mood.

Like, so similar, he was told by the teacher that he might as well go to an ordinary school because of his poor talent, and Maitkai almost couldn’t get into school because of his talent. He worked hard for half a semester and was given a second move by Neji, and Maitkai was also given a trick by Kakashi second.

"However, how can you give up your dream just because of one failure? Failure is also an important part of youth! I practice hard, and if I can\'t do five hundred push-ups, I can do a thousand. If I can\'t do it, I can run a hundred laps around the village. In the end, I chose to surpass Kakashi."

"Xiao Li, I have been watching you for a while. You are very similar to me, ordinary but hardworking. Don\'t deny yourself just because of one failure." Maitekai said seriously.

"Effort is also a kind of talent, we are geniuses who work hard!"

Xiao Li\'s mind was shocked, and his blood boiled with enthusiasm from what Maitekai said, and he even wanted to practice all night.

"Would you like to be my disciple? Let\'s work together to surpass all the geniuses and become the strongest with physical skills!" Maitkai smiled and showed his white teeth, and stretched out his hand to Xiao Li.

"Teacher Kai, I am willing!" Xiao Li said loudly with excitement.

After learning about Mai Tekai\'s experience, Mai Tekai directly became the idol in Xiao Li\'s heart.

Because Maitekai has experienced similar experiences to Xiao Li, but he has already lived the way Xiao Li wants to live, and has become a strong man who only uses physical skills.

How can Xiao Li not admire and yearn for such a Maitkai.

"Good! Very energetic." Hearing that Xiao Li called the teacher directly, Maitekai nodded in satisfaction.

"Then let\'s run around Konoha ten laps to warm up and then start practicing!"

"Okay, Teacher Kai!" Xiao Li\'s face was completely bewildered, and there was only enthusiasm for cultivation.

Since then, Konoha has had another taijutsu ninja wearing a green tights and a watermelon head.

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