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Chapter 1560 - 1560 Mu Tianyan\'s Strange Actions

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1560 Mu Tianyan’s Strange Actions

Hearing what Duanmu Ge said, not only was Duanmu Chun not happy, but his pupils suddenly constricted.

Because he knew best why the body of the emperor was getting worse and worse. It had even reached the point where he was about to die.

Suddenly, Duanmu Chun thought of a key point.

Two days ago, he even received news from the Imperial City that his father was already in a coma, but the second prince said that his arrival was his father’s idea?

In an instant, Duanmu Chun looked at Duanmu Ge with a hint of hostility.

“You said that Father sent you here personally?” Duanmu Chun stared at Duanmu Ge without blinking, not letting go of any expression on his face.

Duanmu Ge nodded calmly. “That’s right. Father is really a wise ruler. He’s been unconscious for so long and it’s rare for him to wake up for fifteen minutes. In the end, he’s just asking about the state.”

As he spoke, Duanmu Ge shook his head. “It’s all thanks to Eldest Brother and the patriarch of the Liang family that the beast tide was resolved this time. Otherwise, I’m afraid Father wouldn’t be at ease.”

Seeing that Duanmu Ge didn’t seem to be lying, Duanmu Chun’s suspicion towards him decreased a little.

After all, when that person gave him the medicine, he had already told him that there would be a short period of clarity in the final stage.

However, as long as that b*tch, Consort Xian, was still under his surveillance, that old man probably wouldn’t dare to say anything he shouldn’t!

While Duanmu Ge was talking to Duanmu Chun, the golden pagoda in the ancient space suddenly shouted.

“Oh, oh, oh! Master, Master, I feel a familiar aura. It seems to be that guy related to the Beast Attracting Grass.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia stopped eating the pastry for a moment and said via voice transmission, “Did you just notice it?”

“Right, but the aura left behind by that person is too weak. I’m still not sure right now. Master, can you get closer to the target?” The golden pagoda said in distress.

As the golden pagoda spoke, Lu Zijia’s gaze quickly locked onto the Second Prince, Duanmu Ge.

Duanmu Ge was the only one who had just entered. He was undoubtedly the most suspicious.

Mu Tianyan heard the voice transmission between Lu Zijia and the golden pagoda.

Before Lu Zijia could think of a way to approach Duanmu Ge, Mu Tianyan pulled her up first and walked towards Duanmu Ge.

Lu Zijia: “…” Was it really good to be so direct?

However, this was really in line with her man’s style.

Mu Tianyan’s sudden move instantly attracted the attention of everyone present.

And as the person targeted, Duanmu Ge, there was a stormy sea under his honest appearance.

Mu Tianyan gave him a strong feeling. He was too strong!

This kind of strength didn’t mean that his cultivation level was strong, but a kind of suppression in his aura, making him feel like he was about to suffocate.

Could this be the difference between a peerless genius and an ordinary cultivator?

Thinking of this, Duanmu Ge couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of envy.

Just as Duanmu Ge was about to give himself away under this invisible pressure, Mu Tianyan raised his glass at him and took a sip.

Then, without caring if Duanmu Ge had any reaction, he pulled his wife back to her seat as if nothing had happened.

Duanmu Ge: “…”

Everyone else: “…”

The aura on Mu Tianyan’s body was so strong just then. They thought that Mu Tianyan was going to attack Duanmu Ge!

In the end…

In the end, it was just for a toast?

However, wasn’t it too scary to toast like this? Besides, he didn’t say anything.

More importantly, if he wanted a toast, so be it. Why did he drag his wife along?

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