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Chapter 1956 - 1956 Verbal Attack

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1956 Verbal Attack

This star was full of potholes. Obviously, it was not skillfully used enough and did not unleash its potential.

However, this star contained tremendous overbearing power and pressure!

“What is Qin Yu’s technique?” everyone exclaimed.

They felt the star in Qin Yu’s hand was not less powerful than Shi Shifeng’s!


As for this technique, only Qin Yu knew about it because it was the Star Seal that he had inherited from his father!

The Star Seal turned into a true star and grew bigger. It almost suppressed everything as it pushed toward the Big Dipper Slash!


At this moment, the star expanded to its maximum size. Both its size and internal qi were incredibly terrifying.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The Big Dipper Slash struck the star, creating a deafening boom. Beams of dazzling light enveloped the earth and swept toward the surroundings.

“What a terrifying technique!”

“These two people actually have such secret techniques!”

Everyone exclaimed for they had never expected Qin Yu to have a way to deal with the Immortal Emperor technique!

“Crack! Crack!”

Under the terrifying power of the Big Dipper Slash, the star was nearly slashed down. Looking at it carefully, one could even see pieces of gravel.

But soon, the gravel that was slashed down turned into a black light and merged back with the star, erupting with even more terrifying divine power suppressing the Big Dipper Slash!

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

The two terrifying techniques collided with each other continuously, and it sounded like there was a dragon’s roar. The Big Dipper Slash revealed the true Immortal Emperor’s technique, which was indeed terrifying!

However, Qin Yu’s star was not weak either. Against the friction of the Big Dipper Slash, it grew stronger and its power became even more tyrannical. It even had the power to push back the Big Dipper Slash!

It was a collision between two truly top-notch techniques that emitted terrifying sparks of fire!

The surrounding people were tremendously shocked. The Immortal Emperor’s secret technique could suppress everything, but it seemed to have lost its effect today!

“How is this possible? I’m sure what Qin Yu is holding is not a technique of the Immortal Emperor!

“If it’s not an Immortal Emperor’s technique, how can it deal with the Big Dipper Slash? No technique could compare with the Immortal Emperor’s technique! It doesn’t make sense!”

Si Shifeng, who had used this technique, was even more shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

Although his comprehension of the Big Dipper Slash did not reach its peak, how could he not suppress Qin Yu’s technique?

It was an Immortal Emperor’s technique, an existence that had deviated from the rules. It was not something the techniques in the world could compare with!

“D*mn!” Si Shifeng cursed in his heart. He raised his palm and tore the void, unleashing an even more terrifying light.

The light seemed to have borrowed the power of another world to transform into wisps of light that merged above the Big Dipper Slash!

The Big Dipper Slash suddenly became even more terrifying. Even Sky City far away began to tremble!

“Are the two going to destroy Sky City?” someone exclaimed.

“Impossible. Sky City is the territory of the Great Xia Royal Family protected by a secret technique.”

As expected, eighteen chains flew out of the center of the city and protected the city.

Qin Yu’s expression was a bit ugly. At this moment, he was under tremendous pressure!

Obviously, Qin Yu had underestimated Si Shifeng!

Although Si Shifeng looked ostentatious, he indeed had the ability that he could afford to look down on everyone!

“I can’t go on anymore!” Qin Yu cursed in his heart and immediately activated the fighting formula!

With the support of the fighting formula, Qin Yu’s strength was immediately assured. The Star Seal also became even more terrifying, as if a true star was presented in front of everyone!

Everyone was panicked and tremendously shocked!

No one could predict the winner before the battle ended!


At this moment, after letting out an explosive roar, Si Shifeng once again tore the void and merged into the Big Dipper Slash!

Qin Yu did not back down. His body suddenly trembled, and streams of internal qi emanated from it, directly blocking the qi of the void!


Finally, the star exploded, and the Big Dipper Slash completely disappeared. The two retreated a few steps, and their faces were ashen.

“This Qin Yu actually has such a terrifying ability.” Si Shifeng’s expression was ugly.

However, Qin Yu didn’t give him the slightest chance to catch his breath. He raised his hand and sent the Star Seal toward him again!

Seeing this, Si Shifeng quickly slashed it using the Big Dipper Slash.

But this time, Si Shifeng was directly forced back!

“What’s going on?”

Seeing this, everyone was instantly shocked!

Earlier, the two were still evenly matched, so how did it turn out this way in the blink of an eye?

Was it because Qin Yu had become stronger or Si Shifeng’s internal qi was damaged?

“How is that possible?” Si Shifeng looked pale. He used the Big Dipper Slash again but was again forced back!

His body was covered in cracks, and he looked like being at the end of the line.


“Could it be… Si Shifeng is going to lose!” someone exclaimed.

“Impossible! He’s from the Si family and has endless secret techniques.”

Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, Si Shifeng held the divine pictures in his hand.

One was in black and the other white. They seemed to indicate yin and yang.

Qin Yu had seen for himself this technique before. It was the unsurpassable secret technique that Si Shiyu had used, the life-and-death diagram!

The terror of the life-and-death diagram did not need to be elaborated. The life diagram could restore one’s physical body and internal qi, while the death diagram had an even more overbearing and terrifying power!

Circulating the life-and-death diagram, Si Shifeng’s body began healing slowly, and his internal qi also recovered.

As for his other hand, it was dragging a black light, which was the power of the death diagram.

“Si Shifeng has actually also comprehended the life-and-death diagram!” someone in the dark exclaimed.

There was no fear on Qin Yu’s face.

It was because Qin Yu had experienced the life-and-death diagram and had some ideas for solving it.


Furthermore, Qin Yu did not believe Si Shifeng was comparable to Si Shiyu. He was clearly not as familiar as Si Shiyu with controlling the life-and-death diagram.

Back then, with the help of the life diagram, Si Shiyu could recover his physical body and internal qi in the blink of an eye. One could not see the process at all.

However, it took Si Shifeng a few seconds to recover.

The black light in his right hand was far inferior to Si Shiyu’s.

“You’ve even used the life-and-death diagram. Si Shifeng, it seems you’ve already exhausted all your abilities,” Qin Yu said sarcastically.

“Under the life-and-death diagram, you can’t win!” Si Shifeng said coldly.

“Is that so? Don’t you know Si Shiyu also used the life-and-death diagram? His life-and-death diagram is much more brilliant than yours,” Qin Yu sneered and said.

As soon as he said this, Si Shifeng’s expression changed slightly.

“This kid is verbally attacking me again. D*mn it!” The people from the Si family couldn’t help but curse repeatedly.

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