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Chapter 2005

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In those years, after he left Longhu village, the old expert doctor Beidou also disappeared, just like evaporating from the world.

Some people said that he went overseas. Later, Qin Feng heard from the medicine king in Tenglong mountain that he seemed to have gone to the upper world, but he did not appear even after such a riot occurred in the upper world.

So Qin Feng was very curious about what the old doctor Beidou was thinking.

He always felt that what he did had something to do with his blood, including the elder martial sister he had never appeared, who was also running about for his blood.

It made him very depressed not to find him and ask him clearly.

"He is the only one who can heal the injury you suffered."

Su Ruolan said.

"What about him now?"

Qin Feng asked hurriedly.


Su Ruolan said, "he left after he treated you and gave me the rest of the treatment."

"Didn\'t say what to do?"

Qin Feng asked again.

"He said he would wait for you in a place when you wake up, but he didn\'t say where."

Su Ruolan said.

"Hey... Damn old man, you know how to make a mystery. Can\'t you tell me what\'s going on all at once..."

Qin Feng sighed.

"By the way, how are they...?"

Qin Feng asked again, and his face became dignified.

Although he became a God in the end, he remembered that he fainted after destroying all the practitioners and heavenly soldiers in the upper world. As for what happened later, he knew nothing about their casualties.

"Basically everything is OK."

Xuyunxiao said aside, "now three years have passed. Ruolan\'s magic medicine has made them recover quickly. Now they are all completely healthy. Let\'s first talk about the heavenly king hall. For example, today\'s king hall is stepping up its cultivation in the wild world of Tenglong mountain. It\'s extremely good. Basically, everyone is powerful. For example, those who have good talents, such as nishang and listening to snow, have become earth immortals, and the female emperor has reached the realm of heavenly immortality."



Qin Feng was surprised.

Unexpectedly, they have changed so fast in the past three years.

Some of them have reached the celestial realm!

"What about Dragon Shuai and Qiling?"

Qin Feng asked again.

"They have reconstituted their army, practiced in the wild world, and their strength and accomplishments have become very strong. Don\'t worry about this."

Xuyunxiao said.

"There are also the skill group, array beads, herbal hall and so on. They have grown enormously in the past three years. They have developed many large arrays of star power."

"Don\'t worry about the upper bound."

"Since you fainted, Dan Taiyun held up a big flag and took charge of the upper world. At the same time, the souls of the 180000 ancestors, as well as the unicorn gods and beasts, have also successfully reshaped their bodies under the immortal tree. At the same time, there are also the dream gods, attendants and other Twelve Gods in Taichu immortal city. They cooperated with Dan Taiyun and took charge of the whole upper world."


Listening to Xu Yunxiao\'s story, Qin Feng was very pleased. It seemed that everything was developing in an orderly way.

"By the way, how is Linglong?"

Qinfeng road.

Since those ancient souls have reshaped the body, Luo Jinghong should also reshape it, and the exquisite soul should also return to the body.

"Don\'t worry, she wakes up and is in the upper world with Mei Niang. She should be in Xianshu now."

Xu Yunxiao smiled.

"That\'s good, then..."

Qin Feng asked again, but there was no way out.

Xuyunxiao smiled and said, "I know. You miss her, don\'t you?"


This...... "

Qin Feng is a little embarrassed.

I didn\'t expect that Xu Yunxiao could see his mind directly and wanted to be a second girl.

At first, Erya went to Tenglong mountain alone to stop the catastrophe for him. Later, the war broke out in Tenglong mountain. She blew up the space-time tunnel at the cost of her life. Later, she was taken away by the king of medicine and Luoshui miracle doctor. She said that Xianshu could save her. Now... I don\'t know what happened to her.

"Since you miss her, go and see her!"

Xuyunxiao said softly.

"We... Together?"

Qin Feng was stunned.

"Yes, together!"

Xu Yunxiao said.


With a wave of her hand, she flew a Taiji airship directly over the imperial villa.

Qin Feng was so surprised that he looked at her up and down. Only then did he know that... She actually had accomplishments!

"In the past three years, I have been studying with Mr. Sixiang. I can\'t be a vase. Can I help you?

I, I\'m also worried that I won\'t be worthy of you one day... "Xu Yunxiao blushed.

"That day, it will not appear!"

Qin Feng hugs her.

This moment was one of the happiest moments of his life.


Upper bound, fairy tree.

Qin Feng and xuyunxiao came here. It looks very lively.

Countless people practice happily under the fairy tree.

They were excited when they saw Qin Chuan coming here.

"Qin Feng wakes up!"

"Come and see, Qin Feng wakes up!"


Zhi Yun, ye Xiaowu, yuxinger and others shouted excitedly.


There are thousands of people around Qin Feng.

Overhead, a unicorn beast also appeared, jumping happily in the air.

The red eye demon king, the monkey, the dragon, and so on, are all cheering and jumping at this time. With the help of Xianshu, they have also undergone great changes in the past three years, becoming hundreds of times stronger than before!!

At this time.

The crowd suddenly quieted down and immediately made way on both sides.

Qin Feng saw that the end of the road was Erya!

White dress, such as fairy smoke.

Standing under the shining fairy tree, you can\'t do anything beautiful!

"You, you wake up..."

Qin Feng\'s eyes had an impulse to cry.

Erya smiled and said, "you are awake too..."

They moved forward step by step and walked together.

Qin Feng wanted to open his arms. Instead of hugging her, Erya looked shy and said, "you\'d better... Finish the business first!"


What else? "

Qin Feng wondered.

Now the havoc is under control and the upper boundary is under control. Everything is back to normal order.

"Of course, they are going to Tianluo star, Beidou old doctor, Luoshui doctor and Yaowang. They are already in an emergency."

At this time, Fenghuang, Qin Feng\'s elder martial sister, walked step by step and said with a smile, "so now is not the time to talk about love."

"Elder martial sister?

What are you doing in Tianluo?

What\'s the matter with old Beidou? "

Qin Feng asked puzzled.

He hasn\'t seen his elder martial sister for a long time. In those days, her world disappeared together with Beidou old miracle doctor.

"Nature is fighting for you."

Elder martial sister said.

At this time.

A fairy in flowing clothes came up. It was the Cold Moon Fairy of Guanghan palace who had helped the oriental lady to freeze all the space-time tunnels in the upper boundary except the sky mirror.

The Cold Moon Fairy looked at him and said, "now, get ready to go! Your mother, your father, and your master are at Tianluo at the moment, fighting for your ultimate Dragon Emperor blood."


Hearing his parents, he looked dignified.


Erya took out a long sword, threw it directly into the sky, kneaded and practiced the formula, and shouted, "Qin Feng has awakened, everyone, return to his place!!"

Words fall.

Around Qin Feng, other people, such as long Shuai, Qi Ling, general Shi, people in the heavenly king hall of Wulun mountain, people in the wild world of Tenglong mountain, people visiting their families in Changbai Mountain and Shushan mountain, dreamers and God attendants who are managing in various places in the upper world, have appeared in succession, both in the sky and on the ground.

All of them were gathered around Qin Feng by means of teleportation symbols in an instant!

"See Lord Qin! See God!!"

Tens of millions of people knelt down to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng looked at it and was extremely surprised.

Everyone looked dignified and determined. It seemed that they were ready for a big war!

Can it be that they have been practicing hard for this moment in the past three years?

"Lord Qin!"

Yin Chuan, from the Dragon Bureau, came forward and presented a box with both hands, saying, "this is the \'soul of the town\', which will help you. Having the \'soul of the town\' means having the \'regulations of the town\'!"

Qin Feng just opened a small crack in the box and was shocked instantly!

I didn\'t expect it to be so powerful, far beyond imagination!

"Thanks a lot!"

Qin Feng nodded.

"No, you deserve it!"


Qin Feng glanced at the crowd and became solemn. "Now that everyone is ready, let\'s... Go to Tianluo star for a walk!!"

"Yes, Lord Qin!!"

All the people shouted in unison throughout the world!


With a wave of his hand, a huge space-time tunnel appeared in the sky!

Qinfeng station is the front of Taiji airship. With awe inspiring eyes, he leads tens of millions of people to Tianluo star and continues the journey of the stars sea

(end of the book)

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