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Chapter 821

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Aberis had made this version of Aberon look like a walk in the park. However, only upon trying to fight him did I realize I was still outmatched. The sword was extremely powerful, and a few cuts would be all it would take to destroy him, but that involved me being able to hit the guy. At the end of it all, I just wasn’t fast enough. If I had Celeste or Lydia with me, they would easily be able to match him for speed.

If I had my team of girls, I was confident we’d be able to defeat him somehow. Instead, I had an injured self-serving woman, a Blacksmith, a demon-hating anti-hero, and myself. The only one I could even give support for was the Blacksmith, and since we were fighting a battle to the death, not making a weapon, my ability to amplify her abilities was useless.

Like Aberis before him, he struck me numerous times. Except, he used a lot more spells, and I could feel the damage adding up. Of course, I chanted Healing, but I couldn’t even lift my hood to take a drink of Water of Life, so my mana wasn’t going to last forever. Worse than that, the entire dungeon was falling apart. The shaking was now constant, and I could see cracks forming on every wall. If we looked outside, I’d bet we lost a few more rings of this world. Soon, the whole thing would collapse into an abyss.

“I don’t have time to play with you anymore.” Aberon sighed. “The dungeon will collapse soon. I must harvest your energy to keep it alive.”

“How about we harvest your energy!” I snap in response.

“Goodbye, shining knight. You won’t be able to defend against this one.”

A thought suddenly shot into my mind. I accessed Slave Communication. Then, I spun around and started running to the door. The Demon King sent Garnet and the wounded Xin flying and then began to chant a spell. A vortex of miasma started forming. He was using energy from the dungeon! That idiot would cause it to collapse faster!

As I ran, I changed my jobs, moving to Hero, Slave Master, and even Harem master. I reached the doorway and opened the large wooden doors leading into the flooded hallway outside.

“Too late to run now!” He shouted, throwing his arms out.

A massive black beam shot out, not unlike the one I’d seen Salicia do once. However, this one was dozens of times thicker and much more powerful.

“Switch Position.”

The armored knight spun, the star shield appearing in hand. At that moment, the black light struck. There was a massive eruption as the black beam struck the shining armor. The beam broke in two, flying on either side of the knight. The knight stood stoically, taking it all like an unmoving object. When the spell died down, the Demon King was breathing hard, staring at the Knight with wide-eyed confusion.

“Y-you should be dead! You don’t have the defensive properties to block that!” He shouted.

I looked from behind the knight, standing outside of the doorway I had just kicked open. “You’re right, I don’t. Carmine, get him.”

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