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Final Chapter

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The palace has gotten really rowdy. The princes and princesses from Xieye and Naiad along with the royals all looked at me surprised. I never expected this day to come, you know, them bowing to me, the empress of Jilei.

All three of us, Yu Sheng, Xian Rong and I are proud of Xinxi. He didn't want to but he's behaving well and completely suited for the role of Crown Prince. We have Fei Rou has his attendant because she knows him as well as I do.

It's the third day today and I'm pretty tired of all the partying. As expected, prince A-Ro arrived with his brother the King. Everyone was surprised when we started conversing in his language. I was bombarded again and Rong looked at me questioningly but didn't ask questions, I explained everything to him anyways.

The biggest shock of all was when I introduced Yu Sheng. I don't know how but he instantly knew who he was. A-Ro held out his hand in Yu Sheng's direction and said, "You know, from the moment I saw you I knew who you were. When I was out with YuMi in the forest, she described a very handsome man who stole her heart and married her."

Is words, although he did not intend to make things awkward, he did and the looks the two of us got were strange ones. Yu Sheng played it off as if this wasn't the first time everyone was hearing it and when our sons got us alone, they laughed their asses off. I swear on my life that Yu Sheng wanted to kill them and luckily General Shim was there to break the awkward moment.

Since it was now official that A-Ro was here, we got him to stay at my palace. We prepared a gift for him, he was eager to receive it but did not expect it. We brought or well Yu Sheng brought Jangmi and their son to the palace.

He broke down in tears and I could see that he was overwhelmed by the surprise. Unfortunately, Jangmi and her son couldn't leave with him and his tribesman. He was forced to marry two women from other tribes and if he took the two of them back, they would most likely be killed over jealousy.

He introduced his brother to them and he too was against them going with. I sighed hearing this bullshit but agreed that she and her son should stay here with us. A-Ro, he had pain written all over him and I know he was reluctant to part with them and the same for Jangmi but it was for the best. There was already someone interested in her and I told A-Ro about him.

He didn't want to but he gave his consent and asked me to take care of his woman and child. I planned to from the beginning but I just wished they could have had their happy ending.

After the Lekranian's returned and everyone else did the same, things got awkward because everyone now knew who is the father of my children. Yu Sheng is a prideful man and doesn't take to bullshit too well.

Our parents visited us and asked us to explain the whole situation to them and all Yu Sheng said was, "There's nothing to explain. Rucheng is my wife, the mother of my children and that is it, you all can either accept it or fuck off because it has nothing to do with you."


The tension between Yu Sheng and Xian Rong was another headache.

"So it was you," Xian Rong says while staring at Yu Sheng. He came to pay us a visit. Yu Sheng rolls his eyes at him and smirks, "Who else would it have been?" he asks while drinking the rice wine in his cup.

"Yu Sheng, you of all people know that Rucheng was to be my wife, how could you interfere?" he asks. Yu Sheng sighs and looks over at me.

Taking a sip of the wine he says, "Well if you must know, I was asked by a close friend of mine if I ever thought of screwing her. I was dedicated as her personal guard so of cause not but then my wife, well I was used to seeing her naked but I guess because I was curious about the topic that seeing her naked that day actually turned me on. Ever since that day, we've been together and I've enjoyed my time and will continue to enjoy my time with my wife."

"Rong, you need to understand that Rucheng was never someone who would do something so willingly, I mean, even I get punished when I disobey my wife. I hate to break this to you cousin but my wife isn't someone, you or An Cheng can handle. She needed someone like me and I needed someone like her."

My blood just boils at his words and I can feel myself leaking for him. He looks at me knowingly and winks. I nod my head in response and shoo the two of them away.


The relationship between Lou Fan and Xian Le is something out of the ordinary but everyone has ignored it since I ordered them two but because Xian Rong has his plans, my husband and son will be going with him. I don't want them to but they are the most trustworthy, especially since no one but we know that he will be leaving. We've planned to announce that he is sick and will be on bed rest with no visitors until his return.

I laughed out loud during one of the court meetings when Xinxi sat on the throne. I could see that no one respected him and he has been killing people nonstop. You have to kill to show that you are the boss and although he doesn't like the idea and thought of it, my son is doing pretty well.

There's something interesting about him though and I think he might be like Yu Sheng, liking both men and woman – he got that from his real father who has paid us a visit. There was no denying it but because Xinxi didn't see him as a father he wholeheartedly felt disgusted by him and ordered the guards to escort him out.


My husband and I stand side by side holding hands while watching our children have fun in the garden. I gave birth to a son who is now five, we named him, Wang Rei. My family is perfect but we want more children.

Xian Rong still refuses to marry and can't wait to put Chushan on the throne since he loves her so much.

"I found something interesting," Yu Sheng says breaking me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I ask and he squeezes my hand, "So your grandfather had a secret lover before he became Emperor," he says and my eyes widen in surprise. He smiles at me and raises a brow.

I frown looking at him, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I asked your father that too and he said he doesn't know, but what he does know is that your uncle went on a murder spree and the royals covered it up. They also got rid of him and the others," he says making my brows knit.

"What the fuck Yu Sheng, stop speaking in circles about people we don't know!" I demand and he starts laughing. He nods his head while holding back his laugh and says, "Don't be made love, I wanted to know why you are so crazy and blood-hungry and I found it. There's no specific reason since I can't ask the elders who are dead but you inherited your craziness from him."

I roll my eyes at him, "You love my crazy ass," I say and he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my lips. Looking into my eyes he says, "Yes I do and I am so grateful that you married me."

I look into his eyes and think back to my previous plans that had none of this in it. I look back at my children and smile. Narrowing my eyes I can see the blood falling down all of their faces.

I step back out of Yu Sheng's arms and look at him properly. His blue robes are drenched in blood and my hands are stained with blood too. The bloody smell in the air along with the screams of pain from everyone is making my blood boil for more.

I raise my hands in the air and wave them around while slowly moving my hips. Swaying to the sounds of screaming and the bloodied eyes of my loved ones, I smile and encourage them to dance with me.

We all start dancing but it all turns to normal when his strong arms wrap around my waist – this isn't bad no? I may be crazy but I'm enjoying this life too.

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