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Chapter 1970 - They\'re Mutating!

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Chapter 1970: They’re Mutating!

Without those formidable helpers, she’d like to see what this little b*tch was going to do!

Xu Xinran waved her palm forward, and two servants pounced ruthlessly out from behind her toward Qiao Mu.

Yet before they could get close, Qiao Mu had slowly pulled out a bead from her pocket and threw it down on the ground!

“A spiritual energy bead! Everybody quickly dodge!!”” The three mentors who had bruised and swollen faces shouted out at the same time. They skittered backwards abruptly like frightened birds.


This thunderous explosion alarmed many residents in the area.

Everybody all swarmed out from their houses.

The three mentors from Godsend Academy cursed as they waved the dust away from their eyes.

“Cough, cough. Cough, cough, cough!”

All the students from Godsend Academy were covered in dust, and they gagged from choking on the dust.



This didn’t seem like a spiritual energy bead!

It was an absolute that they would get injured if a spiritual energy bead hit them at such close quarters.

Besides, there was no pit in the ground from an explosion.

Evidently, this was a fake spiritual energy bead that was used especially to scare people!

“Cough. Cough, cough!!” Xu Xinran waved away the dust before her eyes and screeched, “Fools, you let them escape!!”

Everybody else did not dare voice their resentment.

This Xu Xinran acted so high and mighty all day, scolding this person and that person for being a fool. Was she herself not a fool?

Was it their fault that the little lady from Apex Academy escaped? You didn’t catch her either!

One of the Godsend Academy students scratched his wrist as he protested, “Who knew that little lady from Apex Academy would be this crafty.”

“If that little b*tch was not crafty, how would she have gotten a bye two times in a row?” Xu Xinran shouted angrily, “A group of brainless fellows! What are you still standing around for? You think that you haven’t gotten humiliated enough!”

“Get inside!” She stepped into the inn first. She reflexively scratched her back to relieve a terrible itch.

“Xin, Xinran, help me take a look. How come this part of my neck feels itchy?” Zhuang Meng said in a low voice as she gave Xu Xinran a furtive tug.

Xu Xinran immediately turned alert. “You’re also itchy?”

She also felt that part of her back to be especially itchy.

Could there be a problem with the smoke from that bead the d*mn girl threw at them?

At this time, they suddenly heard an onlooker burst out laughing. “Huh? You guys look, hair is growing on their faces!”


Xu Xinran quickly turned around to look.

Those three mentors from Godsend Academy were growing clumps of green hair on their originally swollen faces. It was incredibly bizarre and eye-catching.

“Ah!” The students staggered back in shock. They screamed uncontrollably while watching the three mentors’ faces, “Mentor! Your, your faces!”

Mentor Zhang, who had been scratching his face the whole time, turned around to look. He nearly fainted from shock at Mentor Sun’s close-up hairy face.

Mentor Sun’s normal-looking face was now covered with a layer of green, fuzzy fur. His eyes were peering ominously at him beneath the long fur. He was as hideous as you could imagine!

“Men-Mentor Sun!” Mentor Zhang yelped.

A discordant voice came from the crowd. “This isn’t the zombie mutation that happens to living people, right??”


“Quickly report to the City Lord!!”

Mentor Zhang quickly ran up and shouted to the crowd, “Don’t speak nonsense, we’re not mutating! No such thing!”

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