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Chapter 792(END) - King of Immortal Mountain (Final)

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Chapter 792: King of Immortal Mountain (Final)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Jin leaped onto a large rock to view the flames in the distance. The corner of his lips curled up into a smile.

Seven years ago, he had Xiao Huo leave to survive in the immortal mountain on his own. As this mountain was filled with Rank 8 beasts, Xiao Huo wasn’t the most outstanding among them.

This was the Rank 9 evolution method Lin Jin had figured out on his own.

In these seven years, Lin Jin did not see Xiao Huo and had banned the latter from returning. Because they were still connected by their blood pact, Lin Jin could always sense Xiao Huo’s location and current condition.

During these few years, Xiao Huo had experienced tragic battles and encountered many overpowering foes. Some were weaker than him but moved in herds, winning in number. Some traveled in smaller groups or alone but were stronger.

And yet, all these foes ended up losing to Xiao Huo with no exceptions.

Some were simply killed and eaten to become Xiao Huo’s source of power. Some chose to surrender and become Xiao Huo’s henchmen.

Lin Jin hadn’t interfered at all as he was intent on nurturing Xiao Huo’s wild nature. He wanted Xiao Huo to become the king of the immortal mountain.

Only, the immortal mountain was just far too massive, larger than any continent on the mainland. Xiao Huo wasn’t the only beast who wanted to be king in such a vast mountain.

Moreover, this place already had a king—the Rank 9 immortal devouring beast.

No doubt, the latter was a monarch of this place. No one dared to challenge its authority, and that was the mission Lin Jin gave Xiao Huo.

If Xiao Huo could grow stronger right under the nose of this domineering monarch and eventually replace it, he could surely advance to Rank 9.

While Lin Jin may have encountered many dangerous situations over the past seven years, almost losing his life, his experiences were nothing compared to what Xiao Huo had been through.

Fortunately, seven years went by like the snap of a finger and Xiao Huo was no longer the fire wolf he used to be.

Although through their blood pact Lin Jin could sense that Xiao Huo still hadn’t evolved yet, Xiao Huo was very close to Rank 9 now. Perhaps he was only one step away, separated by just a thin paper wall.

Shortly after, the flames in the distance began to die away and Lin Jin knew that the battle had ended.

He jumped down from the large rock.

Over the years, Xiao Huo had gone to challenge every potential king who had been building up their strength. That one just now was one of the last few.

Lin Jin only had the Clear Wind Sword, Four Ocean Gourd, and the white horse in his company and had been rather lonely. But the same couldn’t be said for Xiao Huo.

More than several hundred beasts had surrendered to Xiao Huo over the years, and they were all powerful creatures. It wouldn’t take long before the immortal devouring beast noticed Xiao Huo’s strength.

Or maybe it had already noticed.

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Perhaps a huge war had silently begun and Lin Jin didn’t even need to fuel the flames. He might just have to sit and watch as everything unfolded in due time.

If Xiao Huo could defeat the immortal devouring beast, the Heaven’s Foundation Stone fragment inside it would be theirs to take.

As for Tianzun, he should be returning soon as seven years had passed.

Sometimes, one couldn’t help but nag.

And speaking of the devil, Tianzun actually returned half a day later.

“Young friend, I have come to honor my promise,” Tianzun said as he hurried over. Lin Jin quickly got up to receive him. Both men had changed a lot after not seeing each other for seven years.

Lin Jin’s youthful appearance was gone without a trace, replaced by absolute maturity and signs of vicissitude. Tianzun didn’t change much in appearance but the exhaustion on his face was unmistakable.

Looks like Tianzun had not rested in the past seven years during his search for the Heaven’s Foundation Stone fragments. He must have ventured to every single location.

Compared to Tianzun, Lin Jin had a much easier task by searching only in the immortal mountain.

“Haven’t seen you in so long but you’re as sturdy as ever,” Lin Jin said cheerfully as he received Tianzun. Then, Tianzun stared at Lin Jin with widened eyes.

Because upon meeting up close, Tianzun noticed that Lin Jin had gotten taller. They were previously of almost similar height, but after seven years, Lin Jin was actually taller than Tianzun by two heads.

Not only Tianzun, but Lin Jin was also dumbstruck.

“Tianzun, you shrunk?” Lin Jin asked. Tianzun laughed bitterly. “I may be old but I haven’t shrunk that much. You just got taller.”

Lin Jin hadn’t met any humans over the past seven years so he didn’t realize the change in his own physique. Upon hearing Tianzun’s answer, he finally realized that he was much burlier than Tianzun now, and taller too. In the past, Lin Jin was of normal height with a standard build. But now, he was over two meters tall.

‘It must be due to living on the immortal mountain,’ Lin Jin thought.

So, not only did the immortal mountain affect beasts, it also affected humans.

Tianzun performed divination on Lin Jin’s lifespan and was then shocked by the results.

“Looks like I should live on this mountain for a few years too.”

Because Lin Jin’s lifespan had actually increased by one fold. In other words, by living on the immortal mountain, one could effortlessly live a long life and also improve their build. Lin Jin was still a mortal, but this mortal body could now be compared to immortals.

And it wasn’t Lin Jin but Tianzun who claimed it to be true.

“But it’s a pity I won’t get that chance,” Tianzun lamented.

Hearing a double meaning in Tianzun’s words, Lin Jin asked about it. Tianzun smiled and tossed Lin Jin a pouch.

This pouch was woven with golden thread, making it sturdy despite the velvety softness. It was definitely a treasure.

There seemed to be stones on the inside that clattered upon shaking the pouch.

Lin Jin instantly knew what was inside.

“There are so many?” Lin Jin asked in shock. Tianzun nodded. “For seven years, I never rested, not even a single day, and only traveled the entire world. The mainland, the extraterritorial land, the netherworld, the Nine-Heaven Realm, and the four oceans. I’ve covered them all and gathered all these fragments. Thank heavens for my divination skills or I wouldn’t have accomplished this.”

Lin Jin knew how difficult it was to collect these fragments. Perhaps no one in the world but Tianzun could complete this mission, including Lin Jin himself.

Lin Jin was all beaten up and haggard from searching only in the immortal mountain, and the world outside was several hundred times bigger than the immortal mountain. Tianzun had a really hard time.

“According to my calculations, the end of the world will happen soon. I previously estimated there to be at least one more year, but now it seems like we have only less than six months,” Tianzun said.

Lin Jin now understood why Tianzun said he wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the physical improvements the immortal mountain could bring him anymore. It was because they were out of time.

“How many pieces are you missing?” Tianzun asked.

Lin Jin looked up at the Heaven’s Foundation Stone and mumbled, “If my estimation is correct, I’m only two pieces short.”

Tianzun understood at once.

These last two pieces would be the largest piece inside the immortal devouring beast, and the one inside Lin Jin.

“What’s your plan?” Tianzun knew the toughest fragment would be the one inside the immortal devouring beast. To retrieve it, they had to defeat the immortal devouring beast.

“We should be able to see results in three months,” Lin Jin said with a resolute expression, looking in the direction where flames had erupted into the sky earlier.

About a hundred miles away from Lin Jin and Tianzun was the summit of a hill. A large fire wolf stood proudly with flames on its body that seemed capable of burning a hole from the sky down to the netherworld.

There was dominance in the fire wolf’s eyes, a certain monarch’s authority, and mostly the wildness of a beast.

Many strong beasts of all shapes and sizes were gathered around. Among them included large lions, tigers, and bears, each exuding the aura of a Rank 8. Each one of them used to be the king of small hills around the immortal mountain.


But now, they serve under this giant fire wolf.

No creature even dared to look the fire wolf in his eyes.

The stubborn beasts were burned into ashes by his scorching flames. The fire wolf was now looking at a large mountaintop hidden in the clouds.

That was the immortal devouring beast’s nest.

No creature dared to enter that mountain’s area because everyone knew they would be declaring a challenge against the immortal devouring beast by stepping foot on its territory.

In the past few years, the fire wolf kept getting the impulse to enter that mountain but had held himself back.

Because he remembered his owner’s words.

Unless he had a hundred percent confidence, he was not to try provoking the immortal devouring beast.

This fire wolf was none other than Lin Jin’s Xiao Huo. He could sense that he was near a Rank 9 evolution so he decided to stay where he was to cultivate for the next two months.

He hoped to break through to Rank 9 within these two months.

He was indeed improving, but still lacked something to help him get that last foot through the door.

Xiao Huo couldn’t figure out what was the last thing he lacked.

Then, he thought of a possible key.

Flames burst forth around his body and he got up. This mountain-sized fire wolf then lifted his head to howl into the sky, sending his voice throughout the entire immortal mountain and the nine skies.

His volume was just as loud as the immortal devouring beast. Prior to this, only the immortal devouring beast’s roar could resonate throughout the nine skies.

Now, Xiao Huo could do the same.

Commotion came from the highest mountain peak.

The immortal devouring beast was triggered because it saw that howl as a challenge.

The beasts around Xiao Huo were so deterred by his oppressing aura that they crouched and stayed put.

Subsequently, the immortal devouring beast roared and then a large silhouette appeared in the clouds. Xiao Huo roared back.


Xiao Huo continued enlarging in size and the flames on his body now burned like the sun. He was burning even fiercer than Tianzun’s Heaven & Earth Furnace had.

This was the limit of how violent fire could burn.

By now, Xiao Huo’s physical size was comparable to the immortal devouring beast’s. He knew this battle couldn’t be avoided and it would be a deathmatch.

There was no turning back.

So Xiao Huo leaped up to the highest mountain top and engaged the immortal devouring beast in a ferocious battle.

“It has begun!” From afar, Tianzun watched on with excitement, anticipation, and mostly worry. While Tianzun was fully immersed in watching the battle, Lin Jin was much more composed in comparison.

He had done everything he should do. Just now, Lin Jin had transferred power he had to Xiao Huo via their blood pact.

Who would come out victorious? Lin Jin had no idea.

The immortal devouring beast was still powerful but after seven years of training and improvement, Xiao Huo was really just a few inches away from being Rank 9. Or rather, he was already Rank 9 in a sense.

But perhaps the law of nature permitted only one Rank 9 beast so that was why Xiao Huo couldn’t evolve this whole time. In other words, the immortal devouring beast was actually Xiao Huo’s last obstacle in ranking up.

If he defeated the immortal devouring beast, he would be the only Rank 9 beast.

A battle of this level was not one Tianzun could interfere with even at the peak of his strength, much less Lin Jin. Hence, the young man and old man sat at the mountain to watch and judge the fight.

This battle would decide whether the world and all beings survived. Everyone’s fate was on the line.

“This is really earth-shattering. Xiao Huo’s attacks can easily kill unfettered immortals now. Amazing. Simply wonderful!” Tianzun exclaimed excitedly. But when he turned to Lin Jin, the latter was lying on his side dozing off.

“How can you sleep at a time like this?” Tianzun asked with widened eyes. Lin Jin mumbled a response, “We barely got any shut-eye in seven years. Aren’t you tired, Tianzun?”

Tianzun was stunned. He was indeed tired.

Then, he turned to look at the fight that caused the world to shake with every clash and chuckled. “I am. Of course I’m tired. Alright then, I’ll lie down for a bit too.”

Having said that, he actually lied down.

In just moments, the two men fell asleep, snoring so loudly as they dreamed.

Lin Jin fell asleep because he had just severed his blood pact so as to help boost up Xiao Huo’s strength to the maximum. The feedback was so severe that he couldn’t stand it, and anyone else would have died from it. But Lin Jin had a unique constitution so his life wasn’t in danger. He just couldn’t avoid fainting.

Lin Jin had wagered everything in this last gamble, fighting to the very end. Whether or not it worked, he could only leave it to destiny now.

If their efforts failed and the world perished, he could leave comfortably in his sleep. If they succeeded, it didn’t hurt to take a nap in advance.

Thus, Lin Jin slept soundly this time. In his dream, he seemed to have returned to his past life, seeing familiar faces and familiar scenes.

As if his dream was reality and everything here was just a delusion.

In his past life’s world, Lin Jin lived ordinary days, repeating the same routine every day, and every year Lin Jin didn’t know if it was a dream or reality anymore.

Without knowing how long had passed, as Lin Jin was strolling on the streets, he vaguely heard someone calling out to him.

“Young friend, we’ve succeeded!”

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