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Chapter 931 - What Are You Doing here?

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Chapter 931: What Are You Doing here?

The Imperial Master showed a slightly shocked look on his face.

He had thought that this man must be an ordinary businessman who had tried the branded dish at Fortune Restaurant and studied a simpler version at a lower price, but now it seemed different.

This man had been to the capital of the Saint Divine Land, and he ate at Yellow Crane and got authorization from the manager of the Yellow Crane…

His face changed and he started to think about the whole thing once again.

He was not having an easy time in the capital, and he should not leave some “criminal traces” here. So he was going to say that he learned this from somewhere as well, but the source he intended to use had been used by this man in front of him.

However, he decided not to give in, and was about to exceed him instead.

The Imperial Master laughed coldly staring at Zhou Huaiyu. “You did?”


“Even if you have been to Yellow Crane, you can’t possibly have gained the authorization from the manager of Yellow Crane.”


“I visited the Saint Divine Land before the New Year, and at that time, the manager of Yellow Crane befriended me, and he authorized me to sell their branded dish here in the Feather Mulberry Land. Also, the manager of Yellow Crane authorized only me to sell the branded dish, and he even made a promise not to give the authorization to anyone else.”


“So, who gave you the authorization anyway?”


“You are too young to tell a lie in front of me,” the Imperial Master said confidently.

He dared to make up the story, because being far away here in the Feather Mulberry Land, there would be no one from Yellow Crane who could come and confirm what he had said.

All he needed to do was to make himself look like the reasonable side. It did not matter whether this man in front of him was telling the truth or not.

This man was none other than a businessman, and even if he was telling the truth, he was not in the advantageous position at this moment.

“Someone, get him now!” The Imperial Master snapped furiously.

Wuhen pulled out his sword and shielded Zhou Huaiyu.

At that moment, Gu Chaoyan, who heard the shouted order, walked out too. “Mr. Imperial Master, why do I have no idea that you have gained authorization from Yellow Crane?”

The Imperial Master found the voice very familiar. When he saw Gu Chaoyan he was startled!

Gu Chaoyan! What was she doing here? Shouldn’t she be in the Saint Divine Land ?

It was impossible!

There were many rules and manners in the Saint Divine Land, and Gu Chaoyan as a woman engaged to an imperial lord, should not be allowed to travel this far. What was she doing here in the Feather Mulberry Land? And what was she doing here at the Luo’s?

The Imperial Master felt as if his head was getting messy and stopped working.

This was totally beyond his expectation. He had never imagined that Gu Chaoyan would be here.

What was he going to do now that she was here? How should he deal with the situation? Fortune Restaurant was his life, and he could not let it be ruined!

The Imperial Master’s eyes were rolling as he thought fast and quickly.

He said with a small voice, “Lady Gu, I can share half of the profits from Fortune Restaurant!”

That was the best solution he could think of at the moment.

Gu Chaoyan threw him a calm look. “Imperial Master. I don’t think you understand what is going on here. I don’t care what happens in the Feather Mulberry Land, but…”

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