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Chapter 1307

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Chapter 1307 No for Sure

She thought of what happened in the daytime and believed that the same thing would repeat itself now. She just could not continue. She wanted to give birth to a child soon, but she did not want to go through this bitterness. She would rather give up if she had to become a mother in this way.

Gu Ruxue took a few steps backwards, looking frightened.

Zhou Huailing walked in as if he had not noticed the fright in her eyes.

Gu Ruxue thought for a long while before putting forward a proposal. “Crown Prince, I heard that my mom is here, I have not yet made it to see her, I can go and check on her, right?” she said and was about to leave.


Zhou Huailing stretched out his arms and pulled her back, sounding gentle as he said with a smile, “It is getting very late, and Mrs. Gu has already gone to bed. Don’t walk about when it is so cold outside. You have all the time to chat with her when I arrange for her to keep you company tomorrow morning. Let’s just take a rest now, alright?”

Hearing that her excuse did not work, Gu Ruxue turned pale, and she turned even more pale when hearing that they were taking a rest now.

She looked very frightened.

“I am feeling really tired too, Crown Prince, let’s just sleep,” Gu Ruxue said with a guilty sound.

Zhou Huailing nodded, then he headed directly to the inner chamber.

Gu Ruxue walked very slowly behind him. She was trying to figure out how she could tell the Crown Prince that she would die if the Crown Prince continued like this.

The maid removed their clothes, and Gu Ruxue just laid down after seeing that the Crown Prince was not doing anything more. She was very relieved that the Crown Prince was going to let her sleep tonight.

She had just closed her eyes when an arm came to her.

Gu Ruxue said with her eyes closed, “Crown Prince, let’s have a good sleep tonight. I am feeling rather tired.”

Zhou Huailing showed no expression.

He also noticed how tired Ruxue was. He was not blaming her, but said after thinking about it. “Then I can do it myself, you can sleep now if you want to.”

Having said that, he came onto her.

Gu Ruxue looked desperate. “Crown Prince, can we take a break tonight?”

“Ruxue, I am doing this for your sake. Just think about this, Liu Qingqing has a child now and we have not yet had a child of our own. We need to work hard. If you are tired, you can sleep as you wish. I can work on you myself.” Zhou Huailing insisted.

Gu Ruxue was about to say something… but she could not utter a sound any more. Zhou Huailing ignored her miserable cries and continued with his movements.

Soon Gu Ruxue fell silent.

It was not until the latter part of the night that Zhou Huailing ordered servants to clean them up. The servants felt quite compassionate towards Gu Ruxue.

As dawn broke, Zhou Huailing got up and left, but Gu Ruxue was fast asleep so she was not at all aware of that.

Mrs. Gu came with the servant as dawn broke. However, Gu Ruxue was still asleep so Mrs. Gu waited until lunchtime…

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