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Chapter 775 - 775 New Actions

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Chapter 775 – 775 New Actions

775 New Actions



For a while now, Li Jing forgot about her informant and focused on other matters. Now that he called her personally, her heart leapt in her chest.

She was not expecting such a call but then knowing that something good could come out of such, she was glad to hear it.

“What news do you have for me?”

“It may be good and it may be bad.”

“Whatever it is, I am all ears.”

“First of all, Your father, Mr. Li left the city again and just returned today.”

“I see.”




“Someone suspiciously looking in a black-tinted car came to see your sister, Liu Xiu.”

“She is always like that. Perhaps that is one of her boyfriends.”

“No, Mrs Ye. I have seen how she acts when she is meeting with a man and from what I could see when she walked out and the door was closed, it was the slender hands of a woman.”

“A lady?”

“Precisely. No wrinkles or anything. She acted suspiciously when she went over to the car. Often times she checked properly as she walked over and left with a brown envelope in her hand.”

Li Jing kept quiet and placed a finger on her chin.

“My guess is she just got paid for a job.”

“I see. Okay. Keep an eye on everyone in that family but most importantly, prepare to travel during my foster father’s next visit. Something tells me, I would need to be questioning him about why he always sorts business’ out of the state or city and never got a good deal.”

“I think that would be because the Young Miss and his wife squander his money a lot. His company has nothing good to show for it,” the man replied.

“Oh well. It was his fault for marrying such a woman. Thank you for the help. I shall visit him tomorrow. For now, watch all three and report to me once you see anything.”

“As you wish.”

She ended the call and released a deep sigh.

So far there was no lead to her mother’s case and she had not heard anything concerning that too. She was beginning to get too tired of everything.

“I feel too stagnant. What can I do to ensure that things are, okay?”


On the other hand, Chairman Zhang refused to back down. Left to him, this was the best opportunity to strike back at Ye Chneg.


“Sir, good evening,” a deep voice responded.

“What is good about the evening? Have you seen that scoundrel since? I gave him a mission. I told him to report to me first before going for his mission but till now he is nowhere to be found.”

“No sir. No one has seen your right hand. We looked for him as well. He is not in his house.”

“Any relative?” Chairman Zhang questioned the other man on the phone.

“None. Not even his close friends have heard from him,” the man responded.

“Wait. He better not have run away else… Urgh, forget it. Have some men remain in search of him. And you.”

“Yes sir?”

“You will be in charge of the next task. I have been expecting them to take action but they seem to be distracted with his wife’s kidnapping case. Now is my chance to take hold of him.”

“Okay, sir.”

“I will tamper with his company. You are to burn Dream Star Corporation to the ground.”


“Did I stutter?” His gaze darkened.

“No boss. I heard you clearly.”

“You had better. I won’t tolerate any mistakes or failures. You must do a clean job.”


“I would have all the resources ready for you. Ensure you do so with immediate effect once you get everything put in place, am I understood?”

“Understood sir.”

“Good. Now get out and go find me that unskinned rat. I would make him regret betraying me.”

“Yes sir.”


The sound of the call ending, resounded as Chairman Zhang dropped his phone on the bed. He leaned back against the pillow while shutting his eyes.

He was tired. Just now when he found out no one had heard from his right hand, he was scared.

That was one man who knew most of his dirty secrets. Should he run off and go to his enemies, then he wasn’t sure how denying his crimes would come through.

“At least if I can bring Dream Star down, it would be easier to take Ye Cheng down. That should keep me happy for a while.”

Ring! Ring!

Chairman Zhang’s eyes shot open, like an assassin ready for a surprise attack. On seeing the unknown caller, his brows furrowed deeply.

He answered it, bracing himself for the worst.

“Good day, Chairman. Sorry to disturb you this afternoon but your secretary did not permit me to see you.”

“Who are you?”

“My apologies, my name is Fei Ting. I have a message for you from the court of law.”


“You cannot feign being sick for long. Either you return to work or home, or I come to wherever you are and drop the envelope.”

“How dare you little rat dare threaten me?”

“Sir, with all due respect, I think you should be watchful.”


“Mind your words. They can be used against you.”

“You little…” He rose from the bed into a sitting position. “Dare you to show your face to me!”

“How romantic. I can tell you, sir, with pleasure I shall be seeing you.”



Chairman Zhang’s brows arched up as he pulled the phone from his ears and stared at it.

“That idiot had the audacity to end the call on me! What is wrong with youngsters these days? I should… Ahh…”

He clenched his chest so tightly, as pain seared through his chest.

“Those evildoers…” he let out quietly and relaxed back on the bed.

‘I shouldn’t let my health get worse. Nor should I call the nurses. This is their plan to see me suffer. I must calm down and not let my enemies triumph over me.’

With his thoughts settled, he shut his eyes. “Relax, Zhang. I would make that sharp mouth pay.”

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