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Chapter 848: Stone mural

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Chapter 848: Stone mural

In just a few moments, Little Silver’s figure had already arrived above the deserted city gates of the city before it continued flying towards the horizon shortly afterwards.

Sitting on Little Silver’s back, Shun Long closed his eyes and sent his soul sense inside Li Tian’s spatial ring as he began to inspect the ring’s contents.

Staring at the 340.000 high-grade spirit stones inside the ring, a smile finally appeared on Shun Long’s face, before he transferred everything into the foggy space in the ‘Stone of Time’ without any hesitation.

Although 220.000 of these high-grade spirit stones were the ones that Shun Long had paid to Li Tian for the memory jades, the rest of them was what Li Tian had managed to gather during these past few months in the ‘City of Immortals’.

Other than the high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long also found a few pill bottles that were filled with middle rank 6 ‘anti-toxin pills’ as well as some healing pills, along with more than a hundred of the memory recording jades that Li Tian was carrying with him.

After he stored everything into the foggy space in the ‘Stone of Time’, Shun Long then turned his attention towards the remaining 2 spatial rings that came from ‘junior brother Xian’ and the young woman who was following by his side.

However, other than a few low-grade and middle-grade rank 6 pills, Shun Long only found a total of 20.000 high-grade spirit stones inside their spatial rings.

Unlike Li Tian who could be considered quite a fat sheep even among most peak rank 9 Dao Kings, ‘junior brother Xian’ and the young woman from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ were only carrying wealth that was equivalent to that of an average late-stage Dao King’s.

Regardless, Shun Long still stored everything inside the ‘Stone of Time’ without any guilt, before he opened his eyes and turned his gaze towards the horizon.

Staring at the massive desert that Little Silver was flying across right now which didn’t seem to have an end in sight, Shun Long had an extremely deep look in his eyes, before he mumbled in a low voice

”Little Black, can you feel anything?”

Inside the foggy space in the ‘Stone of Time’, Little Black opened his bright blue eyes and spread out his soul sense around Shun Long, before a rare look of surprise appeared on the black dragon’s face.

After a few moments of silence, Little Black shook his head and said seriously

”Master, I can’t use my soul sense in this place. This feeling is extremely weird.”

Shun Long was surprised when he heard Little Black’s answer, but he still nodded his head after a few moments of silence, his gaze turning even more serious than before.

Ever since he had stepped foot into the ‘City of Immortals’, Shun Long could feel that his bloodline was throbbing intensely for some reason, as if it was being stimulated by something in this place.

Since his bloodline originally came directly from Little Black’s own blood essence, Shun Long believed that Little Black would also be able to sense this.

However, since Little Black’s senses were completely suppressed in this place, the situation now was even trickier than before.

At the same time, Shun Long wasn’t certain what would happen if he released Little Black in this world that could only contain Dao King realm cultivators.

Noticing the change in Shun Long’s expression, Bai Longtian asked curiously

”Brother Shun, is everything okay?”

Nodding his head, Shun Long decided to put this feeling at the back of his mind for now, before he turned to look at Liu Mei and the others and said

”There is still some time until we reach the location of the first trial, so everyone should have a look at the memory recording jades that Li Tian left behind first.”

Waving his hand, Shun Long then took out the rest of the memory recording jades from the ‘Stone of Time’ and handed them to Liu Mei and the others.

After all, there was no way that he could go around selling these in the first place since that would attract the attention of the disciples from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’.

Like this, a day passed by in the blink of an eye, before Little Silver’s figure suddenly came to a halt in the sky right in the middle of the desert.

Staring at the desert below him, Jiang Chen mumbled with a surprised look on his face

”This is the location of the first trial?”

Flapping its bright silver wings, Little Silver turned into a blur as it dove straight towards the desert below it.

As soon as the black panther’s figure approached the ground, the sand actually parted as if it was making way for Little Silver, revealing the astonishing scene that it was hiding.

A massive mural that spanned for more than a mile was hidden beneath the desert while tens of thousands of Dao Kings had gathered around it, all of them staring at it with entranced looks on their faces.

The moment that Shun Long’s eyes landed on this gigantic stone mural, the information he had received from Li Tian’s memory jades quickly resurfaced in his mind

‘One of the 2 known trials within the ‘City of Immortals’, the Desert Mural. Our ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ discovered this trial purely by luck, just 2 months after the opening of the ‘City of Immortals’. In fact, it is unknown if this is truly a trial or not, since there are no listed requirements to complete. There is also no danger in this place, nor are there any direct rewards to be obtained.

However, this is still the most popular among the 2 discovered trials, as every cultivator who wields a weapon will get to reap immense benefits after they visit this place.”

The introduction of this trial was nothing special, not listing too many things other than the fact that there was no danger in this place and that cultivators who wield a weapon can reap plenty of benefits after they come here.

And yet, the moment that Shun Long’s eyes landed on the gigantic stone mural, a look of shock appeared on his face, while a profound feeling seemed to have suddenly enveloped his entire body in the next moment.

Jiang Chen, Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and even Liu Mei, all looked equally as surprised as they stared at this massive stone mural below them.

As Little Silver flew closer towards it, its figure attracted the attention of quite a few of the surrounding cultivators who seemed to have suddenly sensed the aura of a peak rank 6 magic beast approaching them.

However, these people merely threw a few more glances at Little Silver before they turned their attention back towards the stone mural.

A few moments later, Little Silver landed on the ground, before Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the rest all found an empty spot in front of the mural, staring at the scene that was depicted in the mural in silence.

A faceless man that was holding a large staff could be seen fighting against another faceless man who was wielding a wooden sword with both hands.

”This… is this real? How is this possible?” Bai Longtian mumbled to himself in a voice filled with disbelief as he stared at the scene in front of him.

Although the scene looked simple, anyone who was slightly proficient in using a sword or a staff would be able to understand that this was actually anything but simple.

With just a glance, Bai Longtian could tell that the skills of the faceless man who was wielding the wooden sword were countless times above his own.

In fact, the 2 of them couldn’t even be compared. Forget about Dao Kings like Shun Long and Bai Longtian, even Bai Longtian’s own master, Elder He Kun, the number one sword user in the Holy sect, couldn’t possibly compare to this.

The longer that Bai Longtian stared at the faceless man who was holding the sword, the more he felt like he was falling into a trance.

But this was only one of the scenes that was depicted in this mural.

Scenes of a faceless man wielding a saber could also be seen, fighting against another person who was holding a bow.

The more that Jiang Chen and the others stared at the mural in front of them, the more entranced they seemed to become.

At the same time, in the ‘Stone of Time’, Little Black stared at the stone mural with a look of unconcealed shock in his eyes, before he said in a serious voice

”Master… this mural was created by an expert! The person who created this was definitely an immortal at the very least!”


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