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Chapter 841: Hunting the Demon-fanged mice

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Chapter 841: Hunting the ‘Demon-fanged mice’

Naturally, the pair of flaming, dark red wings on Jiang Chen’s back was formed from the ‘Demonic wings’, the Saint low-grade martial skill that Jiang Chen had obtained from the Holy sect long ago.

After breaking through to the Dao King realm, Jiang Chen’s ‘Demonic wings’ looked almost corporeal, as if they were a real pair of wings that were burning with an actual dark red flame.

A few moments later, Liu Mei finally made her move as well, as she placed both of her hands in front of her chest and gathered her qi towards them, as a black ball filled with death qi appeared between her palms.

Without any hesitation, Liu Mei allowed the ball of death qi to fall on the ground in front of her, before a black gate that was oozing with endless death qi opened up and hundreds upon hundreds of jade-white skeletons emerged from it.

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand jade-white skeletons had appeared around Liu Mei, like an army of fanatic soldiers that had gathered around their master, as they waved their bony swords and slaughtered the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around them without mercy.

Anyone who watched this scene would only be able to stare at it with their mouth agape, as this scene could no longer be able to call a fight but a massacre instead.

It didn’t matter how hard the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ tried to attack Liu Mei’s skeletons, as the mice couldn’t even last more than a couple of hits against the skeletons’ bony white swords that reaped their lives without mercy.

The skeletons would even be meticulous enough to remove the beast cores from the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ they killed before they offered them to Liu Mei.

Since every skeleton had a cultivation at the middle of rank 6 in the Dao King realm, the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ were completely overwhelmed by the army in front of them.

With more than a thousand skeletons present, it wouldn’t be surprising if Liu Mei was able to gather 5000 magic beast cores in less than 2 hours.

Shun Long smiled and shook his head when he saw this scene before he turned his gaze towards the hordes ‘Demon-fanged mice’ that were rapidly approaching him as well.

No wonder why the Dao of Death was considered to be one of the strongest ones, even among other supreme Daos.

Liu Mei was practically unstoppable among cultivators at the same level, and those who could truly fight her on equal footing were only those extreme geniuses who had also comprehended at least 2 unique Daos or another supreme Dao.

At the same time, Shun Long had to admit that he was somewhat curious to see what type of new undead creature Liu Mei was able to control after she broke through to the Dao King realm, but of course, the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ weren’t strong enough to force her to go all-out.

In fact, neither Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, or Xingyi, were going all-out in their fights right now, since it was obvious that they were fighting leisurely against the ‘Demon-fanged mice’.

Closing his eyes, Shun Long no longer paid any attention to Jiang Chen and the others as he circulated his cultivation at the peak rank 3 of the Dao King realm, before he spoke in a calm voice

”Monarch’s Domain.”

The invisible figure of an hourglass suddenly expanded from his body, immediately covering an area of more than 300 meters around him.

Every single ‘Demon-fanged mouse’ around Shun Long seemed to have suddenly gone still, with their mouths wide open and their sharp rows of teeth visible as they were ready to bite through him just now.please visit

Naturally, the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ didn’t have the slightest bit of ability to resist against Shun Long’s ‘Monarch’s Domain’, as the flow of time around their bodies forcibly came to a halt.

A moment later, an illusionary purple-colored blade appeared in Shun Long’s right hand, before Shun Long disappeared on the spot, appearing in front of the first ‘Demon-fanged mouse’ that was the closest to him just now.

Waving his right hand, Shun Long effortlessly severed the mouse’s head from its body, causing a fountain of blood to spurt from its neck, before he retrieved its beast core and moved towards the next one.

If the fight between Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, Xingyi, and even Liu Mei’s undead army with the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ could be called a one-sided massacre, then Shun Long’s slaughter was an absolutely despair-inducing scene!

At the very least, against Jiang Chen and the others, the mice had a chance to try and attack, even if their attacks were completely useless, but against Shun Long… the only thing the mice could do was wait for their death to come.

”What? How- is this possible?”

”Elder brother, what’s wrong?”

”What’s wrong? Are you blind? Look over there!”

At the same time that Shun Long’s group slaughtered the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ to gather the magic beast cores they needed, a few of the surrounding Dao Kings who were also hunting those mice seemed to have noticed the scene they had caused, staring at them with wide-open eyes.

Although the world around ‘Demon-fanged city’ was quite vast, most of the Dao Kings who were in the city chose to hunt around the outskirts of the city itself, since there wasn’t any reason for them to go too far in the first place.

After all, the trials of the ‘Demon-fanged city’ were only the preliminary trials that would weed out the weakest Dao Kings or those without any ambition to go any further so it wasn’t surprising that this place didn’t hold any valuable treasures.

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A few hours later, Shun Long’s group of 5 returned back to the ‘Demon-fanged city’, and under the astounded eyes of the Dao Kings present, they headed straight for the ‘Hall of Trials’ at the heart of the city.

In the last few hours, word had already started to spread, that there was an enormous army of undead that was slaughtering the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around the city at an extremely terrifying speed.

Out of curiosity, quite a few of the Dao Kings who were waiting for their groups to finish resting decided to go and have a look, but the scene they witnessed made even the late-stage Dao Kings who were present to start feeling jealous.

The speed and efficiency which Shun Long and his group killed the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ with, had already far exceeded even the speed of the late-stage Dao Kings who were in the city.

In fact, when these Dao Kings saw the number of magic beast cores that Shun Long and his group had gathered after a few hours, they were tempted to group up and go kill them, even if that meant going against an army of 1000 skeletons at the middle of rank 6 in the Dao King realm.

However, the presence of a peak rank 6 magic beast like Little Silver immediately extinguished any thoughts those Dao Kings had of robbing Shun Long and his group.


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