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Chapter 829 The \'City of Immortals\' (2)

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Chapter 829 The ‘City of Immortals’ (2)

  After traveling for 3 full days and nights, the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’ had covered a massive amount of distance, before its enormous figure suddenly came to a halt as it stopped in front of a vast desert that seemed to span for countless miles.

In the last 3 days, the worm had traveled across the territories of more than a dozen cities the size of Luoyang city, and yet this was the first time that it had actually stopped by itself.

Raising its head, the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’ stared at an enormous city that seemed to be hovering in the sky right above the desert, while hints of fear could be seen inside its 6 eyes as it stared at it.

Noticing that the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’ had suddenly stopped moving, Jiang Tianfang and the others all opened their eyes before they turned their attention towards the massive city that was floating above the desert as well.

The moment that Liu Mei’s and the others’ eyes landed on this city, an extremely mysterious feeling seemed to have suddenly sprouted in everyone’s hearts, making them feel that this city in front of them truly looked out of place for some reason.

It wasn’t just because the city itself was floating in the sky above the desert or due to the spatial cracks that were present everywhere around it, but because of the extremely unique and ancient feeling that the city gave out.

”This… is the ‘City of Immortals’?” Shun Long mumbled to himself as he stared at the massive city in front of him with an extremely deep gaze.  Although he didn’t know why, Shun Long could sense an extremely familiar feeling coming from this city in front of him. It was a feeling that seemed to be resonating with his own soul.

At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ‘Stone of Time’, Little Black stared at the enormous city in front of Shun Long in silence for a few moments, before the black dragon’s surprised voice sounded inside Shun Long’s mind shortly after.

”Master… I can sense immortal qi in that place! There is definitely immortal qi inside that city and there is quite a bit of it as well!”

Shun Long could sense the excitement in Little Black’s voice as he said the words immortal qi, while a look of surprise slowly appeared in his eyes as well.

Naturally, Shun Long didn’t need Little Black to explain to him what immortal qi was since he had already unlocked some of his memories, and those memories naturally included immortal qi as well.

After all, immortal qi was something that was present everywhere in the ‘Immortal Dimension’, and it was the qi that mortals and immortals alike all absorbed to increase their cultivation.

Although immortal qi was extremely common and was naturally present almost everywhere in the ‘Immortal Dimension’, it was something that should only exist in the ‘Immortal Dimension’ and shouldn’t be present in a small place like the central region.

After all, the central region was still a part of the cultivation world, and it should only have spiritual qi, while immortal qi shouldn’t be able to exist here.

And yet, Shun Long didn’t question whether Little Black was certain about this matter, since he already knew that the senses of a dragon was countless times stronger than anyone else, and with Little Black’s experience, how could he not recognize the familiar feeling of immortal qi when he was a being that was born in the Immortal Dimension in the first place and had spent his entire life there with Shun Long?

At the same time, Quan Lin stared at this city in silence for a while, before he turned his gaze towards Shun Long and the others and said

”Young master Shun, just as you have guessed this is indeed the ‘City of Immortals’. Although it’s my first time here as well, I am certain about this since this place looks exactly how the city lord described it!”

Quan Lin then turned his gaze towards the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’ and sent a mental command for it to continue moving forward, while his own gaze was focused on the city in front of him.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most mysterious places throughout the entire central region, a place where the strongest geniuses below the Sovereign realm from everywhere around the central region would all enter, regardless of the dangers inside!

Even though the worm was somewhat wary of approaching the city after the initial feeling it got from it, it still listened to Quan Lin’s commands and continued to move towards it a few moments later.

As they approached closer and closer towards the city, Shun Long and the others noticed that there were quite a few groups like his own that seemed to be heading in the same direction as well.

The smallest of those groups only consisted of a handful of people sitting on the back of a bird-like magic beast, while the biggest group seemed to include more than 100 cultivators.

Even though it had been more than half a year since the ‘City of Immortals’ had opened, Shun Long knew that there were bound to be some people who didn’t have access to teleportation formations and they had to cross the entire central region on the backs of magic beasts.

Considering how vast the central region really was, it was no wonder that there were still groups of people who had yet to reach the ‘City of Immortals’ even though it had already been more than half a year since its opening.

But of course, the geniuses from the largest powers, especially those that were based in the central part of the central region were certain to have already entered this place, and those who were still not here were mostly those weaker powers that were even weaker than the Holy sect.

The ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’ naturally ignored every single one of those groups around it as it kept slithering forward at full speed, and in less than 3 hours, its massive figure finally stopped as it arrived in front of the majestic entrance of the ‘City of Immortals’.

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