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Chapter 1901 - 1901 Restricted Area’s Secret Chamber

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1901 Restricted Area’s Secret Chamber

Huo Yao halted when she sensed him pulling her. She turned and looked at Min Yu. Her eyes gradually softened. “Yes?”

Min Yu looked at her deeply. From the moment he entered this place, he had been frowning. After some time, he suppressed the words at the tip of his tongue. He shook his head and said, “I was just thinking. The mechanisms in here are very unusual…”

Huo Yao stood on the steps motionless with her body slightly slanted. When Min Yu failed to finish what he wanted to say, she seemed to read his mind. She raised her brow. “Do I look like the sort of person who will leave you behind after taking you inside?”

Life was precious and she treasured hers a lot.

Min Yu looked at Huo Yao. Her mischievous conversation helped them to relax effortlessly. He sighed softly and said, “Are you saying that I’m holding you back because I don’t know about formations?”

Zhuo Yun was walking behind them quietly listening to their conversation when he nearly missed a step. After steadying himself, complicated emotions swept through his heart as he raised his head to look at his boss from behind. His boss was such a liar.

“Just follow me.” Saying this, Huo Yao continued walking up the stairs.

There were slightly over 100 steps and it was easy enough to handle. A few minutes later, they found themselves standing in front of a grand hefty door. Old-fashioned engraving could be seen on the door. Since they were very old, they were starting to look worn out.

Huo Yao raised her hand and touched the mechanism at the center of the door. After turning it a few times, a click could be heard and the door automatically opened.

The family had lived in seclusion for over a century, but this day was now unavoidable.

Meanwhile, in the secret chamber in the restricted area.

Sheng Ying opened his eyes slightly as though he could sense something. His eyes landed on a spot in midair. His lips curved upwards as he said profoundly, “She’s back.”

Sheng Ying’s voice was very soft as though it had traveled through time. A stone platform could be seen at the center of the room with someone leaning against it. The man seemed lifeless, but the moment he heard what Sheng Ying said, he finally reacted.

“Considering the time, she’s almost here.” Sheng Ying’s voice could be heard once more.

Shangguan Wei turned his head with great difficulty. His face was very pale and his lips were bereft of color. Even though he looked very weak, his eyes looked cold and stern as he looked at Sheng Ying. “You will never get what you want.”

“Oh really?” Sheng Ying stood with his hands behind him. He gave off a proud powerful aura standing with his back straight in the high-tech-looking secret chamber.

He smiled ambiguously. “There’s something you don’t know yet. She has already found both pieces of meteorite.”

Shangguan Wei’s eyes constricted. He spoke almost automatically, “Impossible. Both pieces of meteorite were already… No, wait. Who are you?”

Sheng Ying seemed to know everything about the Shangguan clan, so he must have something to do with the family. However, Shangguan Wei was unable to remember who he was.

Sheng Ying slowly turned around and looked straight at Shangguan Wei and shook his head. “My identity isn’t important.”

His future identity was more important.

Shangguan Wei looked intently at Sheng Ying. After some time, he repeated himself. “I don’t care who you are, but you’ll never get what you want.”

The meteorite had a very special power. Other than Shangguan Yu’s master, no one else knew how to use them including Shangguan Yu.

Sadly, Yu’s master was long dead.

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