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Chapter 1608 - 1608 Lu Xia’s Text Messages

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1608 Lu Xia’s Text Messages

The annual academic conference was a place to share knowledge and compete with people from other schools. The talks held at the event were far more profound than the ones conducted at the middle school level.

Huo Yao tutted softly looking at the slides shown on the stage.

Fortunately, she was just tagging along. Otherwise, she would end up bald at such a young age.

Before long, the morning passed.

Arrangements were made for them to dine at Sirin University’s east canteen. After the conference, students in charge were sent to show them to the canteen.

The person in charge of taking care of Huo Yao and the others was none other than Lu Xia.

Even though Lu Xia nearly exploded owing to Huo Yao’s attitude prior to the conference, she did not forget her job.

Lu Xia showed them to the canteen and proceeded to leave. She did not even stop to glance at Huo Yao. It seemed as though Huo Yao was spot on about not knowing Lu Xia.

Wen Ping watched from behind as Lu Xia left and could not help but adjust his spectacles. “Women can’t be trusted, especially the pretty ones, right?”

He had clearly detected hatred in Lu Xia’s eyes in the morning. However, it was impossible now to see how she truly felt.

Huo Yao raised her brow and glanced at Wen Ping and said, “Senior Brother Wen, I’m pretty sure you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Junior Sister, we were just chatting, right? Do you have to make personal attacks?” Wen Ping looked at her sternly.

If he did not allow this to affect him, then she could not hurt him.

Huo Yao promptly made a zipping motion of her mouth.

Wen Ping laughed as he shook his head and stopped bantering with her. He stood up from the chair and asked calmly. “What do you want to eat? I’ll go and get us some food.”

“I’ll come along,” said Li Chenhui.

Huo Yao looked at the menu for the day on the whiteboard and mentioned a few dishes.

Wen Ping and Li Chenhui were stunned.

“Are you able to see from such a distance?” Li Chenhui was different from Wen Ping and was not shortsighted. Even then, he was unable to see the words on the whiteboard clearly at such a distance.

Huo Yao leaned against her chin with both hands. “What can I say? My eyes are good.”

Li Chenhui went speechless.

He suspected that she was mocking him.

Before long, they came back with the food.

Huo Yao continued discussing the academic conference with Ying Qi who had stayed behind. Her phone vibrated in her pocket, but she did not check it.

After she was done eating, she finally took out her phone unhurriedly.

She had four new text messages and they were all from the same number.

When she saw the familiar number, Huo Yao clenched her fists so tightly that they turned white. In an instant, a murderous look emerged in her eyes.

After some time, she did her utmost to restrain her emotions and finally calmed down forcibly.

At close scrutiny, her eyes were filled with detest now.

Huo Yao closed her eyes and placed her phone back into her pocket. She stood and said to her senior brothers, “I’m going to the ladies.”

Li Chenhui and the others kept talking about the conference, so they failed to notice Huo Yao’s expression. When she said she was going to the bathroom, they were completely unsuspecting.

She waved her hand.

Huo Yao walked out of the canteen, but she did not head toward the bathroom. Instead, she walked straight for some distance before reaching a fork road and turned left.

Huo Yao did not even stop to look at the signs or ask a student for help. She walked toward the coordinates found in the GPS location effortlessly.

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