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Chapter 1284 - Everyone Loved Treasure

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Chapter 1284: Everyone Loved Treasure

The surveillance footage kept showing the same image.

Yang Yi had expected himself to crack the problem in two minutes, but had already spent over two minutes working on it. He remained unable to hack the signal jammer and could not make the surveillance go back to normal.

When he heard Huo Yao’s voice, he felt a little embarrassed, but stood up immediately, letting her take his seat. “I can’t crack the signal jammer.”

Huo Yao had already veered her eyes and said to Yang Yi, “Let me try.”

Yang Yi replied. “Okay.”

Huo Yao pulled out the chair and took a seat. She placed her hands on the keyboard and worked on it for ten seconds. After she was done fixing Yang Yi’s code, she clicked enter.

The moment the code started running, the surveillance monitor flickered before going back to normal.

Yang Yi was standing behind her and was absolutely stunned. He kept looking at her in admiration.

She was undoubtedly a real professional.

“Miss Huo, you’re brilliant,” said Yang Yi from the bottom of his heart.

Huo Yao stood up and smiled modestly at Yang Yi before stepping aside.

If they knew she was behind the signal jammer, he might not feel the same way.

Yang Yi failed to notice anything amiss with Huo Yao. After the surveillance footage was restored, he quickly tried to find the intruder.

Zhuo Yun left the surveillance control room and got ready to catch the intruder the moment Yang Yi found him.

Yang Yi checked every zone under surveillance, but he was unable to find the offender.

“That’s odd. I know he’s here since he set up the signal jammer, but I simply can’t find him.” Yang Yi glanced at Min Yu standing beside him and sounded a little annoyed.

Min Yu looked at the large monitor calmly. “Keep searching.”

“I reckon he’s probably hiding among the guests, so it might be hard to find him,” remarked Yang Yi.

Huo Yao was sitting nearby, and could hear the conversation. She looked sideways at Yang Yi with her arm on the armrest, squeezing her fingers gently. She asked quizzically. “Are you looking for someone?”

Yang Yi glanced at Min Yu before he turned to look at Huo Yao and replied. “Whenever any priceless treasure shows up, audacious thieves will appear.”

Huo Yao touched her nose and felt the same way.

People naturally liked treasure.

“Perhaps he isn’t here to steal anything. What if he just wanted to look at them up close?” explained Huo Yao as she contemplated.

Yang Yi smiled as he shook his head. “Thieves are such greedy bastards.”

Huo Yao went speechless.

“We once lost something important and aere unable to find it to this day. Judging from the signal jammer, he’s probably the guy we are looking for,” added Yang Yi.

People did not get away with stealing from the Min family.

Even though the object was undoubtedly special, it was a matter of dignity above all.

Huo Yao felt her temples throbbing. She naturally knew what Yang Yi was talking about, but was unable to explain herself.

Before long, Yang Yi heard Zhuo Yun speaking to him over the mike. He stopped chatting with her and veered his eyes.

Zhuo Yun was unable to find the target at the auction, so he went upstairs again. This time, he opened the auction store room, went in, and realized the culprit had already broken into the room.

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