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Chapter 3221 - 3221 Difficult to solve

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3221 Difficult to solve

She was somewhat startled. After a full meal, she put a few small beasts back into the space and waited for the people outside to clean up and leave before she checked the messaging jade tokens for messages.

Leng Hua’s messaging jade token only reported that everything was fine in the manor recently. Mo Ze was also cultivating in seclusion, and Hao’er was also very clever, so she did not need to be worried.

There was also a message from Wanyan Shisan. His voice came through the messaging jade token, telling her about some interesting things that happened to him while he was wandering around.

The last message was from Wanyan Qianhua. She couldn’t help but be surprised when she heard Wanyan Qianhua’s confused and lonely voice on the messaging jade.

Insouciant Sword Master? Her sister fell in love with Insouciant Sword Master, who didn’t seem to care about her at all and tried to drive her away?

She had only heard about Insouciant Sword Master because he had rescued Wanyan Qianhua. She was also surprised to learn that her sister had fallen in love with this man.

According to rumours, Insouciant Sword Master was centuries old. Although in the world of immortal cultivation, a few centuries of age meant nothing, the two people had different experiences, and their different social standings made it difficult for them to be together.

Also, the most important thing is that Insouciant Sword Master didn’t seem to be interested romantically in her sister. It was her sister who was the first to fall for him. If that were the case, then this romance would only hurt her sister.

She frowned slightly as she considered this. On the jade token, her sister asked her what she would do if she were her.

However, she was she. Different people deal with things in different ways. Naturally, it is not something to discuss. So she just gave her some objective advice, telling her that if she fell in love with him, she should persist! After all, if Insouciant Sword Master wasn’t made of stone, he’d be tempted one day.

What’s more, she was convinced that no man could resist her sister Wanyan Qianhua’s charm.

The situation here was too difficult for her to handle on her own right now, and she had no idea what lay ahead, so she was going to wait it out here and train with her master for a while before going back to see her sister at the Insouciant Sect as well as meet Jun Jueshang, the Insouciant Sword Master whom her sister fell in love with.

She tried her best to relax and adjust her state on this day. She went out at dawn the next morning, and as she arrived at the back mountain, she saw her master approaching.

“You’re here early! It seems that you can’t wait to find out what kind of medicinal pill to refine this time.” Pill King stroked his beard and smiled, his gaze falling on Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu simply smiled and asked, “Master, what medicinal pill am I refining today?”

Pill King stroked his beard and looked at her. “This is the prescription. Take it and have a look! You’ll still have three days. I will return three days later to inspect and accept the medicinal pill.”

Feng Jiu looked at the prescription in her hand after he brushed his sleeve and left. She was not in a rush to refine the pills but instead studied the prescription first. The longer she examined the prescription in her hand, the stranger she felt.

“Why do I feel that something is amiss with this prescription? These two herbs are incompatible. How can they be combined?” She murmured with doubt. The more she looked, the more she felt this prescription was more difficult to solve than the previous Beast-Shaping Pill.

This prescription contained many herbs that both constrain and contradict each other. How could they be combined to make a pill? She frowned slightly, and before she began to refine, she realised she wouldn’t be able to make this medicinal pill in three days. She had no idea what her master had planned to punish her at that time.

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